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Mike Kennedy is a professional dog trainer with years of experience helping pet owners improve the relationship between them and their furry friends. He understands that every dog is unique and differs in personality, temperament and energy level. That’s why Mike customizes his approach to fit each pup’s individual needs.

Mike offers a full range of behavioral training services, including basic obedience, socialization, resolution of problem behaviors, and off-leash control. With a positive reinforcement model, Mike helps pet owners better understand the connection between their actions and their pet’s behavior. He makes sure to start the process slowly, going at a pace that works for both humans and pets alike, so that everyone can achieve success.

Mike has an incredible ability to understand dogs from both a psychological as well as emotional perspective in order to provide lasting results during his training sessions – something his clients have come to appreciate over the years. Through patience and dedication Mike demonstrates an intimate knowledge of canine behavior which has earned him trust from generations of pet owners. In addition, he shares his knowledge with aspiring trainers in order to do right by the animals they serve. With such expertise in the field it’s no wonder why clients continue to put their faith into Mike Kennedy’s hands.

Success Story

Mike Kennedy has been remarkably successful in helping pet owners and their beloved pets reach their training goals. He opened his dog-training business five years ago and since then, he hasn’t looked back! Mike understands that training a dog is more than just teaching them to sit and stay – it’s about developing an understanding between the pet and its owner.

Mike often works with people who have newly adopted dogs, or whose furry friends are displaying problematic behavior such as incessant barking, jumping on visitors, or refusing to obey orders. After carefully observing the pet and the specific issues they face, Mike creates personalized training programs accordingly. His specialty lies in utilizing reward-based training methods, which encourages positive cooperation between the owner and their pup rather than punishing them for misbehavior. His successful reinforcement of commands helps reinforce good behaviors that reduce problem behaviors from occurring again in the future.

Additionally, Mike offers one-on-one consultation with owners to observe how their pet behaves outside of the classroom setting. From there, he adjusts each client’s personal customized training program according to what works best for their pet – an approach which has helped immensely when his clients want to come back for additional services in the future. This individualized attention is what sets him apart from other trainers and why many clients continue to recommend him over rivals.

In summary, Mike Kennedy’s speciality lies in reward-based training methods ensuring lifelong obedience of your fury companion while providing personalized support through one-on-one consultation – something that other trainers don’t do or rarely offer. As a result, his efficient techniques have greatly helped many pet owners overcome common issues experienced when trying to train their furry friends.

His Methods

When it comes to Mike Kennedy, his methods of dog training are unique and effective. He does not believe in using force or fear tactics when training dogs. Instead, he puts emphasis on positive reinforcement and reward-based methods. Kennedy also works hard to ensure that the owners understand their role in the process as well as the importance of consistency and patience during each step of training.

His methodology is often described as “easy” while still requiring immense focus and dedication on the part of both trainer and pet. He places heavy emphasis on teaching basic commands first before advancing onto more complicated behaviors. During each session, Kennedy uses a variety of motivational techniques such as treats, toys, praise, verbal cues, hand signals—or whatever else may work. Everything he does is tailored specifically for each pet or situation.

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Kennedy also teaches pet owners tips on how to problem-solve any issues that may arise with their animal’s behavior outside of sessions so training remains efficient and consistent over time. This includes offering guidance around things like diet and activity levels that could affect mood or energy levels in animals which can then lead to unwanted behavior exhibited by pets from time to time.

Reasons to Hire

1) Professionalism and Experience – Mike Kennedy is an experienced and professional dog trainer who has been practicing for over 25 years. He is certified in both canine behavior modification and obedience and has worked with hundreds of pet owners over the course of his career. His clients have always been extremely satisfied with the results they experience after working with him, getting dogs that are obedient, well-behaved, and blissfully happy.

2) Results Oriented – Mike doesn’t just dabble in training; he genuinely cares about seeing tangible results for each of his clients. His techniques are backed by scientific research so that nothing he does is random or arbitrary, but instead proven to positively affect the emotional wellbeing and overall temperament of each pup that he works with.

3) Positive Reinforcement – Unlike many trainers who use negative reinforcement methods, Mike understands that positive reinforcement is the most effective way to get long-lasting results. As such, he trains dogs using positive reward systems where they are praised rather than punished when successes are achieved. This method creates more confident and happier animals because the fear factor associated with traditional training isn’t present.

