Preparing an African Safari, Safety tips and Guide.

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If you feel you are ready for an African safari, think again. Even if you are travelling to a country you are familiar with, it is still very important to be aware of the physical conditions and safety. This is very important if you are considering a visit to most of the African countries. Here are tips on what to do before leaving home and while you are abroad.


Before leaving home
Make sure you have enough Information about the country you are visiting, including that on traditions and security concerns. This can be got from the travel guides and Directory. Ensure that you are updated on the current issues and changes in the politics.
Remember to make a computer scan of your passport, write your passport number down and potentially learn it in case you lose it. Its important that you note down the diplomatic mission offices to the country you are going to. This ensures easier processing of your documents in case you lose or misplace them.

Photocopy any official documents you might have with you, scan them and email them to your self so that you can access them wherever you are. The internet cafes are almost in every Major and small centre districts of Africa so you would have no trouble over this.

It is very important to have a medical check up to prepare for a healthy holiday. Remember you are looking forward to having the best time, so you would not like a simple illness to distort every thing you planned. if you have a chronic illness( like diabetes, high blood pressure, sinus problems or even nervous disorder), check with your doctor, who can at the same time give you a letter explaining the same problem in English and the details .

Its important to read the health tips for the traveler. Diseases like Malaria have to be avoided. Some of the things you will eat won’t go down well. Be armed!

Make sure you have seen your dentist recently. And it is also advisable to pack a medical kit with pain killers , repellants , bandages , and an antiseptic cleaners, for your self and children travelling with you If you are on regular medication , take care to pack enough to last the travel time .

Spend Your Holiday on an Exotic African Safari

Ensure that you’re insurance coverage is valid in case you become sick or injured abroad. Some insurance campanies specialize in overseas travel insurance and may allow you to buy short-term coverage.

It is recommended that you attend practical training courses to equip your self with the skills and state of mind for a safe and productive mind for a safe and productive trip.

Check out the political situation in the country you are to visit and get psychologically prepared. Official web sites on the Internet will provide you with the ideal information. Inform your self on the quality of public transport at your destination.

Set a limit on your credit card, so if it is stolen, thieves will be unable to takeout a large amount of money on it.

Clothing is very important. Please get to know the climate and weather conditions before you take on a safari. If you have hired a safari operator, contact the company for recommendation on clothing during the specified period of your travel. Remember that decency is preferred by all the African countries.

At the destination

After you get to your destination, there are more important points worth considering to avoid illness so as to enjoy your holiday .

To relive symptoms of jetlag, eat lightly, drink a lot of fluids but avoid alcohol and caffeine a few days after your trip.

Try to relax and sleep on your flight so you can be energetic nonce you reach your destination .Try to sleep when locals do in order to get used to the local time.

Watch out for road signs: the most common reasons for death abroad is car accidents. Visitors are not always aware of the driving culture at the place they visit.

Use two wallets. Hide one of them with essential belongings in your jacket pockets. Fill the other with a small amount of money. In case of an assault you can hand this one over.

African Safari Vacation Tips

Do not count your money in public, as you might become a target for thieves

Know what notes you have in your pocket and wallet. Keep larger denominations away from prying eyes.

It is better to book an earlier flight than a later one. It is easier and safer to find your hotel and the people you may need to meet during the day than the night.

Try not to stand out in the crowd and if you have an expensive laptop, cover it so it is not apparent.Do not use or take an expensive mobile phone; an older one, reliable model will do.

Learn to identify what the uniforms of the local police look like.

Do not take any taxi you find – check to see if it belongs to an official company . Ask the hotel reception about rates you can expect to pay when you use a taxi.

Always set a price before getting in the taxi or ask for a meter to be used . Pick up the hotel’s business card. You can always present this to a taxi driver if you cannot find way back especially in the local language.

This presents a just a few tips on Travelling to Africa. If you are planning a Safari, some countries not to miss out include Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Botswana and Rwanda.


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