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Hayes Dog Training provides a unique, specialized approach to dog training. Dogs and their owners will benefit from tremendous improvement in their bond as well as improved obedience. Our training offers instruction in reinforcement commands that create positive behaviors for any size, age, or breed of dog. By emphasizing positive reinforcement methods, dogs are more likely to retain the commands and skills learned in our classes for a long time. With Hayes Dog Training, you will see improved socialization skill such as no jumping on people, walking on a leash without pulling, sitting when commanded and coming when called – all with reliable obedience. Your dog’s confidence and self-control will improve drastically too! In addition to providing better trained manners around others, your pet’s behavior may calm down within the home as well – large breeds may no longer bark excessively when someone enters the house or pull you across the street when out on walks. Ultimately, each session of Hayes Dog Training yields undeniable results – both for owners and their best friends.


At Hayes Dog Training, we are dedicated to helping dog owners reach their desired goals, build strong relationships with their beloved four-legged friends, and foster a safe and fun atmosphere for both.

We host regular events throughout the year that aim to do just this. From attending informative seminars to participating in agility courses, our events are tailored to provide something for all levels of dog training. Community members can look forward to weekly obedience classes, occasional adventures on outdoor trails and dog parks, as well as park play dates for social pet interactions. Our workshops specialise in providing practical solutions for behaviour problems such as excessive barking and resource guarding. As part of our commitment to strengthen the bond between pets and people, we also conduct lectures on important topics that promote animal welfare focused on avoiding common mistakes made by owners. We truly believe that if everyone pitches in and learns how to properly care for our furry companions, then you can make an impactful difference in the lives of all animals.


Hayes Dog Training has established a great deal of partnerships with organizations throughout their years in operation. Most notably, they partner with pet adoption centers, rescue groups, and animal welfare initiatives to provide the best training services possible for the care of owners’ pets. In addition, they also partner with veterinarians who can provide medical advice and assessments in order to ensure that each pet is getting proper care while in their care. Furthermore, Hayes Dog Training partners with other dog trainers to benefit from their experience and expertise. Finally, Hayes Dog Training also partners with local schools to promote positive dog training techniques for future generations.

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At Hayes Dog Training, we believe in the importance of teaching dogs basic obedience commands as well as advancing their skills. We provide a variety of private and group classes to suit each family’s needs. All our trainers are certified and specialize in positive reinforcement-based dog training methods.

Our approach to training is designed to make sure you have an enjoyable experience, both during the session and afterwards. We understand that dogs learn differently, so we use a range of equipment, activities and rewards during our sessions to ensure that your dog is comfortable and has fun. Dogs thrive with praise and reward-based systems, which is why we focus on reinforcing desirable behaviors through positive reinforcement. We also discuss management strategies which help discourage undesirable behaviors from occurring in the future. Our ultimate goal is for families to be able to trust their companions in any situation as well as working happily together for years to come!

In addition to private sessions and group classes, Hayes Dog Training also offers pet photography services in which owners can capture precious moments with their furry friends during or after training that they can cherish forever. Whether it’s attending two-week residential courses or attending online video lessons, Hayes Dog Training aims to help all dog owners create lasting relationships based on respect and trust with their furry companions while having plenty of fun together along the way!


Q: What types of training do you provide?
A: At Hayes Dog Training, we offer a variety of services such as basic obedience, agility, retriever training, and tracking. We also provide therapy services for special needs dogs and aggression modification for dogs with aggressive behaviors.

Q: What methods do you use to train my dog?
A: We use positive reinforcement techniques to train your dog. This includes clicker training, treats, praise, and games to keep the dog engaged in the training process. We aim to redirected negative behaviors while encouraging desirable ones through reward-based learning.

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Q: Do I need to attend classes with my dog?
A: Yes! Our classes are designed for owners and their dogs to learn together and build a strong bond between them. The classes are also a great way for you to better understand canine behavior so that you can effectively apply what you have learned once you have finished your course.


Hayes Dog Training is located at 25 Essie Street, Gaithersburg, MD 20877. You can easily find our location using the map below.

We offer a range of dog training services designed to facilitate a healthy, happy relationship between you and your pet. Our team of certified instructors will help your pup learn basic obedience commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “down” and “come”. We also offer specialized training in classes such as agility, protection work, tracking and more. All ages of dogs are welcome to train with us – we even offer puppy classes! Whether you want to create a bond with your pup that is based on trust and understanding or you desire advanced competition training – come visit Hayes Dog Training – we will help you reach those goals!

Customer Rewards

Hayes Dog Training can offer its customers discounts when they return to the store for future purchases. This could be a first-time customer discount, a loyalty program for frequent customers, or a discount code available online. They could also reward loyal customers with special offers like a free item or upgrade with each purchase. Loyalty programs are an excellent way to incentivize customers to come back again and again and provide an additional value to them while shopping at Hayes Dog Training. Offering incentives like discounts and rewards is an excellent way to attract new customers, build customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

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