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Mike Ritland is a former Navy SEAL turned search-and-rescue K9 trainer. He has developed unique methods of dog training that have become world renowned. Mike founded Trikos International in 2005, providing canine training services to military, law enforcement, and civilian customers. He is also the author of book ‘Team Dog’ and an adjunct instructor for several agencies as well as an honorary member of the California Search Dog Association.

Beyond his work with Trikos and teaching, Mike serves on the board of directors for multiple charities focused on animal welfare including Warrior Dog Foundation and Puppy Rescue Mission.

Mike first began training dogs while he was still in the Navy, using many of his own methods and techniques which have now grown into his signature style. After leaving the Navy, he started to commercially train dogs continuously perfecting his approach. His current method uses highly realistic search exercises where no food source is used as motivation but instead continues repetition until they are extremely proficient at various drills using quick bursts known as “blocks” with lots of rest pauses or “breaks”. In order to ensure success, Mike places real emphasis on having clear communication with all handlers combined with his practice of having dogs operate independently but within their handler’s parameters forcing them to make decisions just like how they would be required to do during live missions in the field

History of His Training Methods

Mike Ritland initially began training his K9 dogs in his own backyard and travelled the world to develop and perfect his canine training expertise. He has a long-standing relationship with the Navy SEAL community, in which he created and designed specialized training for their K9 teams. He worked with Jim Donelson, who is credited as the first US Navy SEAL dog handler to join the ranks in Vietnam. This association then led Mike to California’s TSA unit where he provided consultancy services to train Explosive Detection Dogs (EDDs).

After this initial success, Mike decided to establish his own school called ‘Trikos International’, based in Oklahoma City in 2007. At Trikos International, Mike created an intensive three-phased system that involved basic obedience; tactical obedience; and scent recognition/detection.

Over recent years, Mike has trained many of America’s most elite K9 working dogs such as Navy Seals Combat Working Dogs (SCWDs), protective working dogs (PWDs) and civilian protection, search & rescue and detection dogs all over the world. Furthermore, policemen, private citizens and large corporations across both North America & Europe have benefited from his tried-and-tested approach to canine development .

Mike has always focused on developing mentally resilient working animals that can work correctly while collaborating with humans. His ingrained attachment model encourages owners to strengthen their bond with their pet while at the same time striving towards excellent performance outcomes either during personal protection or detection activities.

His Training Philosophies

Mike Ritland is a Navy SEAL veteran and founder of the Warrior Dog Foundation. Throughout his career, Mike has focused extensively on training K9 dogs as well as developing important life-saving techniques.

At the core of Mike’s training philosophies lies an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. He believes that when it comes to training K9s, any statement short of greatness should not be accepted. From the beginning, he makes sure his teams are familiar with the principles underlying innovative and effective practices for dog handling. He also emphasizes techniques for creating optimal performance for specific tasks like scent detection, person tracking, obstacle negotiation, and obedience commands.

In order to ensure these high standards are upheld throughout every phase of the training process, Mike is hands-on with all aspects of the program from program design and coursework through to logistics and legal documentation. Every last detail is meticulously placed for optimal results; this attention to detail helps maximize safety without sacrificing efficacy.

Dog Trainer Certification

To achieve the best possible outcomes in each individual program, Mike requires that all personnel involved in a particular course or exercise maintain their focus on certain criteria such as motivation levels among both trainers and dogs themselves. Ultimately, he strives to empower individuals while they gain experience working with exemplary K9s so everybody can learn powerful lessons along the way.

Trainers and Techniques He Has Sought Out

Mike Ritland is an acclaimed dog trainer, author, founder of Warrior Dog Foundation, and Navy SEAL veteran. He has trained thousands of animals, using training methods which many have flocked to to use on their own pets.

Ritland’s journey started with Marine Corps working dog teams in Iraq and Afghanistan where he gained valuable experience on the best techniques for working with dogs in high-pressure environments or during emergency situations.

With such vast experience under his belt, Mike quickly earned a reputation as a specialist in taming difficult canines. He was then approached by high-profile figures around the world looking to train their own canine partners. Exclusively upon invitation, Ritland began hosting seminars dedicated to his specialized training philosophies and advanced knowledge of how animals think and react in high-stakes circumstances.

