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Better Friends Dog Training is a top-of-the-line resource for dog owners seeking quality training services for their beloved four-legged companions. The unique approach of Better Friends Dog Training sets them apart from other dog training providers, as they focus on getting to know each individual family and learning the particular characteristics and needs of the dog.

At Better Friends Dog Training, they strive to build strong bonds between each family and their pup. They specialize in responsive dog obedience lessons, where they empower owners so they can have more control over their four-legged friend while also understanding why they behave the way they do. Instead of trying to simply get immediate compliance through force and punishment, Better Friends Dog Training looks at developing relationships with the dogs built upon mutual respect. Their methods encourage responsible communication between a pet and its guardian, creating an environment that is not only safe for both animals and humans but also provides a rewarding learning experience for all parties involved.

Furthermore, Better Friends Dog Training provides customers with ample resources subject matter related to better understanding animal behaviour in general. Owners can take advantage of resources such as white papers describing how to address different canine issues or articles focused on how to be a better interspecies communicator. These resources are very beneficial in ongoing education about current tendencies and best practices when relating to our furry friends! Additionally, their team of experienced professional trainers are constantly promoting positive reinforcement techniques that work to bring out the best personality traits in each pup!


Better Friends Dog Training offers a variety of services to help owners train their dogs. All types of dogs can benefit from proper training, but the two most common are sporting breeds and companion breeds. Sporting breed dogs, such as retrievers, German shorthaired pointers, beagles and spaniels, require greater amounts of time and energy to be trained correctly as they have high exercise needs and a natural desire to please their owners. These dogs do well when taught a wide range of commands at an early age that focuses on obedience. In comparison, companion breeds such as poodles, Maltese and Yorkshire terriers are more suited for indoor life and have lower exercise requirements. With these types of dogs, socializing training is important in order to allow them to be comfortable around others while out in public settings or around family.

The instructors at Better Friends Dog Training offer two different competing styles for eager pooches. The first is conformation competitions which judge the look of the dog based on criteria set for each breed. In these competitions, participants showcase their preparedness as well as highlight desired behaviours in order to receive higher scores from the judges. Agility competitions are another style offered by Better Friends Dog Training that involve timed obstacle courses where the goal is for your pup to complete with fewest mistakes without running over any boundaries. Dogs that participate in agility courses need to excellent focus and concentration in order to complete the course quickly and perfectly each time. Both styles offer benefits that allow you pup develop self-assurance while learning important skills of responding to commands promptly as well as gaining physical fitness through conditioning exercises


Better Friends Dog Training offers a unique and effective approach to training that emphasizes respectful relationships and clear communication between dogs and humans. They strive to provide instruction in the most humane way possible while helping owners understand their canine companions and teach behaviors that are appropriate in today’s world.

The Better Friends Dog Training program is based on a number of philosophies such as Positive Reinforcement, Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), and Proactive Pacifying. Positive reinforcement is emphasized with rewards given for good behavior rather than punishment for bad behavior in order to increase desirable behaviors. BAT is about developing an understanding between dog and handler by building on previous behaviors that have already been learned through classical conditioning. Proactive pacifying gives the dog an avenue to express themselves safely instead of acting out or having an emotional reaction due to fear or frustration.

All these philosophies work together to give dog owners the tools they need to help correct problem behaviors while creating a respectful relationship with their canine friend. In addition, Better Friends Dog Training teaches human handlers how to be clear communicators with their animals, promoting responsive dogs who look forward to learning new tasks and are well behaved even when unsupervised or in public settings.

Training Methods

At Better Friends Dog Training, we believe in using positive reinforcement and reward-based methods to train dogs. We want the creatures in our care to feel safe and happy while also learning how to be well-behaved pets so they can live their best lives with their human family.

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We use a variety of training methods such as clicker training, shaping, capturing and luring. Clicker training involves associating a consistent verbal cue with the click of a small device which rewards desired behaviors with treats or affection. Shaping is the process of reinforcing an animal’s behavior by rewarding closely related behaviors until you get the desired response. Capturing is when an instructor identifies what a dog does naturally and rewards them for it (for example if your dog picks up an object without being prompted). Lastly, luring is the process of attracting or enticing a dog in order to encourage specific behavior by offering treats or toys.

To ensure success, we also teach our students important concepts like proper timing and patience when it comes to reinforcing desirable behaviors. Socialization is also key as properly socialized animals do better recognizing stimuli within their environment as well as avoiding negative responses like fear or aggression towards people or other animals. We work with each one of our students individually understanding their individual needs so that once they complete our training course they are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed lead a successful life in your home!


Better Friends Dog Training has a staff of well-qualified and experienced trainers. All of the trainers come from varied backgrounds and have higher-level qualifications in animal behavior. In addition to holding university degrees, certifications and diplomas, the trainers have extensive hands-on experience in dealing with various breeds of dogs and different types of behavior. They have also completed a specialized course on behavioural psychology for animals.

