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Distinctive Dog Training LLC is dedicated to providing owners and their dogs with high-quality, effective training services. We offer a wide range of training options from in-home consultations to obedience classes, agility classes and more. Our trainers are highly skilled in the techniques proven to bring out the best in all dog breeds, big or small.

In our photos and videos section, we feature images and clips highlighting our trainers and clients in action. Our portfolio illustrates how our professional trainers go about engaging with their canine companions as well as showcasing successful outcomes of the training process across a variety of scenarios. The photos and videos document some of the most remarkable moments of learning and progress between our staff members and their furry students! Not only will viewers be able to gain insight into what makes us different but they can also get a feel for our dynamic approach.


Q: How much do your services cost?
A: The cost of our services varies depending on the type and length of training being provided. For our obedience programs, we offer three packages. Our basic package is $150 and includes up to four hours of instruction, focused primarily on teaching the fundamentals of good dog behavior such as walking on a leash, potty training, and basic commands. Our premium package is priced at $350 and includes up to eight hours of instruction and more advanced commands centered around off-leash obedience. Finally, for our specialty courses – like service animal or agility training – we offer custom quotes upon request.


Distinctive Dog Training Llc has an impressive presence on social media platforms. They have a large following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with thousands of likes and followers combined. On these accounts, they post about their business, featuring top tips for dog owners, photos of happy customers and their pups, and celebrate milestones like family testimonials and awards. Customers can also leave reviews on the company’s website or via the various platforms to share their experience working with Distinctive Dog Training Llc. Reviews provide invaluable insight for potential clients who want to learn what sets them apart from other training services.

Healthy Tips

1. Provide your pet with a balanced diet: The most important thing you can do in order to keep your pet healthy is to provide them with a well-balanced diet. This means getting quality food that includes vitamins, minerals, and protein. Make sure your pet’s meals are nutritionally complete and adequate for their size and lifestyle.

2. Take frequent walks together: Walking not only increases physical exercise, but it also helps stimulate mental activity which results in less boredom and stress levels for you both! Plus, it’s an opportunity for some one-on-one bonding time with your pup.

3. Provide regular grooming sessions: An unkempt coat can lead to skin problems, so make sure to brush your pet’s fur regularly – this will not only help keep their coat clean but can even strengthen the bond between you two! Additionally, trim nails as needed in order to prevent excessive length leading to potential injury or discomfort for your dog or cat.

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4. Schedule checkups with a veterinarian: Your vet is an essential part of keeping up on routine checkups and health screenings – they play a critical role in identifying any illnesses or conditions early on; without regular examinations by a professional, issues may go undetected until they present serious negative impacts on the wellbeing of the pet involved.

Community Involvement

Distinctive Dog Training LLC is dedicated to giving back to their local community and inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds. We participate in a variety of volunteer activities throughout the year in order to make a positive contribution to our local community. We partner with a number of local organizations such as humane societies, animal shelters, rescue groups and other dog-related charities who share our commitment to together improving the quality of life for pets and humans alike. During special events like holidays or walk-a-thon fundraisers, we are always eager to lend our expertise and resources by providing training demonstrations and seminars on proper dog ownership and safety. Additionally, we offer discounts on all services related to pet care such as grooming, boarding, food, and supplies for clients who demonstrate charitable actions in their communities. As part of our mission, we actively support education programs focused on canine health, responsible ownership practices and breed specific legislation so that everyone has access to reliable information about how best care for their dogs. Furthermore, Distinctive Dog Trainers LLC encourages staff members within the organization to donate their time regularly through mentoring initiatives aimed at young people interested in becoming animal trainers or involved in animal welfare advocacy endeavors.

Loyalty Program

Distinctive Dog Training LLC is proud to offer their customers the opportunity to sign up for a loyalty program. This loyalty program can be accessed through their website and provides customers with special discounts, exclusive offers, and rewards for dedication to their services. Those who join the loyalty program will have access to special perks and rewards that are not typically available to non-members. In addition to discounts on services, members of the program may receive early access to new products, exclusive invitations to parties and events, personalized recommendations tailored just for them, as well as preferred treatment when booking appointments. Signing up also grants members access to monthly newsletters where they can receive updates on new products or services as well as helpful tips and tricks for pet care. So join the Distinctive Dog Training LLC loyalty program today and start taking advantage of all these amazing benefits!

Upcoming Events

Distinctive Dog Training LLC is hosting a number of upcoming events geared to help owners and their canine companions. On June 22, they will be holding a workshop on basic commands Every dog should know, as well as introducing a variety of new advanced commands as well. The workshop will be open to all skill levels and owners are encouraged to bring their own dogs for evaluation and extra practice.

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On July 5th, the company will be hosting an interactive outdoor socialization event. This event is specifically designed to give dogs the opportunity to interact with one another in controlled settings while learning positive behaviors with other canines on walks. To enroll in the socialization event, each dog must pass an initial assessment by the instructors in order to ensure the safety of all participants.

Lastly, the company is offering private training tailored to each individual’s needs. Through this program, clients can receive customized instruction from experienced trainers that focuses on teaching their pet proper behaviors and forming a strong bond between them – strengthening communication among both parties for better results! Private training sessions are also available for those who wish to have one-on-one coaching with their pets.

Industry Resources

Distinctive Dog Training Llc has access to a wide variety of expert training resources from the industry. This includes books, videos, medical training journals, conferences and seminars, webinars and other online courses, as well as training materials specifically developed by Distinctive Dog Training LLC themselves.

The selection of industry resources offered by Distinctive Dog Training LLC is comprehensive enough to meet the needs of any type of pet owner or dog trainer. From basic puppy potty-training methods to advanced behavioral modification techniques for serious behavior issues, these resources offer helpful solutions that are customized for each individual dog or situation. For those seeking specialized knowledge or skills in certain areas such as scent detection or working with difficult breeds, Distinctive Dog Training LLC also has extensive training materials geared towards trainers who specialize in specific topics. Specialty seminars are held regularly and may cover topics such as housebreaking incompatible behaviors, nutrition advice and use of treats during training sessions.

The staff at Distinctive Dog Training LLC understands how important it is for both pet owners and professional trainers to stay up-to-date on the most effective ways to train their dogs. To this end, they provide regular updates on advancements in the field via their blog which covers various topics such as common health problems faced by pets, developments in scientific research related to canine behavior, new products used in dog training and techniques utilized by professional trainers. They also feature case studies highlighting strategies employed by their own team when faced with difficult behavior problems.

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