How to Train Recall Around Other Dogs


Training recall around other dogs is an important part of owning a dog as it ensures their safety, yours and that of others. Having a reliable recall means your dog will return when called no matter what temptations are near them. This type of training also means that you’ll have more control when out in public and reducing the chances of risk in the environment. With enough practice, training recall around other dogs can be easy and fun for your dog.

To begin, it’s important to understand why this type of training is necessary. By teaching your pup to come back despite distractions like other pups or new smells, you’re showing them that obedience is one of their responsibilities. As well as improving discipline, this kind of recall training also helps build a good relationship between you and your four-legged friend based on trust. Finally, working on such an important behavior reminds them that they should depend on you for instruction and guidance during walks or visits to unfamiliar places with new smells and people.

In addition to understanding why this type of recall is beneficial for both you and your pup, having achievable goals is key for successful results in each session. Being consistent with rewards afterwards is vital too; having treats on hand or anything else which motivates your pet will make reinforcement easier. When possible, start by finding areas with fewer distractions then gradually progress onto busier surroundings while regularly rewarding your pup whenever they respond positively to the commands given. With patience and commitment over time, you will soon see significant improvements!

Preparing for Training

Before you begin training your dog’s recall around other dogs, it is important to get the basics right – have all of your supplies on hand. Some essential items to make the process easier include: a leash and collar, treats or toys (which should be something your dog associates with having fun, such as a Kong toy), and an area that is away from distractions (such as an enclosed patio or backyard). You will also need another person to help you with the training – this could be a friend or another pet owner who has had success training their own dog. Once you are set up, you can move onto the actual Recall Training.

Start by having your dog on leash when both dogs are present. Allow them to approach each other slowly and calmly and make sure both dogs stay calm and under control by giving verbal cues for each one if necessary. As soon as your puppy responds positively to verbal commands such as ‘sit’ or ‘down’, reward them instantly with a treat. This will help reinforce the behaviour and create positive associations between being around other dogs and getting rewarded for staying in control. When they have been successfully tested in this situation, you can start working on teaching them more advanced recall commands while they are still around another dog. To do this, call their name clearly and encourage them gently with treats until they come back to you. The same reward system applies here too – whenever they listen to the command without fail give them a treat straight away! Practicing this regularly will help teach them that listening is always rewarded! Finally, once they understand basic cues even when around another pup it’s time to take it outside into more situations like parks where there may be more distractions Even then, keep rewarding your pup with treats for following commands correctly so that recalling comes naturally no matter what environment they’re in!

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Starting the Training Process

The process of training your dog to reliably recall even when they see another dog can be broken into several distinct steps.

First, you will want to start with basic “run away” drills performed in a safe, enclosed space that stays free from any distractions. Have a friend hold your dog’s lead and then walk away from the dog at a brisk pace for several feet. Once you have walked away about 30 feet, turn back and call your dog in an upbeat, excited voice. Most dogs will catch onto this game quickly because playing ‘catch me if you can’ builds their confidence. When the dog recalls to you positively reinforce their action by giving them verbal praise and offering treats or toys. Repeat the drill by increasing distances each time until the recall is reliable around 50-100 feet away.

Note: Make sure you practice these run away drills regularly with positive reinforcement practices so your pup continues to learn and remember that coming back to its owner means good things!

Following Through

The first step in training your dog recall around other dogs is setting boundaries. Let them know that they must stay within a specific distance of you whenever another dog is present. Whether it be verbal or nonverbal, make sure to communicate these expectations clearly and consistently. This will help them understand what you expect from them and can encourage good behavior when they are around other dogs.

Once the boundaries are set, it’s time to offer positive reinforcement during and after successful sessions. For example, if your dog responds well to commands while with other puppies, reward them with treats or praise and show them how pleased you are with their performance. This can help develop an even stronger bond between you and your pet. Additionally, incorporating regular rewards into the routine can further reinforce positive behaviors, so it’s important to never forget these important reinforcement techniques when training your pup’s Recall Around Other Dogs!


It is important to note that if you are training recall around other dogs, your pup will likely focus on their playmate instead of coming when called. This can become a challenge as your dog may be too distracted to return when asked. There are some proactive solutions to try in order to avoid this situation.

Begin by making sure your pup has sufficiently exercised before introducing them to another dog. If they do not get enough physical activity, it will be highly difficult for them to resist the temptation of playing with their fellow canine friend. Make sure that both you and your pup understand the command for recall, and practice it at home multiple times throughout the week before attempting to complete it with distractions present. Additionally, ensure that treats or rewards are motivating enough so that your pup looks forward to them and prefers them over playing with other dogs.

Next, break down the rehearsed commands in order to condition your pup’s mind for closer contact with another dog without succumbing into playing with them. Start by having the two dogs look at one another from a wide distance away and call the command “come” each time they stay focused on you instead of their canine companion. Gradually move closer while repeating this process and increase difficulty by shortening the distance between dogs while maintaining focus and temptations low (e.g.: no toys nearby). Doing so will help train proper habits in anticipation of more difficult situations where other distractions are present, such as parks or pet stores; allowing you full control if unwanted behavior arises.

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Continuing to Perfect the Skill

It is not enough to simply teach the recall command; it is important to make sure you and your pet have a strong bond that will help promote following commands in general, as well as when other dogs are present. An easy way to do this is to work on a few meaningful exercises with your dog during each training session. This could include working on long-distance stays or “watch”, which requires the dog to stay focused on you while distractions (such as other dogs) move around them. Obedience exercises like loose leash walking can help reinforce verbal cues and body language that lead toward focusing solely on you. Exercises like agility can also help strengthen the trainer-dog bond while teaching self control and confidence. Finally, teaching basic tricks such as touching a target with their nose can bolster focus no matter what situation they find themselves in.


Training your dog to recall in the presence of other dogs can be quite rewarding, both for you and your pup. When done correctly and consistently, it will build a reliable bond between you and your pet. They’ll trust that they can return to you when they feel overwhelmed or unsure. A strong recall around other dogs is also essential to keep them safe in public settings. In addition, your pup will learn focus and develop better socialization skills with their canine friends.

Resources such as online tutorials, behaviorist tips, and group classes can help you train your dog’s recall while in the presence of other dogs. With the proper guidance, tools and resources, any pup can learn responsible come when called behaviors around others. Begin with basic obedience commands at home then gradually transition to outdoor areas where other pups are present. Set up successful scenarios at low distraction areas by bringing high-value treats to reward them for returning when called. As training progresses, increase difficulty by introducing higher levels of distractions including more exciting play activities with their furry friends. Make sure each practice session is positive for your pup so that they are motivated to stay focused on you when out in public places.

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