Ritland is knownas a master among those in the canine world, particularly when it comes totraining service dogsfor military veterans. To further hone his dielectric style of training animal behavior modification techniques, he drew influences from Jim Dobbs’ Pro-Training Method™ Jan Fennell’s Traditional Techniques™ program, as well as other trainers like Celeste Reasoner and Tim Clarke who had recognized Ritland’s expertise for complex issues like aggression rehabilitation;offering up tips based upon their own respective areas of expertise. In addition to maintainingvigorousacademic studyofthe science behind animal behaviorism on both the small and large scale levels (quadrupeds & primates), Ritland also seepedin traditionalmethodsfoundinAnimal BehaviourandAnimal Learning — while also tapping intoa broad collectionof reading material through books and articles authoredby prominent trainers who’denveloped a specialtyinrehabilitatingcomplexbehavioralsymptomsfoundamongdogs that’dservedwithphysicallydisabled & mentally challengedwarriorswhose lives onthebattlefieldwere changingdrasticallyand requiredspeciallytrainedcanines(manyof whomstill requireadoptingout). In conclusion Mike Ritland used his extensive expertise in Marine Corps working dog teams combined with other resources consisting of Jim Dobbs’ Pro-Training Method™ , Jan Fennell’s Traditional Techniques™ program Celeste Reasoner’s advice; Tim Clarke’s expertise complicated rehabilitating behaviour symptoms plus Animal Behaviour & Animal Learning Science studies to shape an effective dielectic approach to traing animal Beaviour Modification Techniques .

Locations He Has Used To Train His Dogs

In the United States, Mike Ritland has been credited with training his dogs at many places around the country including Navy SEALs training center, Camp Pendleton in California and other military bases. He has also taken his dogs on location to various places such as Arizona, Hawaii and even the Amazon rainforest.

Internationally, Mike has trained his dogs in various countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Columbia. He has also ventured out to Chile, Oman, Jamaica and Costa Rica for different types of advanced field operations as well as check presentations from government organizations. Furthermore, some of Ritland’s dog-training experiences have extended to parts of South Africa and Europe. He is also one of the few people recognized for helping train service dogs for residents affected by natural disasters in places such as Haiti and Puerto Rico.

Success Stories

Mike Ritland has been training K9 dogs for most of his life, and his experience and knowledge are second to none. He started honing his craft as a young man in the US Navy, where he served for over 20 years as the Senior Chief of Navy SEAL Dog Handler program. During this time, Mike was trained in the rigid discipline required of elite K9 handlers and developed an understanding of how to work with and train different dog breeds.

Upon leaving the Navy early on in 2000, Mike opened The Warrior Dog Foundation (WDF) – a unique residential facility located in Texas that provides shelter and support to retired Special Operation Force K9s. It is here that Mike carries out much of his K9 dog training activities. His clients come from all backgrounds including military, law enforcement and private entrepreneurs who recognize Mike’s expertise. A point of emphasis behind his methods is the utilitarian approach to K9 protection which evolved out of his experiences while serving in the military. Training focuses on many aspects such as protective bite work, tasking, manners obedience, search and rescue disciplines which help prepare each canine for their specific purpose or role. With Mike’s particular style that emphasizes building strong relationships between human companions/handlers and their K9 partners as well working with them through systematic positive reinforcement conditioning, true success is achieved when these companionable partnerships operate together under extreme pressure areas – demonstrating clear evidence that loyalty, pride and respect truly exist between animals and humans alike.

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Mike Ritland is a world-renowned dog trainer from the United States. He served in the U.S. Navy as a K9 handler and master trainer for twelve years before entering the private sector to start his own business, “Trikos International,” specializing in canine behavior, training and deployment services.

Ritland’s approach to training dogs has been extremely successful, with individual clients and militaries across the world sometimes waiting years for their request to be fulfilled. Much of his success can be attributed to his choice of training locations: specifically, open-air beachfront properties near San Diego. Due to the coastal climate, Ritland found that the sandy terrain allowed his dogs to quickly transition into overall optimal working condition in a very short period of time. Providing plenty of space allotted for longer runs and agility courses designed based on military specifications—such as obstacle noises, tire jumps and high jump walls—brought about real improvement rather than just theoretical practice for dogs trained by Ritland.

The impact of Ritland’s methods have had lasting results felt all over K9 behavior training as an industry; many trainers utilizes similar programs or build upon what Ritland taught with exercises melding standard military protocol with modern sporting techniques for peak physical performance at all levels of dog conditioning—from puppyhood up through adulthood and senior age care in their later years. Ultimately, this type of successful contact with their handlers resulting from Mike’s missionof open sand understanding has created a more altruistic relationship between savvy dogs and their trainers, who are able to gain more confidence when working together because they can test themselves against one another naturally in an outdoor setting filled with plenty of energy.

Final Thoughts

Mike Ritland is a renowned K9 trainer and his dedication to excellence in this field has had an immense impact on the Art and Science of K9 training. He trained his dogs in the art of tracking, obedience and agility, as well as protection work, service work and scent detection. He has also contributed greatly to the military’s working class dogs all around the globe, training them for use in specialist areas like bomb disposal. Mike remains passionate about finding innovative ways to train dogs and his knowledge of canine behavior has proven invaluable to other trainers looking for success stories. For those aspiring to be dog trainers, learning from Mike’s methods can be a great foundation for their future careers. His unique style of training combined with his tireless attention to detail is the perfect example of what dedication and hard work can bring you. Mike Ritland’s commitment to producing consistently outstanding results through tailored dog training continues to set the benchmark in the K9 industry today.

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