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The story starts decades ago with dog trainers using any supplies they had on hand to train their canine friends. Whether it was a tennis ball, treats, or an old broom handle, these trainers made do with whatever they could find.

Fast forward to today when the world of dog training has come a long way. Now those same trainers can purchase professionally crafted and designed supplies at wholesale prices directly from trusted manufacturers. Specialty stores like Dog Training Supplies Wholesale offer a wide array of products that ensure both pup and trainer are successful in achieving their goals quickly and easily. From branded leashes and collars to treats, toys and behavioral aids, owners will find everything they need to train their four-legged companions.

The staff at Dog Training Supplies Wholesale goes out of its way to recommend the items best suited for every individual pet’s temperament, agility needs and overall level of activity. This ensures owners can pick up all the supplies needed to effectively teach basic obedience or specialized commands without confusing their pet with unnecessary bells and whistles. Plus being able to order online or via phone makes stocking up on essential supplies so much easier for the busy pet parent.

The Benefits of Buying Dog Training Supplies Wholesale

Buying dog training supplies wholesale offers a variety of advantages for all types of dog owners. First and foremost, when buying items in bulk, you generally receive a discounted rate due to the amount purchased. This can prove important to those who frequently purchase these items or require bulk amounts for professional use. Pet specialty stores and breeders often benefit from this cost reduction, as their purchases are usually larger than an individual’s.

Those that have dogs who are quick learners could certainly gain from purchasing training supplies wholesale. The classic examples would be agility trainers/competitors with many individual items needing frequent replenishing such as hurdles, weave poles etc… An obedience enthusiast might need many leashes and collars for example yet not necessarily the same item multiple times – this is when “mix and match” packs come in handy. Final result here is a cost savings associated with buying what you would repeatedly be purchasing anyway in bulk, along with convenience of having it all shipped directly to your location ready to go.

Flyball teams also often benefit from buying their equipment in one big purchase so they always have enough on hand for games and competitions without running out mid-session – bounced balls and training dummy launchers, plus an endless supply of rewards need to be available at all times – again saving money while being assured they will always have enough resources on hand when needed.

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In addition to specialized trainers, families with several house pets also appreciate being able to purchase educational materials at discounted prices as well as toys and treats you can stock up on if need be in order to reward “good” behavior by your pup(s). Buying wholesale offers a great way of ensuring no one runs out of basic pet needs – saving you time and money!

Types of Supplies Available

Basic Dog Training Supplies: These supplies are items that are needed for everyday pet care, basic commands and behavior modification. Examples include leashes, harnesses, treat bags, treats, clickers, and books on training techniques.

Advanced Dog Training Supplies: These items are more sophisticated and help to refine an owner’s dog-training skills. Examples include long lead lines, agility tunnels and jumps, whistle trainers featuring various pitch sounds, anti-bark collars for noise control and dog training DVDs.

Specialized Dog Training Supplies: These products are tailored to a specific purpose or skill that is outside the scope of general obedience training or performance sports such as fly ball or canine agility. For example, these supplies may include pure scenting agents for tracking or gun dogs, miniature discs for disc dog competitions or a flirt pole for exercise activities in small spaces.

Where to Buy Supplies Wholesale

Direct-from-Manufacturer: Purchasing dog training supplies directly from the manufacturer can provide you with the best wholesale price. However, this option is often limited to large businesses as manufacturers are less likely to offer discounts on small order sizes.

Online Wholesalers: Online wholesalers provide a variety of different dog training supplies at discounted rates. These suppliers may have low minimum order requirements and offer more flexibility in terms of delivery times. Be sure to read the website’s return policy and the list of delivery options before making a purchase.

Pet Supply Stores: Local pet supply stores often have wholesale sections for their customers, especially those catering to professional trainers or breeders. It may help to visit the store in person if possible, or contact them to find out what kinds of discounts they may be offering on large orders. Make sure that you take into account any additional fees such as shipping costs and taxes before committing to a purchase.

How to Choose the Right Supplies for Your Dog

When it comes to dog training, your supplies are very important. It is essential to have the correct supplies designed for each individual dog, as each pup is different and may require tailored plans and equipment.

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When trying to find the right items for your pup, try going for ones that are specific to their breed and size. For example, small dogs would need a specialized collar and leash, while larger breeds might need adjustable devices since they will be more adept at escaping the standard sizes. Go online or to a pet store that specializes in dog training to seek out personalized items that fit an array of needs. Additionally, pick up some extra toys or treats specifically geared towards training by age and behaviour.

An important consideration when prepping your Dog Training Supplies Wholesale list is safety. Make sure whatever you buy has been approved by a veterinarian, especially regarding chewable toys or something more interactive such as agility jumps. These could become potential hazards without being inspected beforehand, so choose thoughtfully before committing to anything.

Finally – above all else – listen to and pay attention to your dog’s behavior when introducing them to new accessories or commands. Dogs understand certain concepts faster than others do, so tailor their learning plan accordingly if one item doesn’t quite seem like it’s proving successful with your pooch in terms of comprehension or obedience. Doing this can help you get the most value out of any Dog Training Supplies Wholesale package you end up choosing!


It’s essential that your best friend is able to live the life they deserve, and with the right supplies, you can make sure that happens. You don’t have to pay premium prices for the supplies either – wholesale dog training supplies are available to help make sure you get everything your pup needs at a fraction of the cost. So if you’re looking to give your pup the best training experience possible, start your research today and find the perfect dog training supplies for your furry friend!

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