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Augusto Dog Trainer is an experienced and well-known dog trainer whose revolutionary techniques are changing the landscape of dog obedience training. He has developed an approach that combines traditional methods with positive reinforcement, a method which doesn’t rely on punishment but instead focuses on rewards and positive reinforcement as a way to shape desired behaviour. This approach not only helps owners get results faster and more effectively, but also helps create stronger relationships between owners and their four-legged friends. To date, Augusto has been able to successfully train hundreds of dogs and their humans without relying on harsh correction tools or punitive measures.

By introducing his holistic system of training, Augusto is providing the opportunity for pet owners to learn the skills they need to build well-rounded lifelong relationships with their pets. His training system includes instruction in focus basics such as heel work, problems solving, recall drills, scent detection exercises and much more. In addition to teaching the basics behind pet obedience lessons, he goes further by coaching owners on how to understand canine body language and communication styles so that humans can better connect with their furry family members. By combining these tactics with individualized attention for each pet’s specific needs, Augusto is able to facilitate both growth in his clients’ social/entertainment lives as well as unwavering success in dog training endeavors.

Professional Background and Experience

Augusto Dog Trainer has been grooming and training dogs for nearly three decades. Having grown up surrounded by animals, Augusto was only a small child when his dog training career began. Beyond the natural love he had for animals, Augusto—who grew up in a rural area of Italy—developed an unyielding passion for mastering canine behavior, nutrition and healthcare. After attending university in Italy as well as completing several specialized grooming classes, including obtaining an animal behavior certification from Italy’s association of pet trainers, Augusto began his own business in 1989 offering both pet grooming and dog training services.

Over the years, Augusto developed a well-respected reputation amongst the pet owner community in Italy. He even established his own school where he taught others to become certified pet trainers and groomers. His vast experience working on dogs of all shapes and sizes has made him one of the most sought after trainers in Europe. In addition to teaching traditional obedience classes, Augusto also specializes in puppy socialization courses designed to help new parents bond with their pups while teaching them basic commands. Finally, after leaving italy over a decade ago, Augusto eventually settled down in Florida where he continues to train pets today through private consultation sessions held either in-home or at parks nearby.

Core Services

Augusto Dog Trainer provides a wide range of services to help meet any and all of your pup’s needs. From basic obedience to advanced training and behavior modification, their team is equipped to take on your pup’s biggest challenges.

At the heart of their services are the different packages that Augusto Dog Trainer offers. Their basic package, for instance, will get you five hours of private lessons and skill building exercises as well as access to their library of tutorial videos and podcasts. More advanced packages offer personalized coaching sessions, agility training, behavioral modification consultations, and in-home visits—tailored specifically to meet your pup’s needs. No matter what services or package may be best for you and your pup, Augusto Dog Training can provide top-notch guidance tailored perfectly for your situation. They also provide assessments where clients can work together with their trainers on identifying problem behaviors early to promote quick solutions. Clients have the option to extend the length of each package dependent upon their pup’s unique growth potential. Furthermore they provide specialty packages such as nosework classes, competition training sessions and more! With Augusto Dog Training, you’re sure to find something that works best for you and your pup’s individual needs.

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Dog Training Tips and Strategies

Augusto Dog Trainer has been helping people train their dogs for over 20 years. With a deep understanding of the unique needs and behaviours of different breeds and individuals, he mounts customized strategies to meet each dog’s specific learning style. His training methods are based on positive reinforcement, consistency and lots of patience. He teaches owners to use reward-based reinforcement training – where each behavior that is desired from a pet is rewarded with treats or kind words – in order to achieve consistent results. He also provides guidance on how to avoid overly dominating routines, which can only create feelings of stress and insecurity in the animal.

Aside from his vast experience working with canine clients, Augusto Dog Trainer prefers to emphaize good communication between people and dogs as the most important tool in any successful training program. He provides comprehensive tips on how to understand the language of dogs, so that both master and pet may co-exist more harmoniously. To ensure long-term results, he stresses the need for consistent practice—especially when introducing new commands—and shares creative exercises designed to further reinforce learned behaviour. Furthermore, Augusto is always available online or via Skype/FaceTime for extra advice and assistance during remote sessions.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

At Augusto Dog Trainer, we understand the importance of making sure our pup parents receive the best possible service so they can be as successful with their furry friends. We specialize in individualized behavioral training to ensure each pet receives the attention they deserve while developing a deep bond and trust between pet parents and their four-legged fur babies. Our team has extensive experience providing basic obedience training, socialization, managing aggression, addressing separation anxiety, potty training lessons, crate training instructions and more.

