Large Dog Friendly Trains

Traveling with large dogs can be a challenge, especially when it comes to using public transportation. However, large dog friendly trains are making this process much easier for dog owners. These train services cater specifically to pet owners with big dogs and provide a comfortable and safe way to travel with your furry companion.

Large dog friendly trains are a great option for pet owners who want to bring their beloved large dogs on trips without the stress of flying or driving long distances. In this article, we will explore the importance of these specialized train services, the benefits of traveling with large dogs on trains, popular routes around the world, and how to prepare your dog for train travel.

Whether you’re planning a scenic journey through Europe or a cross-country adventure in the United States, large dog friendly trains offer many advantages for both pets and their owners. From spacious accommodations to pet-friendly amenities, these trains make it possible for travelers to share unforgettable experiences with their four-legged companions.

Benefits of Traveling With Large Dogs on Trains

Traveling with large dogs on trains can be a rewarding experience for both pet owners and their furry companions. There are several benefits to choosing train travel for your large dog, including:

Comfort and Space

Unlike other forms of transportation, such as airplanes or buses, trains often have more spacious accommodations for large dogs. Many trains offer designated areas or compartments specifically for pets, allowing them to move around comfortably during the journey. This can alleviate the stress and anxiety that some dogs may experience in confined spaces.

Scenic Views

Train travel provides a unique opportunity for both you and your large dog to enjoy breathtaking scenery along the route. Whether it’s rolling countryside, majestic mountains, or coastal landscapes, traveling by train allows your pet to take in the sights and sounds from the comfort of their own space. This can make the journey more enjoyable and less stressful for both you and your dog.

Bonding Time

Spending quality time with your large dog is important for building a strong bond and creating lasting memories. Train travel allows you to be physically close to your pet throughout the journey, providing ample opportunities for affectionate interactions and playtime. Whether it’s curling up together in a cozy train compartment or taking leisurely walks during stops, traveling by train can strengthen the connection between you and your beloved canine companion.

Overall, opting for train travel with your large dog can enhance the overall experience while ensuring their comfort and well-being throughout the journey. As more railways recognize the importance of accommodating large dogs on their trains, pet owners can look forward to more accessible and enjoyable travel options in the future.

Popular Large Dog Friendly Train Routes Around the World

When it comes to traveling with a large dog on a train, finding the right route that accommodates your furry friend is key. While not all train routes are large dog friendly, there are several popular routes around the world that cater to canine companions. These routes not only offer stunning views and comfortable travel but also welcome large dogs on board.

Europe: Dog-Friendly Train Routes

In Europe, countries like Switzerland and Germany are known for their extensive rail networks that allow large dogs on board. The Swiss Travel System, for example, offers dog-friendly trains that provide easy access to breathtaking alpine landscapes. In Germany, Deutsche Bahn provides pet-friendly options on many of its routes, allowing travelers to explore the beauty of the country with their beloved four-legged companions by their side.

United States: Amtrak’s Pet Policy

In the United States, Amtrak’s pet policy allows for small pets to travel on many of its routes within the country. However, there are currently only a few select routes that accommodate larger pets such as larger dogs.

With ongoing advocacy efforts from pet owners and animal lovers alike, there is hope for more large dog friendly trains in the future. One notable route that does welcome larger dogs is the Amtrak Cascades route which runs between Vancouver, British Columbia and Eugene, Oregon.

Japan’s Pet-Friendly Shinkansen

The famous Shinkansen bullet trains in Japan have started allowing small pets onboard certain routes in recent years. While this still primarily caters to smaller dogs and other pets, it’s a step in the right direction for more inclusive train travel with pets. As Japan continues to embrace pet-friendly initiatives across various industries, there’s potential for larger dogs to be included in the future as well.

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These popular train routes around the world show promise for an increasing number of large dog friendly trains and advocate for more accessibility in train travel for pet owners.

How to Prepare Your Large Dog for Train Travel

Large dog friendly trains are a crucial transportation option for pet owners who want to travel with their beloved furry companions. These trains allow large dogs to accompany their owners on journeys, providing a more inclusive and convenient mode of travel for pet owners. The importance of large dog friendly trains cannot be understated, as they offer a practical solution for individuals who prefer not to leave their pets behind when traveling by train.

One of the significant advantages of large dog friendly trains is the peace of mind it provides to pet owners. Knowing that they can bring their large dogs along on train trips alleviates the stress and worry associated with finding suitable accommodations or care for their furry friends while they are away.

Additionally, these trains contribute to fostering a stronger bond between pet owners and their dogs, as they can share new experiences and adventures together without being separated during travels.

Another benefit of large dog friendly trains is the opportunity for dogs to socialize in new environments. Traveling on trains allows dogs to encounter different sights, sounds, and smells, which can be stimulating and enriching for them. It also provides an excellent way for dogs to interact with other passengers and train staff, promoting positive socialization experiences that contribute to their overall well-being.

Lastly, traveling with large dogs on trains supports the idea of pet-inclusive tourism. Many pet owners consider their furry companions as part of their family and seek out destinations where they can enjoy activities together. Large dog friendly trains open up more possibilities for pet-inclusive travel experiences by allowing dogs to accompany their owners on various leisure trips, thus promoting a more inclusive approach to tourism.

