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Sits and Wiggles Dog Training is an all-inclusive, In-Home Dog training program tailored to fit the needs of both you and your pup. Our experienced trainers will assess each individual dog’s needs and behaviors to create personalized lesson plans that promote positive behavior with rewards-based techniques. We believe in giving dogs the same respect you would give any other family member. Our goal is to provide you with a well behaved pup as quickly as possible through reward-based methods of obedience training such as positive reinforcement, distraction methods, shaping, redirecting and problem solving. Additionally, we cover topics such as crate training, socialization, basic manners and many more so that your entire family is able to successfully coexist with your beloved pet. With Sits and Wiggles Dog Training, you’ll have the tools to ensure that your pup becomes an enjoyable companion for years to come!

The Philosophy Behind Sits and Wiggles Dog Training

At Sits and Wiggles Dog Training, we hold our philosophies near and dear to us and truly believe these principles give us an edge when it comes to teaching your furry friend obedience.

We incorporate both positive reinforcement and behavior correction techniques in every session with your pup. We believe in rewarding good behavior and providing appropriate feedback for behaviors that won’t produce the desired outcome. Additionally, we strive to maintain a consistent set of commands throughout training; it helps build a strong bond between you, your pup, and the instructor if everyone is using the same language during practice.

Throughout training, we will also pay careful attention to different distractions like other dogs or unfamiliar people that could end up upsetting your pup and causing him or her to start backing out from the process. If this happens, or if we ever feel like any method isn’t producing ideal results, we will discuss alternative routes with you in an effort to gain trust back while ensuring progress is still being made. Furthermore, our instructors are constantly monitoring progress as they provide tips on how owners can continue practicing skills learned at home even after sessions are done. In this way, each dog receives tailored exercises needed so they can continue learning new commands outside their daily one-hour worksheets with their trainer. Our end goal is always promoting understanding between dog owners and their pet through proper communication!

Types of Dogs Suited to Training at Sits and Wiggles

At Sits and Wiggles Dog Training, we offer specialized programs tailored to fit any breed of canine. From sporting or working dogs to family dogs, our trainers have the knowledge and capabilities to teach you and your dog how to be manageable members of the pet community. Examples of the breeds that we specialize in include German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Poodles, Terriers, Bulldogs, Boxers, and much more. Whether you are looking for basic obedience training or require behavior modification services, our experienced dog trainers will provide customized packages to ensure you have a well-mannered companion that fits seamlessly into your home life. We also provide special lessons on agility training and tricks as special bonuses for our clients!

Results Achieved by Clients of Sits and Wiggles

Clients of Sits and Wiggles Dog Training have achieved amazing results. They have made remarkable improvements in the obedience and behavior of their dogs. Many clients have noticed that not only has their pup become more obedient, but it is also now better behaved when around other people or animals. Owners report that their dogs now listen to commands almost as soon as they are given, and even show off their new-found skills to their friends. Other clients commented about how much calmer their pet had become after taking lessons with Sits and Wiggles. There were numerous other success stories from those who had worked with the certified trainers at Sits and Wiggles.

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Several clients were also amazed by how quickly they saw results: some within weeks of starting training! Owners further noted that not only did they observe a change in obedience and behavior, but also an increase in confidence in their pup when out on walks, playing with other dogs, or even just exploring new places together. One client also shared how taking classes at Sits and Wiggles helped strengthen the bond between them and their pet significantly; the connection between them felt like it had been taken to an entirely different level after just a few sessions!

Sample Training Sessions at Sits and Wiggles

At Sits and Wiggles Dog Training, owners have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sample training sessions. During these sessions, owners will be able to learn how to teach their dogs basic commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “heel” and “come.” Owners will also receive assistance with problem behaviors such as chewing, barking and jumping. In addition, owners can receive guidance on how to properly use safety equipment such as harnesses or choke chains.

In Sits and Wiggles’ sample training sessions, owners will receive instruction on how to work with their dogs in a positive manner by using reward-based techniques that don’t involve negative reinforcement. Trainers will demonstrate successful methods for reinforcing desired behaviors during regular exercise routines and daily activities. Furthermore, owners can expect training exercises that are tailored specifically to their doggie personalities in order to maximize learning potentials. As an added benefit of attending these sample session events, dog owners can build up better relationships with their canine companions by communicating more effectively through verbal commands and body languages.

