Spend Your Holiday on an Exotic African Safari

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If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend your holiday, an exotic African safari might be the answer. There’s plenty to see and do for all ages, and it’s now easier than ever to book a trip.

Believe it or not, there’s more to an African safari tour than what you see in pictures or on the television. For instance, on a Kenya safari you’ll enjoy breathtaking scenery highlighted with mountainous backdrops, glistening lakes, savanna grasslands, mist highlands, beautiful rivers, and abundant wildlife.


If you take a Kenya holiday during July or August, you might even get to witness an amazing phenomenon – the annual wildebeest caravan. This is a time when millions of wildebeests make their way north to search for lush grass.

Amazing Animals and More

Also on a Kenya tour, activities will often include trips to medicinal springs and the inside of a crater where the black-manned lion, rhino and buffalo roam. You might travel to a nearby lake to see a variety of game and scenery. Many Kenyan safari tours also include nighttime entertainment with music and dance. It’s not all wilderness and forests!

Combine Your Kenya Holiday and Tanzania Safari in One

You can now book a “two-in-one” Tanzania and Kenya holiday to make your African safari vacation even more interesting. These two places are filled with wonder and have much to offer visitors. There are lodge safaris, game viewing safaris, and even mountain-climbing safaris – whatever you prefer!

How to Book Your Africa Safari

You can contact a travel agency to book an African safari or you can find a tour company on the Web that specializes in African travel and tours to get the assistance you need. There are many services that you’ll need to consider before securing your Africa vacation such as a rental car (or car hire), reserving hotels, obtaining a Visa, getting the necessary vaccines for disease prevention, and booking a flight.

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Find a dependable company on the Web that is actually based in Africa for the best possible service. It’s great if you can travel to Kenya where the company is located and acquire assistance from them when you need it. Try to find an all-in-one African safari tour package to be sure all your needs will be covered. They can help you get a car rental, hotel room and everything you need. The last thing you want is to arrive in Kenya and realize you missed some important steps!

Quick African Safari Travel Tips

As with traveling to any foreign land, there are a few things you should take along for safety, pleasure, and comfort. A safari can be fun if you take time to prepare.

1. Take a good, dependable digital camera with plenty of photo memory. There will be many, many “photo moments.”

2. Keep plenty of mosquito repellent with you at all times. Also, wear long sleeves and long pants to keep mosquitoes from biting and to protect from severe sunburn.

3. Pack several bottles of sunscreen for exposed areas of your skin.

4. Take your own pair of binoculars even if the Africa tour company provides them. You might be required to share theirs with others on the tour, but you can use your own whenever you want.

5. Take along some medicines to prevent headaches or fever, pain, and diarrhea.

6. Secure health insurance coverage, just in case of an emergency. The tour company may provide options for you.

Ask your travel booking agents about other items you might need. They may provide a list for you.

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You can enjoy days of excitement on your African safari tour once you’ve taken these important steps. With online resources, you can now learn all about it before you go!


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