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The Dave McMahon Dog Training Academy specializes in teaching owners and their beloved dogs the proper methods of communication, basic obedience routines, and establishing leadership. The goal of the academy is to help owners gain a better understanding of why their dog acts in certain ways. With this knowledge comes the ability to successfully communicate with their dog as well as teach them more advanced skills while building a strong relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

The Dog Training Academy offers a variety of classes suited for dogs of any breed, age, size or temperaments. For starters, the “Foundation” class focuses on basic commands such as sit, stay or come when called. Along with these lessons, attention exercises are also highlighted to ensure that your pup is focused on you no matter what environment they may be in. In addition, homeowners are taught how to end unwanted behavior like excessive barking or digging in the yard through positive reinforcement methods.

For those looking for something more advanced, Dave Mcmahon’s team also offers classes on tricks training and agility courses for those pesky pooches who love to run around! As an extra bonus, personal consultations can also be scheduled should you wish to ask specific questions about your Furry Family member’s individual needs.

Our History

Dave McMahon Dog Training Academy has been providing effective, humane dog training strategies for over a decade. Our methods originated with Dave McMahon himself and have undergone a steady transformation as more methods, techniques, and technologies have become available to help people train their pets. Initially, Dave’s approach was based on developing positive relationships between trainers and dogs by utilizing reward-based reinforcement. It was always paramount to him that both the owner and the pet felt safe in the training environment.

Since then, the academy has made leaps and bounds in terms of its offerings. While still faithful to our original mission of fostering good relationships between trainers and dogs through positive reinforcement, we now offer a broad range of options for any type of pet or behavior problem. We can work with puppies that require basic obedience training all the way up to animals with severe aggression issues. The experience trainers at our academy are highly skilled in many disciplines such as scent work, protection work, agility exercises, search and rescue drills, tracking classes, advanced recall training and integration into family life through conditioning. We take great pride in having developed other cutting-edge tools such as remote collars that allow us greater control over an animal’s response no matter where they are located on a property or within open space environment. Additionally, we utilize tricks/games when engaging in puppy socialization as well as additional clicker/marker conditioned shaping systems customized to fit each client’s individual goals.

Core Values

At Dave Mcmahon Dog Training Academy, our core values are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that consistency and respect must be present in all aspects of training Dogs. Through clear communication and positive reinforcement, we strive to create a safe environment for both people and their canine companions.

Our main goal is to guide Dog owners on a path towards better understanding how best to train their pet. That’s why our core values emphasize patience and creating an understanding between both parties. All of our methods have been tested by trainers with years of experience in animal behavior so they are sure to offer the very best results.

We also believe in providing resources that are necessary for successful Dog training. This includes educational materials such as books, DVDs, and even online courses tailored specifically to individual needs. We provide access to qualified veterinarians and knowledgeable staff on hand whether it’s through email or over the phone so help is always within reach. Our commitment to providing support doesn’t stop there; we even offer one-on-one sessions with trainers if they feel more comfortable discussing any issues that may arise during the training process. It’s important for us to continually go above and beyond for our clients and their pets so that everyone is able to benefit from the Dave Mcmahon Dog Training Academy experience!

Training Philosophy

At the Dave Mcmahon Dog Training Academy, our primary mission is to help dogs become happy and balanced members of their family units. We believe that training should be a positive, collaborative experience that fosters trust between owner and pup. Our training philosophy emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships—between owner and pup, as well as between owner, pup, and trainer.

To accomplish this goal, we employ an innovative approach which integrates both traditional methods and modern science-based techniques. Our team combines reward-based reinforcement with behavior modification to create a comprehensive program tailored specifically to each dog’s personality, needs and learning style. We firmly believe that every day spent in training is an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to form deeper bonds between owners and pups!

We also strive to educate pet owners on how to best meet their pet’s needs. To ensure success in gaining a better understanding of canine behavior, we incorporate modern scientific theories such as ethology (the study of animal behavior) into our lessons as well as teach basic forms of positive reinforcement including clicker training. By doing so, we not only promote quicker learning but also help owners learn how to read their pets’ body language in order to better interpret behaviors correctly in any situation. Furthermore, all of our trainers are passionately committed to ongoing education so they remain up-to-date on the latest industry developments allowing us to continuously provide the most effective strategies when it comes to problem solving!

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Dave Mcmahon Dog Training Academy offers tailored training programs for all types of dogs and their individual needs. Their services range from puppy classes to obedience training to advanced skills such as scenting, tracking, agility and more. The programs are designed specifically for each dog; helping the pet owners understand their dog’s best learning style and how to utilize it effectively. They also offer workshops where dog owners can learn about clicker training and how to apply positive reinforcement techniques. In addition, Dave Mcmahon Dog Training Academy provides a wide range of behavioral consultations including behavior assessment, as well as problem solving assistance related to out of control behaviors or aggression issues. Finally, they offer enrichment activities such as trick classes and Nosework that help foster obedience and keep dogs mentally stimulated. Rest assured that your pup will have an enjoyable time learning in the comfort of this locally-owned school while you take the necessary steps in making sure your pup is the happiest and most obedient four (or more) legged family member possible!

Success Stories

At Dave McMahon Dog Training Academy, we proudly boast of our successful clients from all walks of life who achieved their desired goals with their canine pals. Whether they’re looking to compete in the show ring, or just have a well-behaved companion at home, our students have been successful time and time again. From housebreaking pups to mastering off-leash commands, to honing skills for high end competitions, our alumni have all reached their goals.

Our success stories span far and wide; each has a tale to be told. Some of our clients come to us with already obedient dogs, while others come needing guidance through basic obedience training. We’ve also had multiple owners achieve in the show ring and receive titles alongside their primary wins. All of these amazing accomplishments prove that anyone can enjoy a well-mannered pup when taking courses with Dave McMahon Dog Training Academy!

