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Boneafide Dog Training is the premier provider of professional dog training and behavior programs tailored to each individual pup. We know that no two dogs are the same and each dog requires custom attention to create a bond that lasts. With years of experience in every form of dog training, our team is prepared to work closely with both owners and their canine companions in order to understand their personalities, needs, and goals for successful development.

At Boneafide Dog Training, we take pride in knowing our approach is one-of-a-kind. Whether you have an active pup who needs help mastering essential commands or you’d like to learn how to make long walks more enjoyable for both of you, we have the skills and knowledge needed to ensure success. Our agility courses are designed for every level – from beginner exercises designed for just about any breed of dog, all the way up to intensive courses fitting for a grand show champion – ensuring your furry friend gets exactly what they need each time out on the course.

We also offer private consultations and group classes providing personalized behavioral assessments so each pup can receive unique guidance tailored specifically to them. We understand not every pup has the same learning style, which is why our trainers strive to find creative methods and rewards systems customized around an individual’s personality in order get results that last. Moreover, all owners will receive follow-up support after classes end should questions arise as your pup continues progressing towards desired behaviors throughout their training journey!

Benefits of Boneafide Dog Training for Your Dog

Boneafide Dog Training provides many benefits for you and your pup. Utilizing advanced methods, such as positive reinforcement, that not only ensures a rapid response from your pet but also helps build strong foundations in the relationship between you and your pet.

First and foremost, Boneafide Dog Training teaches your pup to be housebroken and properly respond to basic commands like “sit”, “stay” and “come.” Beyond these basics though, Boneafide Dog Training also focuses on creating an obedient dog that won’t run away or bark too much. Your pup will learn how to look you in the eye and read signals – so they know when to stay still or get up when asked.

Furthermore, Boneafide Dog Training also emphasizes how important socialization is with both other animals and humans. Through proper training they’ll learn how to interact with other pets in public places by following the rules set by their owner. This helps your pup solve any potentials issues before they arise while increasing confidence levels.

In addition to teaching specific behaviors, Boneafide Dog Training helps instill frustration tolerance in dogs who become easily distracted or frustrated when learning something new. This can make for a calmer pup overall by teaching them patience as well as managing disruption tactics if distractions come into play during an activity or outing.

Overall, Boneafide Dog Training is an effective way of helping form a stronger bond between you and your dog through responsible behavior training that isn’t just beneficial for now but sets roots long-term for a happy relationship.

Comprehensive Training Methods Used at Boneafide

At Boneafide Dog Training, we are committed to helping all dogs reach their full potential. We offer a variety of training methods tailored to each dog’s individual needs. Our highly experienced and certified trainers use science-based positive reinforcement methods to help dogs learn basic obedience commands like sit, stay, heel, recall and down. They also utilize problem solving techniques and behavior modification programs for challenging behaviors such as aggression and separation anxiety. Additionally, our trainers work with owners in a range of activities including agility, tracking, tricks training and more! They understand that every dog learns differently so they develop personalized schedules for each canine and family. We take pride in providing quality services that create strong relationships between dog owners and their companions.

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The Environment at Boneafide

Boneafide Dog Training is committed to ensuring the safety, cleanliness, and health of our furry companions. We understand that having a safe and healthy environment for your pet is just as important as providing them with quality training. That’s why we implement safety protocols at all times to help keep them 100% secure. Our trainers are highly trained in liability management, ensuring all quality standards are met before any lessons start. Additionally, our facility is routinely inspected by professional organizations to ensure it meets the highest safety standards possible.

We also take pride in the cleanliness of our facility, diligently sanitizing all areas on a regular basis. Our experienced staff uses only premium cleaning ingredients that will protect your dog and keep them safe from bacteria and other harmful substances. All dog beds and equipment are washed after every visit with hypoallergenic detergent and hot water, so you can rest assured your pup will always be in a fresh and comfortable space during their training session.

Finally, when it comes to health care, we are committed to providing our services without compromising the well-being of your pup. Our team follows all dental care guidelines recommended by experts in the field; this includes regular brushing teeth, checking on teeth decay levels (if any), as well as providing dental care of adequate length depending on the medical situation recognized with each fur companion visited in our facilities. Furthermore, we require all dogs attending classes with us to have up-to-date inoculations provided by a licensed vet technician or veterinarian in order to protect both students’ health and wellbeing as much as possible during class sessions.

