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Follow Me Dog Training Richmond VA is a dog training center dedicated to creating better relationships between people and their dogs. We believe that all dogs have the potential to become obedient, well-behaved pets when provided with proper training, guidance and support. Our mission is not just to train the dog – it is also to teach owners responsible dog ownership in order to help them create life-long bonds with their canine companions.

Our trainers use positive reinforcement techniques designed to nurture the bond between people and their dogs while ensuring each pet has the skills they need for success in today’s world. Our certified behavior consultants provide personalized, one-on-one evaluations so we can better understand each dog’s needs and develop an individualized plan suited for its unique abilities. We also offer group classes, private lessons, board & train services, day training packages, workshops, seminars and youth programs.

At Follow Me Dog Training Richmond VA we promote compassionate teaching methods that empower limitless learning for every student – both two-legged and four! Whether you are looking for basic pet manners or more advanced levels of obedience training, our experienced instructors will work closely with you to reach your desired goal. To ensure student success, we continually strive to maintain the highest standards of professional care while delivering exceptional instruction in a safe learning environment.

Types of Training Services Offered

Follow Me Dog Training Richmond VA provides a variety of training services for dogs of all ages and breeds. We have options tailored to different levels – puppy, basic obedience, advanced obedience, reactive/aggressive behavior, and socialization – depending on the needs of your dog. Our goal is to make sure that you and your pup build a successful relationship through positive reinforcement. We don’t believe in punishment-based methods which can have lifelong negative effects. Instead, we use rewards-based systems with plenty of praise to help our pups understand expectations and follow commands.

We also offer specialized services such as agility courses which allows dog handlers to test their canine’s speed and stamina around an obstacle course involving tunnels, hurdles, weave poles, see-saws and more. During the training process, Reach Me Dog Training will teach you the best handling techniques for encouraging efficient performance from your pup while having fun together! Other unique specialties include therapy dog preparation, service dog preparation (including PTSD tasks), scent detection classes and more. Despite the amount or complexity of training needed Reach Me Dog Training guarantees you’ll find the appropriate program for your pup!

Common Questions Answered About Training Your Dog

Q: What kind of activities do you offer for dog training?

A: At Follow Me Dog Training Richmond VA, we provide a variety of services customized to each individual pup and their specific needs. We offer basic obedience training and behavioral modification, as well as agility training and puppy socialization. Additionally, we offer services such as scent tracking, nose work, search and rescue, protection/guard dogs, therapy dog preparation/certification, service dog preparation/certification, and detection dogs. We also focus on sports such as flyball, Frisbee, dock diving and other competitive sports along with private consultation appointments. In order to ensure the safety of all our pets and handlers during each session or event, we require that all bodies (human & canine) be vaccinated according to local regulations.

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What Can You Expect From a Training Session?

A training session with Follow Me Dog Training Richmond Va reflects their core dog training principles — positive reinforcement, consistency, and patience. You can expect to have a personalized experience tailored to meet the individual needs of you and your canine companion. Each session will begin with an assessment of your pup’s current skills and behaviors, followed by activities built on these fundamentals: Trust building, impulse control/calming techniques, socialization and distraction practices, reward-based learning methods, problem-solving approaches, addressing fears or aggression issues through behavior modification methods, leash walking/loose leash walking techniques, basic commands (sit, stay, come), and appropriate playtime. At the end of each session, actions and expectations will be reviewed to ensure all potential challenges are addressed before the next meeting.

How Follow Me Has Adapted to the Current Crisis

Follow Me Dog Training Richmond Va has adapted to the current crisis in several ways. Firstly, all training sessions are now done virtually, either via Skype or ZOOM video conferencing, at no extra cost to the client. This allows for greater flexibility as clients do not have to leave their homes in order to receive quality dog training. In addition, consultations can now be done over the phone or via email so that clients can get personalized advice and strategies tailored to their individual situation. Follow Me is also constantly adapting its protocols to ensure that safety guidelines and social distancing measures are respected at all times. The company also offers online group classes so that owners can interact with others going through similar experiences while making sure everyone remains at a safe distance from one another. Lastly, Follow Me provides library of educational videos on different topics related to dog training, so that owners can do self-guided training sessions with their canine companions during these times.

