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A Breed Apart Dog Training Annapolis is an excellent dog training center located in the Annapolis area. It specializes in positively reinforcing proper dog behavior and helping create lifelong relationships between pet owners and their dogs. They offer a vast array of services, including group classes, in-home private lessons, and behavior consultations. A Breed Apart strives to help build the human-canine bond through obedience, canine problem solving, agility, sports conditioning and trick training for all breeds of dogs.

Their experienced staff has decades of experience in the field and can provide personal consultation tailored to meet your needs as well as your furry friend’s level of comfort and capabilities. They will assist you during all phases of training from puppyhood to advanced learning by understanding each individual’s specific needs. Their goal is to ensure that you not only get the best out of training but also that it becomes a long-term habit for your pup so that you can enjoy a fun, enjoyable relationship with them. They focus on building loyalty and trust between you and your pup through proper reinforcement techniques, providing support throughout their growth as they learn skills needed to be successful both at home and around other dogs.

Science Behind Training

At A Breed Apart Dog Training Annapolis, we believe in operating under a science-based philosophy for dog training and behavior modification. We use evidence-based methods that leverage the findings of both current research and decades of experience to ensure the safety and well-being of both you and your dog. By understanding the science behind our methods, we can give precise guidance on how to achieve desired results.

The concept behind A Breed Apart’s methodology is rooted in operant conditioning – a type of learning developed by behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner in which behaviors are either rewarded or punished to elicit specific results. Positive reinforcement is used to reward desirable behavior while negative punishment is applied to discontinue undesired actions. We incorporate combination techniques such as differential reinforcement (focus on rewarding specific types of behaviors) into our teaching approaches to make training effective, enjoyable, and easy for both owners and dogs alike.

When implemented correctly, operant conditioning can be incredibly successful for developing beneficial behavior patterns in dogs over time. The training process does not involve aggression or harsh discipline – only positive reinforcement that encourages desirable behaviors from your canine companion. To this end, we use rewards such as food treats, toys, praise words, and petting as rewards once good behaviors are demonstrated or observed during each session.

By providing patients with a safe space free from fear or intimidation meant solely for their benefit – A Breed Apart Training provides an environment for success rather than punitive measures – when incorporated into structured sessions regularly focused on targeted goals that are adjusted accordingly based on reliability/leveling accuracy Our mission is to work alongside clients in turning perceptional outlooks into influential changes through mindset enrichment; ultimately resulting in sustainable success within families being enriched through educational self-discovery concerning canine connection/interaction needs catered particularly well our experienced consulting abilities in forging stronger bonds between you & your dog!

Clients Speak Out

A Breed Apart Dog Training in Annapolis boasts some amazing results with their customers’ dogs. Clients have seen a vast improvement in conduct since engaging services from the professional trainers at A Breed Apart. They understand that even ‘bad’ habits can be corrected and teach them as such. Whether it was barking, jumping, or aggression, customer testimonials conclude that the program proved to be successful for each unique dog and owner combination. Each story is unique to the customer and shows that individualized training is the way to provide lasting results.

The client success stories featured by A Breed Apart are examples of real-life experiences where owners benefit from personalized one-on-one instruction and guidance. Customers speak highly of the compassion demonstrated by the professionals who helped them through any challenges they faced while working on particular behaviors and commands with their dog. Through positive reinforcement, they were able to address challenging behaviors in an effective manner while building strong foundations of trust between pet and parent. The range of successes was varied but included ending leash pulling tendencies and making walks enjoyable again; calming anxious dogs, teaching appropriate behaviors towards other animals, improving listening capabilities all together providing a more sound home environment for everyone involved!

Benefits of A Breed Apart Programs

A Breed Apart Dog Training Annapolis offers customized and holistic approaches to dog training that provide unique benefits for both dog and owner. Their programs focus on providing physical, mental, and emotional exercises for our canine companions to help them live calm and social lives.

Dog Training Supplies Obedience

A Breed Apart’s innovative approach boast a number of distinct benefits, including incentives to make the learning process more enjoyable, greater flexibility in their program design so that owners can customize it to fit their needs, improved consistency in the quality of the training by providing owners with worksheets that they can refer back to when teaching repetition of skills, and more comprehensive care systems tailored specifically for each individual dog or pup to ensure long-term behavioral changes over time.

Additionally, A Breed Apart’s trainers provide guidance on how best to incorporate positive reinforcement techniques into everyday life at home as well as valuable feedback during every step of a dog’s training journey. This feedback is then further extended into personalized support plans that address various issues such as separation anxiety or lack of socialization down the line. By creating a positive environment where dogs can learn in an efficient manner with quality direction from experienced professionals, A Breed Apart’s programs are surefire paths toward success when it comes to raising a content and well-behaved four-legged friend.

Experienced Trainers

A Breed Apart Dog Training Annapolis is the top dog training facility in the area. The trainers are highly experienced and knowledgeable about different training methods for all types of dogs. They know how to work with various breeds and understand the unique needs each dog has. They use positive reinforcement, principles of learning theory and reward based methods of teaching.

Each trainer at A Breed Apart Dog Training Annapolis has extensive experience in canine behavior, health, communication and training that ensure each student that their pup’s progress is being monitored by professionals who will look beyond just barking. The trainers come from all sorts of backgrounds, ranging from former animal rescuers to competitive obedience champions, making them capable of tackling any issue that may arise during a session. With five-star ratings on Yelp! they have become known as the go-to resource for many pet owners in the greater Annapolis area.

