Cold Nose Companions Dog Training


Cold Nose Companions Dog Training is a professional dog training program that specializes in behavior modification, obedience training, and puppy socialization. This program focuses on helping both owners and their dogs by teaching them how to effectively communicate with each other through positive reinforcement. The program utilizes reward-based training methods that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each dog and owner. Utilizing a combination of commands with treats, toys, clickers and praise, the team of experienced trainers helps create canine companions with good manners, better listening skills and improved behaviors at home. They also believe in creating an environment conducive to learning while ensuring safety for all involved.

Training Philosophy

Cold Nose Companions Dog Training believes that the relationship between a dog and their owner is best strengthened through positive reinforcement. This type of reinforcement teaches the dog that desired behaviors will be rewarded with praise and treats, which in turn encourages the dog to continue with those behaviors. The methods provided by Cold Nose Companions are non-aversive, which means there is no use of force or punishment when teaching a dog new skills. Instead, things like advanced cueing techniques, positive reinforcement and clear communication are taught to both dogs and owners so that each can understand what the other needs and expects from them. Additionally, Cold Nose Companions provides guidance for owners so they’re prepared for success with their dogs before attempting any training activity. All instructions are given in an upbeat and fun manner, creating an encouraging environment that is easy to learn in. Finally, all sessions are tailored towards each individual own’s goal whether it’s basic obedience training or something more specific.

Services Offered

Cold Nose Companions Dog Training offers a variety of different training services.
They offer obedience classes to get your pup used to being around other dogs, basic commands such as sit and stay, housebreaking methods that can be used at home and in public, confidence-building experiences for shy or anxious pups, agility courses for the more adventurous pup that loves challenges, and private canine behavior counseling. It’s important to train your dog because it provides them with mental stimulation, helps strengthen the bond you share, instills good behaviors within your pet and reduces problem behaviors like excessive barking or chewing. All of these services will not only provide you with peace of mind but also increase the safety of your home. You can rest knowing your furry family member has been trained by experienced professionals who care about their well-being.

Before and After

Cold Nose Companions Dog Training provides personalized in-home training programs that are designed to address the specific needs of each individual dog and owner. With compassionate, positive reinforcement methods and customized curriculum, we can show you how to effectively manage and train your pup from any age or stage. We believe in providing a balanced approach where both natural talents and learned behaviors are equally important for the success of each pup.

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Our before and after stories highlight some of the amazing transformations we’ve seen throughout our years of experience with male and female dogs of all ages, sizes, and energy levels. Through various testimonials, video clips, and before & after pictures, we showcase just how powerful training can be with one-on-one attention. We ensure that every tailored training plan is setup for success at home with consistent care by both you and your pup! By utilizing several proven techniques such as crate command practice sessions, basic obedience exercises that include sit/stay/come commands, leash walking lessons using harnesses or head collars if necessary; potty training automation along with addressing any anxiety or aggressive behaviors – these changes will be simple yet powerful. We guarantee you’ll recognize remarkable results from these tips immediately – all while having fun learning alongside your four-legged friend!


Cold Nose Companions Dog Training is a team of experienced trainers. They are comprised of dedicated individuals who have studied the science of animal behavior for numerous years, and have received certification from nationally recognized institutions in the dog-training arena. Each trainer has worked with many different breeds, ages, and temperaments of dogs, and each one specializes in specific areas such as obedience, agility, rally obedience, nose work, behavior modification, problem solving and more. Additionally, their staff has extensive knowledge on canine nutrition, health care and communication. They pride themselves on providing customized lessons based on the needs of each individual human-dog relationship. All trainers stay current in their field by attending professional seminars and courses to continually strengthen their expertise.


Cold Nose Companions Dog Training is a premier pet training school. They offer private as well as group dog training sessions at a variety of locations throughout the area. Private lessons for individuals, families or their dogs are held in customers’ homes, while group classes take place outdoors or in local parks and other open areas where dogs can run and play. All Cold Nose Companions staff members are certified professional trainers who specialize in positive reward-based methods to ensure dogs learn how to behave correctly. Even the youngest puppies can benefit from these techniques, and each class focuses on developing the relationships between owners and their furry companions. Cold Nose Companions is dedicated to providing excellent service for both pets and their parents so that everyone can get the most out of every session.

Price Comparison

When evaluating dog training services, it is important to compare options. Cold Nose Companions offers comprehensive packages for dog training, but other providers may offer alternatives that better suit your needs. When comparing Cold Nose Companions to other trainers, you should consider not only the price, but additional elements such as the trainer’s qualifications, experience and type of service offered.

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It is also a good idea to ask potential trainers how they handle different behaviour scenarios. Inquire as to whether they will come to your home or if they have an offsite facility; inquire on pricing and payment terms; investigate their continuing education and certifications; interview former clients; and read reviews online. It is important that you feel comfortable with the trainer you choose, as well as understand their methods for teaching and fostering good behaviour in dogs.

In addition to what the instructor can provide, take into account the additional costs such as boarding (if necessary), equipment rentals or purchases, licensing fees and other related expenses. By weighing all these variables seriously before making a decision, clients will be better suited to find the best possible training environment for their companion.


Cold Nose Companions Dog Training provides an array of services to meet the needs of dog owners. Their team is committed to helping individuals build a successful, lifelong relationship with their canine companion. They offer a variety of classes and private lessons for puppies, adolescent and adult dogs, as well as advanced training for specific activities such as scent work and tracking. In addition to their services, they also have resources available such as behavior advice from certified veterinary behaviorists, informations on nutrition and health, pet sitting services, boarding options and more. In conclusion, Cold Nose Companions Dog Training offers the best when it comes to providing the tools for you to provide your dog with the best possible care. With their professional team of certified trainers who are dedicated to creating successful canine-human relationships using positive reinforcement methods, access to valuable health information and resources, top-notch boarding services and so much more – Cold Nose Companions Dog Training is sure to meet any pet owners needs in building a healthy relationship with their canine companions.

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