How Much Does Bark Busters Dog Training Cost


Bark Busters Dog Training is an internationally recognized home dog training company that specializes in addressing all kinds of behavior problems in community dogs, including aggression, biting, jumping, pulling on the leash, pulling to strangers and excessive barking. Bark Busters certified dog trainers use natural dog psychology techniques to effectively train dogs without the need for harsh corrections or punishing techniques. Through their proven approach, they strive to create a happy, balanced relationship between you and your dog as well as promoting safety within your home environment.

Bark Busters Dog Training offers personalized one-on-one services that are tailored to meet the needs of you and your canine companion. During their visit with you, the qualified professionals will assess your dog’s behavior at home and in different scenarios utilizing their proven methods. They will then work with both you and your pet to teach you the skills and techniques needed to improve your pup’s behaviors while maintaining order in your household. The cost of Bark Busters Dog Training is variable depending on several factors such as region and type of behavior problem(s). On average, a Bark Buster certified trainer’s fees start at about $249 for an initial two hour session; however some packages can range up towards $1200 for more intensive cases. Please contact Bark Busters for more information about rates based on various package deals or special circumstances.

Types of Training Available Through Bark Busters

Bark Busters offers an array of dog training services to suit any budget and lifestyle. Their individualized training plans are tailored to your unique circumstances and goals, spanning from mild obedience, behavioral shaping, and anger management issues. Dog owners will have access to in-person sessions, video conferencing calls, telephone consultations and online support resources with a personal canine behaviorist/teacher depending on their requirements.

Within each of these types of training programs offered by Bark Busters, there are a variety of different levels that range from basic obedience courses all the way up to specialized packages that cover specific essential behaviors. For instance, the Puppy Basic program helps new pup parents learn the essentials for socializing their puppy and getting them used to the routine. On the other hand, those looking for more extensive behavioral modifications can explore options like Aggression Management & Anger Management Solutions or Fear & Anxiety Control which include additional instruction on addressing common aggression triggers as well as addressing underlying emotional issues like stress or anxiety. Prices for these services vary according to which package you choose but usually start at $1,200 depending on how many sessions are required and the length of each session.

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Benefits of Bark Busters Training for Your Dog

Bark Busters dog training offers a variety of services, ranging from basic obedience and behavioral correction to advanced levels of problem solving. The cost of Bark Busters depends on several factors, including the type of service needed, the size and age of your dog, how long you need training for, and the trainer’s location.

The benefits of using Bark Busters to train your dog are numerous. First, it is tailored to you and your pet’s individual needs, which means that the amount of time needed to complete training varies depending on those needs. Additionally, all trainers are certified professionals who use humane methods that emphasize positive reinforcement. As a result, their sessions not only improves behaviors but also strengthens communication and trust between you and your pet. Furthermore, once completed, Bark Busters offers lifetime support in between visits with their ongoing telephone assistance services as well as follow up visits when needed at no extra cost. Finally, if sessions are not successful after a certain period time due to owner compliance or lack thereof then refunds may be provided upon request.

An Overview of Bark Busters Dog Training Cost

The cost of Bark Busters dog training can vary greatly depending on the type of behavior problem and the individual needs of your dog. Typically, Bark Busters offers two lesson packages for their dog training services. The most basic is their starter package which generally costs between $390 and $499 and includes one or two in-home sessions with a certified trainer. These sessions provide you and your furry friend with behavioral analysis and some basic obedience drills, as well as follow up phone counseling to help you implement your new training plan.

For owners looking to tackle more comprehensive issues, they can opt for a comprehensive program that generally costs upwards of $800 dollars. This package includes three in-home training session with an expert trainer along with additional follow-up coaching over the phone to develop strategies to maintain good behaviors long after the lessons have been completed. Along with this, owners receive a customized booklet outlining their individualized program – such as advice on how to deal with specific situation such as visitors entering the home – plus access to unlimited support via email or phone between sessions. Furthermore, Bark Busters also offers additional services which involve dealing with intense issues such as separation anxiety or aggressive behaviors in conjunction with specialist veterinarians if necessary at additional costs.

Factors that Affect Bark Busters Training Prices

Training a dog takes time and dedication, so it’s no surprise that Bark Busters prices vary depending on the services required. For instance, the price of an in-home visit session could be higher if more than one dog needs to be trained. Similarly, the complexity of the problem and the determination of the owner to implement Bark Buster’s technique will affect pricing. Additionally, travel distance can also increase the cost of a session due to overhead expenses and transportation costs. Once all variables are taken into account, Bark Busters can provide a custom quote tailored to your individual needs and requirements. Other factors which could affect how much you would pay for Bark Buster training may include: breed/age/temperament of your dog; severity of behavioural issues; distance travelled by trainer; how long it has been since last session. Ultimately, prices depend on how intensively and frequently sessions need to take place in order to create lasting behaviour change within your pet.

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Ways to Get Bark Busters Discounts

Aside from the normal cost of Bark Busters dog training, there are some ways to get discounts on services. One way is to purchase a multi-session package, which can yield up to 30% off. Additionally, oftentimes when signing up for Bark Busters services, it’s possible to qualify for a no-interest payment plan, allowing for payment over a longer period of time than initial enrollment allows. Another potential way to save is by finding out if your pet insurance will cover any portion of the costs associated with behavior training; this often requires proof that certified trainers are involved in the process. Lastly, another great method of getting more value for your money is dedicating yourself completely to the program and making sure that you complete all necessary sessions as indicated by your trainer. Doing so can result in an overall better experience and improved results.


Investing in Bark Busters Dog Training can be invaluable. As dog owners, it’s essential to encourage good behavior and prevent bad behaviors from becoming embedded. It can also provide better opportunities to bond with our dogs as well as a clearer understanding of their unique individual needs. From simple obedience training to help control undesirable behaviors, Bark Busters experienced trainers offer personalized support and advice for our canine companions in the comfort of your home – all at a reasonable price. With affordable pricing, packages tailored specifically to address the needs of both dog and owner, it’s easy to see why Bark Busters is the leading in-home behavioral training company with worldwide presence today. All this leads up to the conclusion that investing in Bark Busters Dog Training is a no-brainer when it comes to having a happy and healthy relationship with our furry friends!

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