We’ve seen incredible examples of how teaching dogs with positive reinforcement techniques can bring results that are both unique and rewarding; providing them with permanent lifelong skills. From hunting dogs who courageously scout out birds or deer, herding farms animals including cattle or sheep with ease, to service dogs who help those with disabilities become more independent–these successes have given many people a higher quality of life for both themselves and their dog companions. We are extremely proud that out students attain the best possible bond between human and canine through using rewards based methods taught by our expert team of trainers!

Expertise and Certifications

At Dave Mcmahon Dog Training Academy, we are committed to providing the best possible training experience for both dogs and their owners. We pride ourselves on our expertise and certifications, having trained and certified many dogs to become beloved family members.

Our trainers are professionally certified by organizations such as the Animal Behavior College, National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI), International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), the American Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Program, Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society), Fear Free Certified Professional, Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and more.

Furthermore, our instructors have also extensively studied canine sciences such as physiology, ethology and nutrition so they can properly educate clients on how to care for their pup’s physical and mental health. Our courses also cover behavioral modification techniques that promote pet safety and responsible ownership. Finally, we specialize in behaviorism principles like operant conditioning with which we help teach dogs a wide range of skills including obedience commands and building drive. By utilizing reward-based methods designed specifically to keep your pup’s well-being in mind you can trust that our training is evidence based while still being entertaining for them!


At Dave Mcmahon Dog Training Academy we are proud of the lives we have changed with our expert dog training services. Time and time again, we have helped owners unlock the potential of their beloved pets. Our curriculum is crafted to promote a safe and positive learning environment where dogs can thrive and develop the skills they need to interact with their loving families. Our approach emphasizes respect, trust, and some good ol’ fashioned fun!

One testimonial from former client Marsha describes how our basic program was able to strengthen her relationship with her rescue dog Scout:

“When I adopted Scout nearly six months ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. She was skittish, jumpy around strangers and apprehensive about being on a leash. After attending Dave Mcmahon Dog Training Academy’s basic program for just a few weeks all of that changed! Scout began to gain faith in me as her owner and has become so much calmer in both training courses and field trips – it’s incredible!”

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Our clients also find that our reward-based teaching strategies encourage appropriate behavior while fostering an inner confidence within each pet as they learn how to mind commands from their owners in various settings. This helps create a stronger bond between pet and parent by strengthening communication lines within the home. Our approach guarantees progress without any form of emotional manipulation or punishment—just positive interaction, treats, praise-rewards, and maybe even a little laughter thrown in there too!

Education Programs

Dave McMahon Dog Training Academy offers a wide variety of programs to benefit dog owners. Our specialized courses provide both novice and experienced pet owners with the skills they need to help their furry family members maximize their potential. Our team of experienced trainers provide guidance in areas such as: obedience, agility, nutrition, day boarding, puppy classes and more.

For those looking to start off on the right paw, our team offers puppy classes which focus on training fundamentals to ensure that young dogs learn good habits while they’re still learning how to behave. We also work on leash walking and recall, two essential skills every pup needs in order to confidently explore the world around them without putting themselves or others at risk.

Getting started with agility is also a fun way for all kinds of dogs at any age level—from young puppies to senior dogs—to strengthen their bond with their human companions. This active and rewarding activity builds confidence for pets as it helps them balance different environments and navigate obstacles along the way. Through our progression-based agility course, pet owners have the opportunity to learn alongside their pup as they master various trick sequences in order for them to qualify for agility competitions should they choose too!

Finally, our team provides extensive nutritional education specifically designed to give each pup’s diet tailored attention so it can fit its unique energy levels and lifestyle. This includes helping them with dietary issues such as allergies or obesity that require special attention in order to optimize their health and longevity.

At Dave McMahon Dog Training Academy we take pride in giving pet owners great life-long benefits through our specialized programs. Whether you’re looking for an educational class or just one-on-one training sessions, we strive to give each dog exactly what they need based on their personality type, breed, age and lifestyle requirements so that both human and pup can enjoy a lifetime of happiness together!

The Future

The Dave McMahon Dog Training Academy envisions a world in which people and their canine companions interact harmoniously. We’re determined to provide the best possible training experience—not just for our clients, but also for their pooches. Our goal is to enable families, professionals, and dog owners of all kinds to quickly develop effective and meaningful relationships with their pets.

To achieve this idealistic future, we plan on expanding our reach. We want to bring successful dog training programs to new cities and countries worldwide, with the deployment of satellite hubs available in different areas or countries in need. Our mission is to spread knowledge via an array of technologies: seminars, workshops, digital media channels like smartphones, tablets and laptops. We will also continue our commitment to ongoing development of effective techniques and strategies by collaborating with trainers from all over the world who have been researching throughout the years in order to formulate innovative courses that cater perfectly to specific breeds and personalities. Because of this customizable approach, every owner can get exactly what they need and create strong bonds with their pup utilizing only positive methods!


Dave McMahon Dog Training Academy is truly the right choice for you and your dog. Dave and his team of trainers have an incredible amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to training dogs. Not only do they understand animal behavior, but they are also patient, compassionate, and skillful instructors that each bring their own unique style of training to the table. This ensures each individual dog gets the care and attention it needs in order for it to become successful in the world of obedience. Furthermore, all classes are tailored specifically to meet the needs of your pet and its comfort level. With safety at its highest priority, trust that Dave McMahon Dog Training Academy is here to mentor your pup with ethical practices in a stress free environment where structure and guidance are provided so tenants can be taught efficiently. Ultimately, this academy is a great resource that can help build strong relationships between both humans and their dogs while providing a better quality of life–for both parties!

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