4) Vet Recommended – Many veterinarians highly recommend Mike Kennedy when it comes to dog training as his techniques have proven time and time again to be effective for puppies and adult dogs alike. Furthermore, veterinarians trust that his methods will not cause any physical harm or create stress on animals as he consistently follows ethical protocols in all his endeavors.

Service Areas

Mike Kennedy is a professional dog trainer based in CA. He has been training dogs for over 10 years, and specializes in positive reinforcement-based canine education and behaviour modification.

Mike Kennedy services the following areas:

Los Angeles: Mike offers services in Los Angeles County, including areas such as Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Pasadena and Glendale.

Orange County: Mike provides his services throughout Orange Country, including cities like Irvine, Anaheim and Costa Mesa.

San Diego: Residents of San Diego can take advantage of Mike’s expertise in dog training with service available throughout the county. This includes places like La Jolla and San Juan Capistrano.

Riverside County: From Riverside to Corona and Temecula to Palm Desert, Mike offers his expert coaching throughout this region.

San Bernardino County: Those living in San Bernardino County have access to knowledgeable dog behavioural advice from Mike with service locations such as Victorville and Redlands included.

Santa Barbara County: The residents of Santa Barbara county have access to helpful tips from Mike on various issues related to canine behaviour. Locations from Solvang to Carpinteria are all within reach of his services too.


“We had been having trouble with our and dog barking incessantly. We had tried many training methods but they mostly failed. After hiring Mike Kennedy as our dog trainer, I noticed an immediate change in our pup. He went from being unruly and disobedient to being calm and obedient when around us. Mike was able to teach us commands our dog would understand, and how best to communicate with him on daily basis. His patience and attention to detail is what set him apart from other trainers we have worked with in the past. Now our home is a much more peaceful and enjoyable place for everyone!” – Karl & June Johnson

Extra Resources

Mike Kennedy Dog Trainer provides clients with an experienced and reliable approach to their pet’s training. He offers a variety of resources clients can use to help train their dog, including on-site lessons, videos to watch at home and specific advice tailored to each individual’s needs. However, there are additional resources available that can also help to better understand and train a dog, such as books, webinars, seminars and classes.

How to Succeed in House Training Puppies and Dogs

Books – There are literally hundreds of books available related to understanding dogs and how to better train them. Mike Kennedy encourages clients to find a book by a reputable author that focuses on their particular needs when it comes to training their pup: general obedience, housebreaking or resolving problem behaviors. The American Kennel Club Library is especially helpful for those who want detailed information about the different breeds of dogs.

Webinars – With the popularity of online media increasing there are also many webinar sessions available which focus on training dogs safely and effectively. Many trainers will offer free webinars so it’s worth exploring if this could be beneficial for clients’ particular situation.

Seminars – From basic etiquette to complex behavior modification seminars provide an in depth look into different aspects of canine training. Clients would benefit from attending a seminar related explicitly to the problem they’re having with their furry family member such as search and rescue or agility courses among others hosted regularly by Mike Kennedy or other experts in the field throughout the year.

Classes – Depending on whether you’re looking for professional or home instruction these classes offer great support by teaching owners how best deal with common issues like walking on a leash, responding well when meeting new people and more introductory commands such as sit, stay and down etc… Attending classes through Mike Kennedy or an alternative provider can often be beneficial in developing a stronger bond between you and your pet while equipping you with useful knowledge along the way .

Contact Information

Mike Kennedy is a renowned dog trainer who has extensive experience and expertise in providing professional dog training solutions. With his simple yet effective methods, Mike has been successful in helping countless dogs and their owners with obedience, behavior modification, potty training and more. If you are looking for professional and experienced solutions for your furry friends, Mike Kennedy is the perfect candidate for the job!

In order to reach Mike Kennedy for help with all your doggy problems, you can find him at his studio located at 1830 N. Stone Street in Tucson, Arizona. Alternatively, you can contact him via email at [email protected] or by calling him directly at (520) 292-9135. Additionally, he has also set up an avid social media presence on both Instagram (@mikekennedyphd) and Facebook (MikeKennedyTucson), so make sure to follow him there as well!

When contacting Mike Kennedy Dog Trainer, you can provide information regarding the issues your pet is having including how long it’s been going on and how often it’s occurring. You should also include any pertinent medical or behavioral history of your animal which may be crucial when coming up with a customized plan to ensure successful results from his training services. Finally, let Mike know if there any particular techniques or disciplines you would like him to employ during the training process – after all he will be working closely with your companion so it’s important that everyone is happy!

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