Effective Tools and Techniques Used at Sits and Wiggles

At Sits and Wiggles Dog Training, we believe in using effective tools and techniques to teach your dog the skills they need. We use positive reinforcement as a teaching technique, which rewards a desired behavior such as sitting or coming when called with treats or verbal praise. Our certified trainers also make use of clicker training – a quick sound of approval that lets your pup know that their behavior was correct and encourages them to continue the same activity. Other methods such as shaping and modeling can also be used for tasks like opening a door or turning off a light switch. As experienced trainers, we know how to choose the right combination of techniques for each pup’s unique needs; each session is tailored to fit both you and your canine companion. With our help, you and your pooch can develop an enjoyable relationship based on trust, respect, and clear communication.

In-depth Explanations of Training Sessions and Processes

Sits and Wiggles Dog Training offers in-depth explanations of their training sessions and processes — including positive reinforcement, clicker training, basic manners training, leash behavior modification, socialization skills training and more. They provide one-on-one support for each canine and their different personalities. Positive reinforcement is used to reward the desired behaviors compared to punishment for any undesired behaviors. Clicker training is a method that teaches dogs through classical conditioning using a clicking device that captures attention when the required behavior is observed. Basic manners training helps with behaviors such as sitting politely until released, not jumping up on visitors, recall (coming back), walking calmly on a leash and not begging for food from guests at mealtime. Leash behavior modification deals with such issues as leash pulling during walks or any other type of problem walking activities that make it difficult to take your pet outside with them. Socialization skills enable people to interact properly in public situations while showing appropriate calming cues desired when triggered by sudden noises or unfamiliar people or animals encountered outside of the home environment. Sits and Wiggles provides free assessments as well as in-person or remote/virtual lessons depending on the client’s preference.

Different Types of Programs Available at Sits and Wiggles

At Sits and Wiggles Dog Training, we offer a wide variety of programs to suit every dog’s individual needs. We have basic obedience classes that cover leash walking, sit, stay, down and recall commands. We also have small agility courses to build coordination and confidence. For puppies interested in off-leash playtime, we have our Puppy Playgroups. This supervised group helps promote socialization with other dogs and people as well as practice basic commands such as coming when called or designated potty spots.

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For graduated levels of training, we offer advanced obedience classes. Here we focus on teaching the dog how to perform more difficult tasks for longer periods of time like heel work and drops on release commands with distractions. We also offer a Therapy Dog Program for owners interested in having their pet evaluated for therapy work. During this course, an instructor will take note of the pup’s responses to various situations and scenarios in order to ensure the dog is comfortable enough to be around those needing comfort from an animal presence such as at a nursing home or hospital setting. Finally, Pet First Aid Certification courses help pet owners learn first aid techniques specific to caring for pets in case of emergency situations when veterinary help isn’t immediately available

Q&A Interviews with Trainers at Sits and Wiggles

Q: What type of dog training does Sits and Wiggles offer?

A: Sits and Wiggles offers a wide variety of dog training services, from basic obedience training to more advanced tricks. We specialize in teaching puppies, adult dogs, and rescue dogs all the skills they need to become well-behaved, happy dogs. We focus on helping our clients create a positive environment for their canine companions by providing individualized private sessions or group classes on a variety of topics such as housebreaking, leash walking, basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘down’, recall, jumping, door manners, socialization with other people and animals (Such as cats), chewing prevention, basic agility course runs (running through tunnels or over jumps), and more. Beyond these standard offerings, we also provide services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want to work on desensitizing your pet against loud noises or combating resource guarding behaviors, we’ll help you create the perfect training plan for success.

Resources for Further Research

If you’re looking to learn more about Sits and Wiggles Dog Training, there are a few great resources that you can use for further research. One of the best ways to find out more is by visiting the Sits and Wiggles website, which provides information on their training methods, FAQs, courses and more. Additionally, exploring the company’s social media channels is another great way to learn about their services and success stories from current customers. Through these platforms, you can also stay up-to-date with any upcoming offers or events hosted by Sits and Wiggles. Another helpful way to get additional insight into Sits and Wiggles Dog Training is by checking out online forums dedicated to pet care where customers may share their experiences. Lastly, speaking with other dog owners who have worked with Sits and Wiggles can give you first-hand accounts of their experiences as well as suggestions based on your own needs.


Sits and Wiggles Dog Training has been at the forefront of providing high-quality dog training for many years. With their unique approach to behavior modification, they have produced incredible results in both puppies and adult dogs alike. From basic obedience classes to specialized behavior modification programs, Sits and Wiggles Dog Training is a reliable option for pet parents looking for expert assistance with their furry friends. This commitment to excellence has earned Sits and Wiggles Dog Training a loyal following who can vouch for the quality of their services. And with further expansion on the horizon, this trusted institution looks like it will only grow in popularity. It’s easy to understand why so many people recommend Sits and Wiggles Dog Training, as it offers effective solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

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