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Upstate Academy Dog Training provides professional dog training services for all breeds, sizes, and ages. It offers classes for basic obedience, problem-solving, and specialty disciplines such as protection work and agility training. People from all over the upstate area come to this school to learn the best methods of training their canine companions.

The benefits of training your dog with Upstate Academy are manifold. First, it will save you worry in the long run. With a professionally trained dog, you won’t have to worry about destructive behavior or aggressive outbursts that could endanger your family or others around them. Second, your bond with your pet can be enhanced as they learn proper behavioral boundaries. By spending quality time together during lessons, owners become closer to their pets while teaching them how to interact in social situations. Additionally, a well-trained pooch highlights the dedication of a loving owner who understands the importance of good canine citizenship. Finally, obedience training can provide an outlet for extra energy so common in most dogs; tiring them out with mental exercises can help to reduce any pent up frustration which could lead to negative behaviors such as digging or excessive barking.

Through Upstate Academy’s program owners can further their knowledge on canine psychology and management; with personal guidance from experienced trainers clients will be able to create an enriching bond between themselves and their dogs that cannot be replicated through home-based learning alone. By investing in a professionally certified program rather than self-teaching techniques on YouTube or online courses one is guaranteed competent instruction tailored specifically for their pup; there will never be anything left gaps in understanding due to lack of experience when working with a certified trainer who is equipped with prior knowledge on many different types of pooches they might encounter during sessions.*

Overview of Upstate Academy Dog Training

Upstate Academy Dog Training is renowned for its program of professionally supervised, scientifically based dog training. The facility offers a wide range of services for all breeds, sizes, and ages of dogs, including basic obedience classes for puppies and adolescents, agility courses for experienced canines, and specialized programs for older dogs. All lessons are tailored to the individual needs of each canine student and taught in a friendly and supportive environment.

From potty and leash training basics to complex tricks and obstacle courses, Upstate Academy has something for all levels of interest and accomplishment. Experienced instructors are eager to help dogs get acclimated to living in a new home or transitioning from one environment to another. During each class clients learn about communication with their canine friend as well as how to reinforce good habits through positive reinforcement methods such as food rewards or verbal incentives.

Aside from classes, Upstate Academy also provides private one-on-one sessions that afford owners the opportunity to work on specific commands or behaviors with an instructor present. Other services include consultations on proper nutrition and health care, grooming advice, crate training assistance, reactive dog guidance, therapy animal preparation certifications, Canine Good Citizen test prep classes (CGC), AKC Star Puppy evaluation assessments (STAR) and more. With so many comprehensive options available at their disposal pet parents have an excellent source within their community to depend upon whenever they need professional help.

Benefits of Working with Upstate Academy Dog Training

One of the key benefits of working with Upstate Academy Dog Training is an increased understanding of how training can improve the relationship between dog and owner. As our professionally trained trainers work with your pup they will teach them obedience, focus and respect. Through this process, dogs learn to feel safer and more comfortable around their owners, commands become clearer, have less anxiety and stress, and develop a better understanding of what their owners expect from them. The improved communication that comes with training helps deepen the bond between you both in addition to providing a better connection when it comes to trust between dog and owner. With tools for effective communication in place it fosters an atmosphere where both animals feel happy, confident and calm in each other’s company; making it easier for them to empathize with one another as if they each understand the other’s feelings which serves as a foundation for accountability over time. Additionally, training from Upstate Academy Dog Training will give you more confidence in how you interact with your pet so that your pup can thrive in all settings such as home, parks or any other public space without forming bad habits.

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Meet the Team at Upstate Academy

The passionate and dedicated trainers at Upstate Academy are true professionals in the field of dog training. They have each received specialized education and certifications which enable them to provide custom-tailored, comprehensive training sessions for pets of all ages. Each trainer brings an extensive background and experience to the table, ensuring that you receive the best advice for pet care.

At Upstate Academy, trainers use positive reinforcement techniques combined with science-based practices to encourage behavior modification in each individual animal. They work closely with owners to create an understanding of their specific needs, thus keeping these goals in mind when creating a tailored plan for each family. The team will take into consideration any issues that have arisen from past challenges and make sure each dog is comfortable and understood within the training environment.

Upstate Academy prides itself on being results-driven while also striving to maintain a harmonious two-way relationship between owner and pet. It’s never too early or late to start training your pup, so don’t hesitate to get in touch! From obedience to problem-solving exercises; puppies to senior dogs—Upstate Academy is here to help guide your pup toward success in a safe environment with compassionate guidance!

Testimonials from Past Clients

Brandy – “I was having so much difficulty controlling my German Shepherd’s behavior. He was attacking cats and other small animals whenever we went for a walk, which made our walks unbearable. I hired Upstate Academy Dog Training Program and things have been so much better. The trainer taught me various techniques on how to properly train my dog, giving me the peace of mind that I could confidently take him out without worrying about his aggressive behavior. After just one week of coached training sessions, my dog is now able to understand and obey my commands, and he’s even stopped attacking people’s pets outside! I’m really glad I chose Upstate Academy Dog Training Program – it worked way better than what I expected!

Janet – “My golden retriever was struggling with recall training due to the low-level distractions during walks. The trainer from Upstate Academy Dog Training Program not only identified the root of the problem but also worked with me step-by-step on methods to correct that problem and get my dog back on track with completing his recall exercises. Now he will respond perfectly no matter where we are or who we encounter. Her guidance made all the difference in helping us find success. Not only have we been able to pass our training goals, but she also provided us with tips on additional activities to do with our pup that help keep him sharp both mentally and physically!”

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Contact Upstate Academy for Training Services

Upstate Academy offers canine training services for owners of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to teach your new puppy the basics or an experienced trainer, our certified coaches have the knowledge and experience needed to help you achieve lasting results. With our online classes available and in-person classes available in locations across Upstate New York, our trainers can meet you wherever you are. The enrollment process at Upstate Academy is easy— just reach out to us, answer a few questions about yourself and your pup, and we’ll get started on your individualized training plan.

For those interested in enrolling with Upstate Academy for dog training services, it is important to take advantage of all the resources provided. You can read more about the different classes offered online, watch videos demonstrating various dog training techniques and tips, or even chat live with one of our coaches if you have any questions. On top of that, we offer 1-on-1 coaching in your local area so that each session is personalized based on your goals, location and lifestyle. We also understand the importance of financial flexibility with payment plans available for all budgets so that you can start training without having to worry about breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts

The primary reason to choose Upstate Academy for your dog’s training needs is our experienced and professional trainers. Our team of highly dedicated, qualified and experienced individuals have years of experience in animal behaviour, guidance and instruction. They understand the various motivations behind dogs’ behaviour and are uniquely positioned to assess each situation as an individual case. We also employ positive reinforcement techniques so that any commands given can be successful without applying physical strength or restraint.

Another great reason to choose Upstate Academy for your dog’s training needs is our convenient training options. We understand that not everyone has the same schedule or the same ability to bring their pet in during a specific time frame. Therefore we offer multiple ways to train your dog that works around your lifestyle and needs. We provide virtual classes, private lessons, group classes, and daycare sessions so you can find a solution that meets your own particular needs.

Finally, it’s important to also note that we believe in maintaining a safe environment for both pets and owners throughout the entire training process. Our trainers only use humane methods when working with dogs in order to ensure safety and minimize stress on both animals and people alike. This way, you can have confidence knowing that the training process you’re involved in puts your pet’s goals first while also caring for their overall well-being along the way.

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