Peace of mindAlleviates stress and worry about leaving pets behind
Socialization opportunitiesDogs can interact with other passengers and train staff
Promotion of pet-inclusive tourismOpens up more opportunities for inclusive travel experiences

Tips for Traveling With Large Dogs on Trains

Traveling with large dogs on trains can be a convenient and enjoyable experience for both pet owners and their furry companions. However, there are certain tips and guidelines that should be followed to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey. Here are some useful tips for traveling with large dogs on trains:

Firstly, it’s important to check the specific policies of the train service you will be using. Not all train companies have the same regulations when it comes to traveling with pets, especially larger breeds. Some may require dogs to be leashed or crated at all times, while others may have designated pet-friendly cars.

Additionally, it’s essential to prepare your dog for the train journey. This can include familiarizing them with the sound and movement of trains, as well as ensuring that they are comfortable being confined in a crate or carrier if necessary.

Bringing along essentials such as food, water, toys, and a comfort item like a blanket can help keep your dog relaxed during the journey. It’s also advisable to take frequent breaks during long train rides to allow your dog to stretch their legs and relieve themselves.

Lastly, consider booking a seat in an area of the train that is specifically designated for travelers with pets. This can help minimize any potential disruptions for other passengers and provide a more comfortable experience for both you and your furry friend.

These tips can help make traveling with large dogs on trains an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

TipsFor Traveling With Large Dogs on Trains
Check train company policiesBe aware of specific regulations for traveling with large dogs
Prepare your dogFamiliarize them with the train environment and bring along necessary essentials
Book appropriate seatingChoose designated areas for travelers with pets if available

Large Dog Friendly Train Amenities and Policies

Traveling with large dogs on trains can be a rewarding experience, especially when you have access to amenities and policies designed specifically for your furry companions. Large dog friendly trains provide a range of benefits and accommodations that make train travel a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both pet owners and their dogs. Here are some common amenities and policies you can expect when traveling on large dog friendly trains:

  • Spacious accommodations: Large dog friendly trains typically offer spacious seating areas or designated spaces where your dog can sit or lie down comfortably during the journey.
  • Pet relief areas: Some train companies have designated pet relief areas at stations or on board the train, allowing your dog to take bathroom breaks during longer journeys.
  • Specialized boarding process: Train companies often have specific procedures for boarding with large dogs, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for both pets and their owners.
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In addition to these amenities, there are also specific policies in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers, including those traveling with large dogs. These policies may include guidelines on leash requirements, behavior expectations for pets, and rules regarding interaction with other passengers.

When choosing a large dog friendly train for your travel needs, it’s essential to research the specific amenities and policies offered by different train companies. This will help you prepare adequately for the journey and ensure that both you and your canine companion have a positive experience while onboard.

Personal Stories of Large Dog Owners Who Have Traveled by Train

Traveling with a large dog on a train can be a unique and exciting experience for both the owner and the pet. Many dog owners have shared their stories of traveling with their furry companions on large dog friendly trains, often highlighting the convenience and joy it brings to their journeys. Here are some personal accounts of large dog owners who have traveled by train with their pets:

  • One owner, Sarah, recounts her journey on a large dog friendly train in Europe: “I was initially hesitant about taking my large dog on a train, but I was pleasantly surprised by how accommodating the staff were. My dog had plenty of space to stretch out, and we were even provided with water and treats for him. It made our trip so much more enjoyable knowing that he was comfortable.”
  • Another traveler, Michael, shares his experience on a long-distance journey with his large breed: “I was relieved to find a train route that allowed large dogs, as it meant I didn’t have to leave my beloved pet behind. The train had designated areas for pets, complete with soft bedding and ample room for them to move around. It made the trip stress-free for both of us.”
  • Stephanie, a frequent traveler with her large dog, expresses her appreciation for the amenities provided on dog-friendly trains: “As someone who loves to explore different cities with my pup, having access to large dog friendly trains has been a game-changer. Not only do they provide comfort for my pet, but the policies and facilities in place make it easy for us to travel together seamlessly.”

These personal stories highlight the positive experiences of traveling with large dogs on trains that welcome furry companions onboard. From thoughtful amenities to accommodating staff, these accounts demonstrate how large dog friendly trains can enhance the travel experience for both pets and their owners alike.


In conclusion, large dog friendly trains offer a fantastic opportunity for pet owners to travel with their beloved companions without the stress and worry of finding pet-friendly accommodations. The benefits of traveling with large dogs on trains are numerous, from reducing the anxiety associated with flying to enjoying the scenic views along popular train routes around the world.

Additionally, many large dog friendly train amenities and policies cater to the comfort and safety of both pets and their owners, making train travel a convenient and enjoyable option for pet-friendly adventures.

As more people recognize the value of being able to travel with their pets, there is certainly potential for an increase in large dog friendly train accessibility. Advocacy for more accessible trains for large dogs can take many forms, from petitions to raising awareness about the importance of accommodating pet owners during their travels.

The future of large dog friendly trains looks promising as more attention is given to the needs of pet owners who wish to include their furry companions in their travel plans.

Ultimately, the ability to travel with large dogs on trains enhances the overall travel experience for both pets and their owners. As awareness grows and advocacy efforts continue, we can look forward to a future where more train routes and services become increasingly accommodating for large dogs, providing even more opportunities for unforgettable adventures with our beloved four-legged friends.

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