Benefits of Working with Follow Me and Reasons Why It’s Unique

One key benefit of working with Follow Me Dog Training in Richmond, VA is their commitment to canine welfare. Their team is passionate about making sure that dogs are given the best quality of life possible, and they do everything they can to ensure the comfort and safety of each four-legged friend. Not only do they treat every dog as if it were their own, but their trainers help owners learn how to care for their pet by teaching them positive reinforcement techniques, through kindness and patience.

Furthermore, Follow Me also offers unique services specific to the needs of Richmond pet owners. They offer nosework classes as an effective form of mental stimulation; Puppy 101 classes tailored to young puppies; and muzzled walking lessons geared towards anxious or anxious-related behaviors. In addition, they also host special seminars on topics such as nutrition counseling for overweight pets, helping families bond with their pets in a safe and calm manner via animal assisted activities therapy (AAAT), and more! Follow Me Dog Training sets itself apart from other dog training companies by offering a wide variety of specialized services tailored towards Richmond’s local community – not only to train your pet but also help you build a healthier relationship with it.

Before and After Stories from Happy Dog Owners

Follow Me Dog Training Richmond VA is a business that has provided dog training services for many years. They take pride in transforming nervous, anxious and potentially dangerous dogs into relaxed, well-mannered, sociable pets. The instructors at Follow Me Dog Training have helped dozens of pet owners find success in creating better relationships with their canine companions. To show the difference they can make, they offer before and after stories of happy clients on their website.

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These success stories often show amazing transformations, where a disobedient or stressed out pup turns into a content animal that listens to commands with ease and loves to interact with both people and other animals. The stories provide specific examples of how the trainers worked with each animal as well as how the owners implemented the techniques learned in class to maintain the progress made and complete the transformation. In addition to this documentation of success, Follow Me Dog Training also offers advice from professionals on health and nutrition topics related to training, as well as further resources on obedience classes within the Richmond area.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Follow Me Dog Training

Q: What services does Follow Me Dog Training offer?
A: Follow Me Dog Training offers a variety of services to accommodate all types of pets and owners. Services include puppy training and behavioral management, obedience classes, agility training, private sessions and in-home consultations. Additionally, the team offers certified pet therapy, nutrition advice and generalized pet care expertise.

Q: How do I contact Follow Me Dog Training?
A: You can get in touch with Follow Me Dog Training by calling (804) 752-8391 or sending an email to [email protected]. You can also visit for more information about their services and hours of operation.

Q: Do you offer group classes at Follow Me Dog Training?
A: Yes! Having your dog trained in a group class setting is beneficial as it provides many opportunities for socialization with other dogs and people alike. Follow Me Dog Training offers both 4-week puppy classes as well as 6-week beginner obedience classes where dogs are taught basic commands such as sit, stay, come and down.

Q: Does Follow Me Dog Training provide house calls?
A: Yes! In addition to their small noise-controlled classroom located in Richmond VA, the team from Follow Me Dog Training will come to a home surrounding the metro Richmond area for private sessions at a negotiated rate depending on location distance involved.

How to Connect with Follow Me and Learn More

If you’re interested in following the Follow Me Dog Training Richmond Va, there are several ways to connect and learn more. The best and most effective way is to visit Follow Me’s website. On their home page you’ll find a comprehensive overview of their services, contact information, hours of operation, and much more. You can also follow Follow Me on social media for timely updates on upcoming classes and workshops, as well as success stories from clients who have taken advantage of their dog training services. Engaging with the Follow Me Dog Training Richmond Va community through their blog is another great way to stay up-to-date and be informed about what’s happening at the company; they publish regular content that covers a variety of topics related to dog training including training tips, advice from experts and other helpful resources. You should also consider subscribing to their newsletter so you can receive exclusive offers and stay connected with them.

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