Professional Services Offered

Boneafide Dog Training offers a wide variety of services to help owners care for their dog. They offer both Boarding and Day Care services. Their Boarding services provide a safe, comfortable environment for your dog while you are away. While in the care of Boneafide, your pup will receive daily individualized attention from skilled and caring staff members who will monitor his/her behavior, health and safety. They also offer daily housekeeping, grooming services and access to an outdoor play area.

Their Day Care services provide an opportunity for your pup to make friends with other dogs while engaging in supervised activities such as walking, playing group games and going on hikes. Your dog will receive one on one time with experienced dog handlers who strive to create an enjoyable atmosphere for all pet participants. At the end of the day, you can rest assured that your pup has received lots of love, exercise and mental stimulation during their visit with Boneafide Dog Training.

Special Events and Promotions Hosted by Boneafide

Boneafide Dog Training hosts special events and promotions to help encourage positive reinforcement methods with dog training. For example, they offer a free online course on teaching basic commands with clicker training. They also host an annual trick competition providing prizes for the winners and fun activities for the participating dogs and their owners. Other special events involve seminars designed to provide new ideas in handling common dog behavior problems or introducing effective solutions to teach more complicated behaviors ideas such as scent work and agility. Boneafide also sets aside time for owners to socialize with their dogs by hosting play dates at designated parks. These meet-ups give attendees the opportunity of seeing different dog breeds in action, meeting experienced trainers, and sharing positive training experiences

A Closer Look at Testimonials and Reviews

Boneafide Dog Training is a popular dog-training company known for its professional and comprehensive services. It has become especially famous for taking difficult cases and transforming them into loving pets. What makes this company so successful is the fact that they care deeply about the safety, comfort, and well-being of their client’s dogs as if they were their own.

The reviews and testimonials from Boneafide Dog Training’s past and current customers show how much they appreciate the personalized approach that this company takes in training their pets. Many people have commented on how knowledgeable the trainers are and how patient and kind they are with all of their canine clients. Some customers say that when they started the training program, they had doubts it would work – but soon those doubts were gone. They experienced an amazing transformation with their beloved pet and now have a much better understanding of obedience rules, behaviors cues, and proper socialization techniques to improve life with their furry friend at home.

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The success stories that come from Boneafide Dog Training might make some people wonder what else can be accomplished by joining one of their programs. The answer lies within other reviews found online such as solving behavioral issues related to aggression, dominance control, leash pulling, housebreaking problems, etc. Customers also rave about learning vital tips like teaching manners when greeting guests or family coming over to visit the home frequently – any (instructions) which further help build communication between owners and dogs while deepening appreciation even more!

Other Services Provided by Boneafide

In addition to its specialized dog training, Boneafide also provides a range of other services designed to improve the life-long wellness of your pup. These services include individualized behavior solutions to help your pup overcome any problematic habits such as excessive barking, destructive chewing, jumping on people, and much more. Their certified professionals utilize gentle methods tailored to each pup’s personality and provide modified obedience training in order to foster a happier and healthier relationship between pet and owner.

Boneafide also offers puppy socialization classes for puppies aged 8 weeks or older. This activity is an important part of helping pups become well-rounded adult dogs. In these classes, puppies have the opportunity to learn basic commands from experienced trainers while engaging with other pups in a fun and stress-free manner. Boneafide even provides doggo daycare for when owners are at work or away for the day, enabling them to take comfort knowing that their beloved companion is being well cared for and having plenty of playtime activities. Furthermore, they offer all shapes of grooming sessions from full trims, luxury spa treatments – including blow drying – as well as anal gland expression.


Making the decision to train your dog can be a difficult one. With so many options available and the commitment of both time and money involved, it’s important to make sure you find the right dog training program to fit your unique needs. Boneafide Dog Training offers some of the most comprehensive and effective training programs on the market today. Their customized approach provides each individual with the help and resources needed to ensure success when working with their furry companion. Not only do they take into account behavioral problems that may need remediation but also consider age, energy level, temperament, health, size and any other issues in order to provide a tailored experience that best fits your circumstances. Furthermore, they serve clients of all experience levels so regardless if you are a first-time trainer or have had pets for years, you will have access to experienced trainers who can guide you every step of the way. With clear communication from both their team and yours, this is one investment that is sure to create lasting bonds for years to come. Taking into account these factors as well as their programs’ exceptional track record makes choosing Boneafide Dog Training an easy decision when selecting a program that will bring out the best in your pup!

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