We’re confident that when working with Augusto Dog Trainer your pup will live a fuller life full of joy and harmony. Every pup parent who has passed through our program stands as testimony to this commitment to success. In fact, many have written us with heartwarming messages about their experiences as a result of partnering with us learning from us!

From local shelter rescues being patient trained in proper behavior to older dogs who are now able to interact calmly around visitors in their home–Augusto Dog Trainer continues to get praise for creating positive experiences for each pup parent’s journey! We’re extremely grateful for each parent’s kind words and we want you to hear these inspiring stories too. Click below to read some of the letters we’ve received from former and current pup parents about their experiences working with Augusto Dog Trainer!!

FAQs and Helpful Answers

Augusto Dog Trainer offers comprehensive services for owners looking for professional help. With experienced trainers who specialize in a variety of areas, we make sure your furry friend is not only given the best possible care and attention but also gets the results you want in a safe and fun environment. Our team will customize our curriculum based on your goals and requirements. Our services include:

• Obedience Training: Our obedience training programs range from basic commands such as “Sit”, “Stay”, and “Come” to more advanced behaviors such as puppy manners, household obedience, tricks and agility training. We offer private lessons as well as group classes to suit every level of experience.

• Behavior Modification: If your pup is showing signs of anxiety, fear aggression or other behavioral issues, our trainers will work with them one-on-one to modify their behavior. We look at the underlying causes of their behavior and provide solutions that are safe and humane. This can include desensitization techniques as well as positive reinforcement training.

• Socialization Classes: Our socialization classes focus on helping your pup become comfortable around people and other dogs. We use positive reinforcement techniques to build confidence so your pup can enjoy outings with family or friends instead of feeling anxious or fearful in public settings.

• Agility Classes: If you have competitive aspirations or just want to get fit with your pup, consider trying one of our agility classes! We teach racing games such as socks off sprinting, relays jumps and weave poles so that you can have fun while improving coordination between you and your pooch!

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The Benefits and Impact of Professional Dog Training

Working with Augusto Dog Trainer can provide a positive, lifelong impact on the behavior of your dog. Augusto has been training dogs professionally for over 25 years and he is very passionate about his work. His experience and expertise make him one of the best in the business.

When you entrust Augusto with your dog’s training, you will benefit from a comprehensive approach that focuses on positive reinforcement. This means that all training methods are tailored to each individual pet with rewards rather than punishments being used as incentives for the desired behaviors. Furthermore, the whole family is encouraged to become involved in providing consistent rewards for desired outcomes. Augusto is also a natural problem-solver and able to develop unique strategies for each unique dog in order to achieve the desired results efficiently.

In addition, Augusto regularly dispenses necessary but often overlooked advice such as providing time-outs for canine behavior problems and understanding normal canine development milestones so appropriate behavior expectations can be taught from an early age. This can help prevent some behaviors from becoming entrenched down the line!

In conclusion, working with Augusto Dog Trainer not only leads to immediate changes in undesired behaviors but also provides a lifetime of positive reinforcement so that sound behavioral habits are instilled at an earlier stage. Ultimately this means happier human guardians and well-mannered dogs too!

Next Steps and Contact Information

If you’re ready to get started with Augusto Dog Trainer, the first step is to reach out and set up an initial meeting. During this appointment, Augusto will discuss your individual needs and goals; evaluate your dog’s current obedience level; listen to any concerns or worries you may have; and help provide a detailed training strategy moving forward. At the end of the session, you’ll have all the information necessary to determine if Augusto’s methods are right for you and your pooch!

To contact Augusto, please call or email his office. His contact details are listed on his website, which can be found through a quick online search. Alternatively, you can write a message via social media – though replies may take slightly longer this way.

In either case, include some basic details about your pet (gender/age/breed), any prior experiences with obedience training from other trainers or schools, as well as a brief description of why you’re reaching out now (i.e., what particular issues are you struggling with). Don’t worry if it takes a few messages back-and-forth before scheduling an appointment – communication is key for successful dog training results!

Closing Summary

Augusto Dog Trainer provides a unique approach to dog training that challenges the way we traditionally think about teaching canine obedience. By focusing on a positive reinforcement system, Augusto encourages you to inspire and motivate your dog in a way that will result in happier and healthier behavior. Through step-by-step guidance classes and private one-on-one sessions, Augusto helps pet owners take their understanding of canine behavior to the next level. With an emphasis on having fun while learning, Augusto allows us to see the bond between humans and animals prosper as we work together toward common goals. As you embark on this journey with your furry friend, be sure to step into it with ease and enthusiasm! Have patience for yourself as you progress, give lots love to your pup throughout each session, and enjoy growing closer with them as you do.

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