Enrivik Dog Training Collar

Introduction to the Benefits of Enrivik Dog Training Collar

The Enrivik Dog Training Collar is the perfect solution for owners looking to train their pet while keeping a safe distance. This collar uses a remote transmitter, which allows you to change the strength of static correction from afar. The static stimulation effectively checks poor behavior, like digging and runs, ensuring your dog stays close by during walks.

Additionally, the Enrivik Dog Training Collar features adjustable levels of intensity, allowing you to control how much of an impact your corrections have on your beloved pup. Similarly, an intuitive learning system ensures that both you and your canine become aware of when negative behaviors occur. Moreover, its fast response time ensures that these moments are addressed immediately. Furthermore, its ultra-lightweight design reduces any potential discomfort or hindrance felt by your pup while wearing it.

Aside from its corrective abilities, the Enrivik Dog Training Collar also boasts two extra features that set it apart from other collars on the market: vibration and sound alarms. These alarms can serve as warnings or as positive reinforcement — letting you switch between corrections and praise as needed. With these advanced options at your disposal, training sessions will be much more effective and enjoyable for both you and your furry companion!

Examples of What Enrivik Dog Training Collar Can Help You Achieve

1. Teach your dog to reliably obey commands such as ‘Come’ and ‘Stay’. With Enrivik you can use the gentle shock mode to immediately reinforce any command, helping your pup learn faster.

2. Remind your dog that barking is not allowed in certain situations with a short vibration on the training collar after they bark.

3. Make journeys more enjoyable by providing gentle reminders of the commands a dog should follow when off-leash or out in public, such as the ‘heel’ command or refraining from running away from their owner.

4. Use multiple training options to gently remind stubborn dogs that certain behaviors are not permitted in the home – for example, counter surfing or getting onto furniture without permission.

5. Take away unnecessary anxiety and stress from loud noises such as thunderstorms and firecrackers by administering a static shock for only 0.1 seconds as soon as the noise is heard so that your pet does not associate something scared and stressful with it every time it occurs afterwards.

Detailed Overview of Features & Benefits

The Enrivik Dog Training Collar is an advanced technology collar that allows owners to train their dogs in new ways through the use of behavioral marker tones, vibration, and adjustable levels of safe stimulation. This collar is waterproof and offers up to 4 miles in range, perfect for off-leash activity or long-distance training. The collar also has improved durability with a reinforced stainless steel buckle and Kevlar webbing. In addition to the remote transmitter, this ergonomic design also includes an optional wall-mount charger dock station and long-lasting rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

Additional features include:

● Training modes to target specific behaviors – Vibration mode is great for redirecting your dog’s attention or providing slight feedback on a bad behavior. Tone mode helps teach commands with a higher pitched sound and adjustable levels of instant stimulation are great for correction when necessary.

● Improved digital readout control – An intuitive display shows selected settings such as battery life, signal strength, arousal level, and more, which makes it easy to keep track of your dog’s progress during training sessions.

● Adjustable collar strap – This feature ensures comfortable fit for dogs from 8 to 120 pounds. Plus its lightweight form factor ensures comfortability on extended outings or daily activities.

● Rangefinder beep indicator – Make sure you never lose sight of your pup with this help beep indicators that tracks their stay within a certain distance (up to 4 miles) and can be easily heard even through loud barking or busy environments.

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● Additional accessories available – There are multiple accessories available with this ensemble such as charging docks and extra strap sizes which make this perfect for any sized home and pet family dynamic!

Testimonials from Real Customers

The Enrivik Dog Training Collar is a great training tool! We got our labradoodle puppy the collar when she was 8 months old, and it has been incredibly beneficial. We were able to quickly teach her basic commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come” with the help of the training collar. The varying levels of vibration and sound are a great way to help her understand what we want from her without having to resort to negative reinforcement. We’ve found that our pup takes direction very well using this product, and looks up eagerly whenever we touch the remote. We feel so much more confident in our ability to train our pup properly with this collar, and would highly recommend it to any dog owner!

Environmental & Humane Impact of Enrivik Dog Training Collar

The Enrivik Dog Training Collar has been developed to be a humane and effective method of dog training. It offers an effective and safe way to control your dog’s behavior without causing any harm or distress. The collar has several advanced features such as vibration, sound, and light stimulation to help you get your pet’s attention without the need for harsh physical discipline. In addition, the adjustable intensity settings allow you to customize the collar’s effect based on your dog’s size, age, and temperaments.

