Where Can I Buy a Prison Trained Dog


Prison trained dogs are specially trained assistance and therapy dogs who have been specifically trained by prison inmates. These dogs are typically Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Chihuahua’s but can also be other breeds of dog. Prison-trained dogs are highly desirable because they’ve received hands-on training from inmates that not only cover obedience and house breaking, but also personality traits like how to interact with people and other animals. Not only is this unique training more affordable than paying for expensive private obedience classes outside of a correctional facility, these inmates are able to provide a great deal of individual attention to the dog during its training period. This ensures that the excellent quality of the prison-trained dog’s personality remains in tacked during its transition from one home to another. The exclusive benefit of buying a disability or therapy animal that has been schooled at a prison is invaluable making them worth every penny.

Selecting the Right Dog for Your Home and Needs

When looking for a prison-trained dog, it’s important to consider what type of dog would best suit your home and individual needs. Start by researching the types of dogs available in your area and making sure you understand the possible consequences of training a formerly incarcerated animal. Additionally, it is essential to check that any potential prison-trained dog has been properly socialized and is up to date on vaccinations.

You may also want to speak with an animal welfare specialist at one of your local rescue shelters or animal organizations prior to selecting a prison-trained dog. They can offer advice on which breed might work best for you, provide tips on how to help the animal adjust to their new life, and suggest resources for further support. Additionally, many organizations have special programs specifically designed to assist those adopting foster animals or former inmates that are now living normal lives in loving homes.

It is also worth considering some basic facts about rescuing a prison trained dog from a shelter or rescue center, as these centers can offer supports such as behavioral classes and subsidized vet visits for those willing to go through their programs. It is helpful to remember that no matter where you get the pet from, there are often companionship, obedience and other types of classes available – either online or through a professional organization – that can help both you and the animal learn how to bond safely and without fear or aggression.

Investigating Different Types of Prison Trained Dogs and Their Traits

Where you can purchase a prison trained dog largely depends on the particular program providing them. Most prisons have programs wherein inmates train dogs and once they complete the training, they may become available for sale. The dog will normally come with all necessary paperwork to insure its good health and proper vaccinations.

These dogs are incredibly unique, often possessing strong levels of loyalty and obedience due to their rigorous training while in the prison. Generally, the trainers select breeds that have well-rounded temperaments and excellent trainability such as Labradors, retrievers, poodles, terriers, shepherds and spaniels. Although these dogs may come with a high cost tag initially, many repeat that expense several times over in saved vet or behaviorist bills throughout the life of the dog.

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Prison trained pups usually arrive housebroken and already familiar with basic commands such as sit and stay. Depending on the individual prison program from which the pet was trained, he or she may also be skilled in activities like agility or herding competitions or those done at basic therapy jobs such as visiting nursing home residents or hospital patients. All of these skills make for a well-rounded pup who has likely learned responsibility and trust in prisoners far more quickly than if starting out on his own as an un-socialized puppy.

Assessing Reputable and High-Quality Suppliers

When searching for a prison-trained dog, it is important to understand that not all sellers are reputable and reliable. It is important to do your research and explore different suppliers before making any commitments or purchases. Ask questions – such as if the supplier provides pre-owned training services or lifetime guarantees on their training – in order to get an understanding of their reputation. It is also essential to meet the seller in person to assess the conditions and quality of these dogs for yourself. Examine the breeder’s operations carefully – such as the health and cleanliness of the animals, how many are being kept, and what kind of environment they are living in. These factors will provide more insight into their level of experience, knowledge and commitment to excellent animal care. Before investing in a prison-trained dog, be sure to request paperwork that verifies the health and behavior record of each dog. Lastly, ensure that you have the proper resources (including money) necessary for maintaining your new pet over time; owning a prison-trained animal can require additional support due to their unique background and history.

Examining Suppliers Offering Unique Breeds for Sale

There are several suppliers that offer unique breeds of prison-trained dogs, such as border collies, German shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Labradors. These suppliers have the advantage of having access to a large number of criminal inmates who have trained their specially selected dog breeds for protection and search and rescue capabilities. In addition to being able to select from different breeds, buyers can expect high quality work in terms of training and overall temperament. Many suppliers will even guarantee the behavior traits of the dogs upon release from prison in order to ensure that they are safe and suitable for any home or public location. Suppliers will often also provide answers to any questions that buyers may have about the prison dogs being offered. Ultimately these unique puppies can provide not just a loyal companion but also much needed security when it matters most.

Making an Informed Purchase Decision

If you’re looking to buy a prison-trained dog, there are several factors you should consider before making a purchase decision. Firstly, it is important to research the type of training program the dog obtained and understand their methodology for ensuring the quality of their dogs and that they follow the correct safety and welfare protocols. Additionally, it is important to ask questions and find out how extensively the dogs were trained and what commands they have been taught. You may also want to ask if any specific health concerns have been addressed, as some prison-trained dogs have had physical or medical issues prior to or during their time in prison. Finally, inquire about the breed of dog as well as its age—this will help ensure you are investing in a healthy animal with an appropriate temperament. Taking all these things into account before deciding on a particular animal can help ensure that you make a responsible purchase decision when buying a prison-trained dog.

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Other Considerations When Buying a Prison Trained Dog

When shopping for a prison trained dog, it is important to consider the age and health of the dog, and what kind of training the dog has received. You want to ensure that the dog is well socialized and has not suffered any health or behavioral problems due to its time in captivity. Additionally, you may want to observe how the dog interacts with people or other animals before making a purchase to ensure that it will fit your lifestyle. Also, you should make sure to ask questions about how much obedience training the dog has received while in prison, as this can affect how easily they can transition into a new home environment. Finally, inquire if there are any legal issues with buying a prison trained animal and find out if the facility guarantees any kind of support during and after adoption.

After Care and Training Tips

Prison trained dogs typically come from a variety of sources and are usually acquired pre-trained. One noteworthy source for buying prison trained dogs is the rehabilitation programs found in prisons across the country. For example, many prisons feature a partnership between rehabilitative programs and animal rescue organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society or PAWS (Prisoners Assisting With Service Dogs).

The training that these prisoners receive will often focus on basic obedience commands, crate training, learning to walk on a leash correctly, house manners, and socialization with people and other animals. After purchasing the dog, it’s important to continue to reinforce the skills they have learned through games and practice. Additionally, regular trips to the vet should be made so that any additional medical issues can be addressed. It’s also ideal to take time to establish boundaries while simultaneously providing plenty of positive reinforcement when good behavior is exhibited. Finally, making sure that the dog has healthy outlets for stress and mental stimulation will go a long way towards helping them thrive in their new home environment.


When looking to buy a prison trained dog, it’s important to remember that while they can be a great asset, they require extra care and attention. Be sure to do your research before making a purchase or adoption decision. Find out what training the dog has had, how much experience the handler has, and if the dogs have been tested for temperament and health issues. Also consider the size of the dog you are hoping to buy and if it fits your lifestyle. Knowing all of this information before committing will help ensure that you get not only a well-trained dog but one that is compatible with your home and schedule as well. Finally, make sure to ask questions of any trainers or shelters selling these dogs. Ask about what kind of support they offer after you take your new pet home, as well as whether there is a health guarantee associated with the sale. With proper education and research, finding the right prison-trained dog can be an excellent choice for many people looking for companionship at no cost or low cost.

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