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A few days ago, we met a family whom Augusto Deoliveira had helped train their beloved Golden Labrador. This family had tried every solution under the sun to get their mischievous pup to obey commands – but nothing seemed to work. Then they got in touch with Augusto and he gave them simple tips and the proper techniques that helped bring out the best in their dog. With Augusto’s help, they taught the dog how to perform basic obedience tasks like “sit,” “stay,” and “come” with positive reinforcement – and eventually growledan old behavioural issues that were cropped up as a result of lack of training. The results were almost immediate: The family was able to regain control of the pooch and noticed a marked improvement in their pet’s behaviour within weeks. All thanks to Augusto’s expertise!

A Look at Augustos Methods

Q: How did you become a dog trainer?
A: I have always had a passion for animals and dogs in particular. After graduating high school I decided to pursue a career as a dog trainer and completed an extensive program at Dog World Academy, where I obtained my certification.

Q: What type of training do you specialize in?
A: My specialty is in behavior modification training. Specifically, I enjoy helping create harmony between owners and their beloved pups. This type of training focuses on viewing behavior through the lens of learning theory and problem solving, with the ultimate goal of teaching owners how to effectively communicate with their pets throughout their lifetime together.

Q: Can you walk us through your approach?
A: Absolutely! First and foremost I strive to get to know each pup we work with on an individual level — understanding their history, environment, and personality. Then we begin by providing lots of positive reinforcement paired with clear communication and boundaries that are both consistent and fair for the pup’s overall wellbeing. We look for ways to redirect any unwanted behaviors into more positive ones so that any miscommunication can be resolved responsibly instead of relying on punishments or negative reinforcement techniques.

Finally, I encourage owners to ask questions, practice patience, and continue working on specific behaviors until they are comfortable using effective commands across different situations while providing lots of love along the way!

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Benefits of Augustos Approach

Augusto Deoliveira is an experienced and passionate dog trainer who puts the health and well-being of his canine clients first. He uses a unique approach that focuses on understanding dogs’ individual temperament, needs, and behavioral patterns and then tailoring training techniques accordingly.

The results are clear: using this tailored approach to training increases obedience, curbs negative behavior, strengthens relationships between dog and owner, and generally creates happier pets. Augusto has successfully transformed hundreds of dogs into obedient, well-behaved companions with his methods. To show the difference that Augusto’s methods can make in a dog’s life, multiple before-and-after images are available showcasing how some of his clients have gone from unreliable misbehaving mutts to loyal family members. From disobedient stray puppies to aggressive rescue dogs – Augusto has helped each pet reach its full potential through inspirational yet gentle discipline. The photos speak for themselves – it’s easy to see how Augusto’s loving care has made a world of difference for these animals!

Augustos Accomplishments

Augusto Deoliveira is an accomplished dog trainer. Having worked with dogs of all breeds and temperaments, he has an expansive knowledge of canine behavior and training methods. Augusto works one-on-one with owners and their pets, teaching them how to create the perfect bond between each other through positive reinforcement training methods. He has also produced a variety of instructional videos for those who are interested in learning about dog training from home.

One of Augusto’s signature accomplishments is his work with aggressive dogs; he understands that no one should have to live in fear of their pet, so his goal is to give owners the tools needed to correct unwanted behaviors quickly and humanely. He believes that by utilizing positive reinforcement techniques, it is possible for any dog, regardless of breed or temperament, to learn how to be a well-behaved companion who is a pleasure for its family to have around.

To highlight Augustos’ enthusiasm for helping dogs and showcase his unique training style, video clips and images of him in action will be beneficial in garnering authentic attention and positivity towards his services. From brief clips discussing proper techniques such as leash walking or properly introducing two puppies who are new friends; to more in depth videos covering topics like raising puppies or understanding what motivates each individual animal; Augusto’s video library will both educate viewers while celebrating the joys of having a happy pup as part of the family.

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Elaine and Daisy

Pet owners Elaine and Daisy had been dealing with uncontrollable barking issues for months before they hired Augusto Deoliveira. After just one session with him, Elaine and Daisy were already seeing improvements — Daisy was no longer barking in inappropriate times, or excessively at strangers or other animals. Augusto worked with them to create a positive environment focused on rewards rather than punishments. He taught them positive reinforcement methods, targeted behavior modification and training strategies that quickly put an end to their issues. They now have a calm, obedient companion in Daisy, not to mention the peace of mind that comes from knowing that she can stay home even when neighbors come over since her behavior has drastically improved.

Contact Information

Augusto Deoliveira is an experienced and passionate dog trainer, committed to helping pet owners care for their four-legged friends. He offers an array of training classes in his local area and has developed a method based on positive reinforcement to ensure that all dogs have the best chance at success.

Contact Information: Pet owners can learn more about Augusto Deoliveira’s services by visiting his website,, or by following him on social media @auguostodogtrainer. On these platforms, they will be able to access real-time updates and resources related to dog training. Additionally, they can contact him via email at [email protected] or by phone at (555) 555-5555 for further inquiries.

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