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A Breed Apart Dog Training, located in Corona, California, is a professional dog training facility and daycare center that was founded with the goal of becoming an industry leader in canine training. Established in 2008 by two passionate dog trainers, A Breed Apart is dedicated to helping people and their pets create strong, meaningful bonds through comprehensive training programs taught by certified trainers. With over thirty years of experience between the two founders and offered classes ranging from puppy basics to advanced obedience, A Breed Apart is proud to provide personalized instruction and one-on-one attention that sets it apart from other training centers. Services also include agility classes which helps clients learn how to effectively compete while increasing their own strength and coordination alongside their pet. The owners believe that training should be fun for both owners and dogs and strive to create a comfortable atmosphere for both humans and canines so they can reach their highest potential.

Learning the Benefits

A Breed Apart Dog Training offers a wide range of services that can benefit any pet and their owner. These services include obedience training, problem solving, puppy socialization, and many more. Through dedicated sessions with your dog, you will soon see positive changes in behavior as well as an improved connection between pet and owner.

Obedience training allows owners to better communicate and establish a sense of structure with their pets. This training is beneficial not just for the discipline aspect but also improves safety by teaching basic skills to stay safe and be aware of the environment. Obedience classes also reduce stress by creating a consistent routine that offers mental stimulation as well as physical exercise for both pet and owner.

Problem solving is another great resource offered at A Breed Apart that can give pet owners insight on how to manage unwanted behaviors. This type of care goes beyond addressing common issues such as barking or scratching furniture; it helps owners recognize what their dog requires emotionally through understanding the root cause for each misbehavior. Proper problem solving can bridge communication gaps between pets and people which will ultimately lead to cultivating healthier interactions and happier families- this also applies to specifically training puppies so they develop into calmer, better adapted adult dogs.

Finally, when owners use A Breed Apart Dog Training’s services combined with proper care in their daily lives, long-term health and behavior benefits are soon noticeable such as fewer signs of anxiety or depression among pets which equates to increased safety for pet and owner during walks or unexpected encounters with other animals. Overall, A Breed Apart provides quality resources that promote mental growth while providing enjoyable experiences along with positive results in all aspects involved

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Look Into Their Offerings

A Breed Apart Dog Training Corona Ca offers several training packages and methods tailored to your dog’s specific needs. They provide Puppy Basics, Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Agility and Nose Work classes, as well as private in-home sessions. They also offer a unique clicker training style that is focused on rewards and positive reinforcement.

It’s important to do your research before deciding which type of dog training works best for you and your pup. Compare the different packages and methods A Breed Apart Dog Training has to offer with those of other businesses in the area. Consider their credentials, customer reviews, pricing structure, location of the classes and any additional services they provide that could be beneficial to you both. Ask questions if you’re uncertain about anything related to the program or method they use so you can make the most informed decision possible when selecting a training program for your pup!

Meet the Experts Behind A Breed Apart

Katie Wells is the lead trainer at A Breed Apart Dog Training in Corona, CA. She has been in the dog training business since 2009 and has worked with every breed from Chihuahuas to Mastiffs. Katie obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology followed by certification as a Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist from CABTS (The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers). Her specialty is teaching owners to understand why their pup behaves the way it does, and how to help it improve its behaviour through positive reinforcement techniques.

Lindsey Chartier is an apprentice trainer at A Breed Apart Dog Training in Corona, CA. She has had dogs all her life, and after completing observation hours under Katie’s supervision and becoming certified as a dog trainer she joined the team at A Breed Apart. Lindsey works closely with Katie on aggression cases, helping owners to understand what their pup needs to repair relationships with other people or animals. She also teaches basic obedience classes using positive-reinforcement methods so that pet parents can take home happy, capable pups that will fit into any family dynamic.

Jordan Williams is A Breed Apart’s board and train coordinator. Jordan started out studying zoology as well but went on to focus on animal behaviour rather than animal science because he wanted to utilize his knowledge of animal behaviour for practical purposes and help people develop healthy relationships with their beloved pets. Jordan specializes in helping expedite difficult or advanced cases such as leash reactivity or aggression by quickly adapting plans for rapid transformations between trainers and clients alike.

Highlights from Past Clients Experiences

Written reviews:

“A Breed Apart Dog Training Corona Ca has helped us with our two-year-old Staffordshire Terrier in ways we did not think were possible. Before meeting the trainers, our dog was fairly out of control, destructive, and a handful to own. Within just a week, we could see a big difference. Now our dog is obedient, well-mannered, and very loving.”

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“After trying many methods from dog training books to online tips, nothing worked until my husband and I decided to contact the professionals at A Breed Apart Dog Training Corona Ca. We are overjoyed with how well they have been able to train our Golden Retriever within just 4 weeks. The fundamental understanding of dogs behavior we received at this center will help us throughout her life.”

Video Testimonials:
Voiceovers from clients discussing their positive experiences at A Breed Apart Dog Training Corona Ca accompanied by visuals such as people walking their happy & obedient dogs through parks or in obedience classes. The video testimonial should include before and after footage to show the level of improvement achieved through dog training services.

What Makes A Breed Apart Stand Out

A Breed Apart Dog Training is highly respected in Corona, CA for its unique methods and results. The business has received numerous awards and recognition for their exemplary training practices, including a National Accreditation from the Animal Behavior College. Their innovative and proven techniques have earned them a reputation as the premier dog training facility in the area. A Breed Apart focuses on creating strong bonds between the dogs and their owners by teaching them how to communicate effectively; this is achieved through positive reinforcement techniques such as clicker training and socialization skills. The team of professional trainers specializes in all aspects of obedience, therapy, and service work and provides specialized instruction tailored to each individual situation. Pets also benefit from special customized nutritional counseling aimed at restoring balance throughout their life cycles. In addition to their passionate commitment to animals, A Breed Apart believes in giving back to their local community by donating limited amounts of products or services annually to preselected rescue organizations or shelters.


A Breed Apart Dog Training Corona Ca has a proven track record of helping dogs and owners understand each other. From basic obedience training to advanced behaviors, our dedicated staff provide excellent instruction. We use positive reinforcement, patience, and consistency to bring out the best in your pup. If you’re looking for quality dog training that gets results, give us a call today. Our expert trainers are standing by and ready to help improve the relationship between you and your pup. Let’s get started on this journey together today!

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