Furthermore, our trainers are members of leading international organizations such as the Association Applied Animal Behaviourists (AAAB), International Association Veterinary Behaviourists (IAVB), Canadian Association Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPP), and the Guild Professional Dog Trainers (GPDT). Membership to these esteemed organizations allows them to keep up to date with new developments in canine behaviourism and dog training techniques. Better Friends Dog Training provides regular seminars, workshops and conferences for their team so thattrainers can continue learning about the latest techniques that are available for dog owners. Our team is committed to providing support to all clients throughout their pet’s environment transitions or behaviour management issues.


At Better Friends Dog Training, we specialize in comprehensive and customized dog training programs. Our knowledgeable trainers are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each pup and owner, helping both learn how to modify behavior in order to create a healthy relationship. We understand that every pup is unique and has their own challenges, so our experienced instructors tailor our training regimens to target all areas of concern.

We take pride in delivering positive results for every single client, building each canine’s confidence while empowering their owners with the tools they need to continue on the path of growth beyond our time together. To demonstrate this commitment to providing quality services, we proudly display testimonials from past and current clients, as well as photos of happy pups that highlight the success of their newfound skills after taking part in our programs. These photos provide tangible evidence of the skill set gained by participating in our classes, enabling us to document success stories that will inspire future clients or individuals considering our services.

Prices & Options

Better Friends Dog Training offers flexible rates and options to fit any budget. We offer discounts for group training sessions and for multiple pet families. Our in-home visits allow our experienced trainers to work hands-on with you and your pet in the safety of your home. We assess exactly what your dog needs to learn and provide customized solutions that fit both you and your pet. Our private consultations provide further instruction customized for you, including help with canine behavior modification. We advise on many important matters, like diet, exercise and unique skills based upon breed. After laying out a program tailored to meet the individual needs of each pet, we evaluate progress through emails or phone calls so that you know where you are at all times throughout the program.


Better Friends Dog Training offers a wide range of resources to help dog owners and their furry friends. Through their online training and videos, they offer tips, guidance, and access to expert advice in an interactive way. They also have free downloads such as detailed notes, diagrams, and other helpful materials. In addition, they regularly post informative articles on their website about successful strategies for working with dogs. These articles are written by experienced trainers who have seen firsthand what works best for canine behavior and training. Lastly, Better Friends Dog Training provides support through their helpline that is available weekdays from 9am-5pm EST. With these extensive resources, owners can empower themselves with knowledge if they choose to work with a certified trainer or attempt training on their own with their canine pal.

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Local Connections

Better Friends Dog Training seeks to strengthen its ties and relationships with the local community. Throughout the year, Better Friends prides itself in involving volunteers and partnering with organizations to help further improve the training process. Volunteers aid in the day-to-day operations of Better Friends, such as providing an extra set of hands to help during classes or assisting new owners with foundational obedience skills. Local organizations like animal shelters and rescue groups also play an important role in connecting dogs and owners for adoption. Full access to adopted animals provide them a safe place for transitioning into their newly founded families. Additionally, these associations promote pet wellness programs that are designed to bring more value to pet training experience. Furthermore, working hand-in-hand with community organizations makes it easier for dog owners to stay informed about health clinics, vaccinations, routine checkups, spaying/neutering services, contests and other events hosted by local businesses and veterinarians that can help better bond pets with their humans. Interacting with members of the locals is a great way for everyone to learn more about each other’s cultures; it builds stronger platforms of dedicated pet caretakers committed towards creating healthier environments for both our furry friends as well as us!

Wrap Up

Better Friends Dog Training offers a comprehensive program for dog owners looking to help their furry friends live happier and healthier lives. We provide dog owners with expert, personalized training that branches out into two main areas – obedience and practical skills. Our obedience training focuses on providing your pup with the right commands – sit, stay, come, down – to transform them into a calmer and better behaved pet. With our practical skills classes you can also make sure that your pup is safe in difficult circumstances such as around the pool or on busy roads.

In addition to the two core areas of training, Better Friends Dog Training also specializes in socialization classes. Our experienced trainers will work closely with you and your pup to help them interact with other dogs more naturally while providing mentoring and guidance to ensure development in additional skills such as photography & creative shaping.

All our classes are designed to give even inexperienced dog owners the confidence they need when dealing with their pet’s behavior issues. You’ll be equipped with increased knowledge about local laws, guidelines, safety considerations and accessories needed for an effective life on the leash. With us at Better Friends Dog Training, you can be assured of good quality and reliable professional instruction so that you get maximum benefit from our lessons. Finally, group classes offer an opportunity for socialization between different canine breeds which can provide even more long-term benefits for both pets and their owners in terms of physical activity as well as mental stimulation.

At Better Friends Dog Training we want each trainee’s experience to be positive; giving every pet owner the tools they need to develop a loving bond filled with trust between themselves and their four-legged family members! Through decades of study of animal science and psychology we have formulated a highly successful method for teaching pups through patience, consistency and rewards that have been producing great results time after time! Sign up today to see firsthand how quickly your pup will become a better friend!


At Better Friends Dog Training, we understand how important it is for you to find the best dog training program for your pup. That is why we created a quick and easy form to make it easier than ever to make an appointment or contact us about our services. Our form takes only minutes to fill out and immediately connects you with one of our knowledgeable professionals. We can help evaluate your pup’s behavior, provide training tips and discuss our different packages in detail so that you can find the right solution for your pup. Don’t wait – reach out to us today and get started towards better relationships with your pup!

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