The professional team at A Breed Apart Dog Training Annapolis continues to grow as some of their instructors are certified by organizations such as Animal Behavior College and Veterinary Technician Network’s Certified Canine Rehabilitation Company or have even served as guides and educators in local parks with animal prey species such as deer, red wolf, river otter and more. Relying upon their academic background, consultants are handpicked for their knowledge base within core disciplines such as conditioning protocols for working dogs, separation issues or fear aggression rehabilitation behavior pattern analysis amongst other topics. As a result, A Breed Apart customers know they can expect reliable results from every class taught because every instructor possesses cutting edge learning skills and continues to evolve in accordance with advances made in modern dog training techniques.


A Breed Apart Dog Training Annapolis has helped numerous dog owners transform their four-legged friends into better behaved animals. Through the use of gentle, effective methods, they have enabled owners to build relationships built on trust and respect with their beloved pets. They specialize in obedience training, behavior modification, puppy classes, private lessons, and more. Specific results that have been achieved through A Breed Apart’s services include improved walking behavior on a leash and fewer bouts of excitement around new people or animals. With proper guidance from the trainers at A Breed Apart Dog Training Annapolis, anxious dogs can learn to relax when away from their home environment. Furthermore, they provide insight into specific issues such as separation anxiety and potty training that enable owners to tackle problems more effectively with their own pet. This way, dogs will be able to explore the world safely and confidently with newfound self-control. With an emphasis on reward-based methods fortraining and teaching manners to dogs of all shapes and sizes, A Breed Apart Dog Training Annapolis is certainly a breed apart!

Connecting With Owners and Resources

A Breed Apart Dog Training Annapolis specializes in connecting dog owners with valuable resources and ideas to help them become better-informed pup parents. They offer one-on-one consultations along with a variety of classes and workshops for owners, including puppy kindergarten, basic obedience and problem solving. They also provide house visits and private lessons, tailored to the individual family’s specific needs.

In addition to offering customized instruction, they are also dedicated to helping connect owners with trustworthy resources and educating them on how to look after their four legged friends. A Breed Apart prides itself on assisting pet parents in finding reliable advice, links to trusted websites, discussion groups and more. They also frequently host seminars where members of the dog-owning community can come together and learn more about canine nutrition, training techniques, behavior management and keeping their pets safe while out walking or in other public places. Moreover, by providing interactive essay questions which can be submitted via email or at their office location each month; they strive to promote an open discourse between experts in the canine field and those new to owning a pooch – as well as long-term dog enthusiasts alike.

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Q: Where is A Breed Apart Dog Training located?
A: A Breed Apart Dog Training is located in Annapolis, Maryland. We offer both in-person and online dog training classes for people from a range of pet backgrounds and experience levels.

Q: What type of training methods do you employ?
A: We use positive reinforcement to reward desired behaviors while avoiding any kind of punishment-based approach. Our methods focus on building trust between dog and owner, understanding the canine perspective, and correcting behavior without physical or psychological punishment.

Q: Does A Breed Apart offer customized packages?
A: Yes! We understand that each dog is different and requires their own specialized plan of action. Our experienced trainers will work with you to customize a training program tailored to your pup’s specific needs, goals and personality.

New Techniques and Solutions

A Breed Apart Dog Training Annapolis is making strides in the industry by utilizing innovative, modern training techniques. They are committed to finding solutions that will produce long-term results for their clients, no matter what breed or age of dog. Working with positive reinforcement techniques and adapting them to meet individual needs, A Breed Apart is helping dogs form lasting relationships with pet owners. Their success has come from understanding the key elements of effective communication with dogs and implementing those methods both in house and remote learning styles.

Innovative approaches to dog training such as taste aversion therapy and extrinsic reward systems help A Breed Apart create unique programs tailored to each client’s situation. With these new techniques, rewards can be offered quickly or on a delayed schedule which increases the likelihood of behavior modification occurring sooner rather than later. Furthermore, A Breed Apart employs activities created by experienced instructors that focus on behavior mastery instead of temporary obedience standards. This helps build a better relationship between owners and their dogs through mutual understanding so they may become more loyal family members.

By continuing to explore new ways of learning and progress monitoring, A Breed Apart Dog Training is able to create customized remedies for every four-legged family member who walks through their doors. Through this commitment to innovation, dog owners are empowered with a wide range of educational tools they can use while out on walks or in the home environment. Whether it’s providing targeted instruction via online classes or working one-on-one with your pup during an in-home session, A Breed Apart makes sure their clients have the resources necessary to make real behavioral changes that are lasting and enjoyable for all involved.


A Breed Apart Dog Training Annapolis is an excellent resource for pet owners in the area. Their experienced, friendly trainers will help teach dogs basic commands, as well as more advanced behavioral strategies such as distractions and focusing on positive reinforcement. In addition to customized one-on-one training, they also offer group classes and seminars that provide ample opportunity to build strong connections between pet owners and their animals. Through A Breed Apart Dog Training’s methods and techniques, dog owners can have a better understanding of their furry friends and gain the skills necessary to foster healthy relationships with them. No matter your dog’s needs or level of experience, A Breed Apart could be the perfect place for you and your pup! We highly recommend anyone in the Annapolis area looking for expert dog training to reach out to A Breed Apart Dog Training today and have a chat about what services could benefit your pup most.

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