The Enrivik Dog Training Collar is designed with a focus on environmental sustainability and ethical standards in mind. It is made from recyclable materials that are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. Furthermore, it is designed to have minimal impact on the environment during production, use, and disposal; meaning no unnecessary waste/energy consumption or pollution of natural resources. As for animal welfare considerations, reliable research supports the conclusion that this type of training collar has no lasting harm on dogs when used with restraint. Additionally, it can help dogs learn proper behavioral protocols with fewer corrections being made over time as they understand better what their owners expect from them.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting & Using Enrivik Dog Training Collar

1. Using the appropriate attachment, connect the Enrivik dog training collar to your dog’s neck. Check that it fits securely, with at least 2 finger-widths of space between the links and your pet’s skin; anything tighter will cause discomfort and won’t achieve effective results.

2. For first time users, practice with the collar on your pet before using it around other dogs or in a training session. Start by introducing the sensation of a vibration and then practice commands like “Sit” and “Down” to get them used to responding in the desired way. The vibration should be enough to make a reminder that they have been instructed to do something but not strong enough to hurt or scare them.

3. Establish a verbal command beforehand so your pet has something familiar to hear prior to receiving a vibration from the collar; this way you can direct them appropriately when engaging in training new tricks or routines.

4. During training sessions, provide encouragement for good behaviour by rewarding them with treats or verbal praise; this establishes basic obedience and further reinforces why you are using rewards instead of punishments for their behaviour.

5. Adapt your instructions as needed—dogs learn differently depending on breed and behavior so adjust the duration of vibrations and distance of commands accordingly until you find an ideal combination that works reliably with each individual animal.

6. Finally, if after some time you feel that your pet is consistently responding well during training sessions, try phasing out use of the Enrivik Dog Training Collar until it is no longer necessary for regular daily routines or new tricks being taught!

Pros & Cons of Using Enrivik Dog Training Collar


– The Enrivik Dog Training Collar is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet or your pup swimming in the collar.

– The collar is adjustable and fits perfectly around your dog’s neck, providing a secure and comfortable fit.

– It also has levels of vibration that can be adjusted for different sizes and temperaments of dogs for optimal results.

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– The remote control is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to adjust training sessions quickly without having to fiddle through settings.


-The Enrivik Dog Training Collar may not provide enough power or range when used on stubborn dogs due to its lower power output than some other models on the market.

-Although the collar is waterproof, there is no indication of how well it will perform underwater since this model isn’t designed specifically for water activities.

-The battery life may be an issue as well – it only lasts up to 4 hours which could be a hassle if you are away from home or need extended training sessions with your dog.

Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

Enrivik Dog Training Collars are effective tools for teaching a dog basic obedience commands and helping to curb misbehavior. However, like any electronic device, they can sometimes experience technical issues. If you’re having trouble getting your Enrivik collar working properly, here are a few troubleshooting tips and tricks that might help.

First, check the battery level. Low batteries can cause the collar to malfunction. If the batteries are low, replace them with fresh ones before attempting to use the collar again.

Second, make sure that you’re initially holding down the power button for at least three seconds until the power light turns green before attempting to press any of the other buttons. This will allow your Enrivik collar to properly boot up so it can be used normally.

Third, if your remote isn’t registering with your collar correctly you may need to re-pair them; this process is outlined in detail in your user manual or on Enrivik’s website. Generally speaking it involves pressing and holding down both buttons on the remote simultaneously for at least three seconds until a pairing sound is heard from both devices indicating that they have been connected successfully.

Finally, ensure that you are standing close enough to your dog when attempting to use commands with their Enrivik Collar as range interference may prevent certain commands from being received correctly while using the remote control unit from great distances away. Following these basic troubleshooting steps should help reduce or eliminate any technical difficulties you may be experiencing with your Enriv

Current Promotions & Discounts

The Enrivik Dog Training Collar is currently offering some great promotions and discounts for pet owners to take advantage of. Customers can get 15% off their order when they use the promo code “DOGLOVE” at checkout on the Enrivik website. Those wanting to purchase multiple items can also receive free shipping on orders over $60. If this isn’t enough, they are also offering a 30-day money back guarantee if customers are unsatisfied with the results. This is an excellent opportunity for pet owners to get the training collar that best suits their dog’s needs and save some money along with it.


The Enrivik Dog Training Collar is an excellent choice for pet owners looking for a reliable way to train their dog. This collar provides three functions – static correction, vibration, and tone – all of which can be used to help teach your pet the behaviors you want them to have. It also comes with several additional features that make it easy to customize the training experience and help your pup learn quickly. Finally, its lightweight build and adjustable strap make it comfortable for your pup to wear while still providing ample support. If you’re in the market for a training collar that won’t break the bank and will provide the results you’re after, then the Enrivik Dog Training Collar is definitely worth considering.

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