Dog Training Club St Pete

Introduction to Dog Training Club St Pete

Dog Training Club St. Pete is a club dedicated to helping people build positive and lasting relationships with their beloved canine companions. At Dog Training Club St Pete, we believe that through knowledge, understanding and consistency, training your dog can become an enjoyable experience for people and their furry family members alike. Our training offers the have-to-need-to know’s of the pet parenting industry in an engaging environment where we invite our members to form bonds, find friends and exchange best practices. The club meets biweekly to discuss topics ranging from puppy-growth milestones to behavior modification or problem solving approaches that formed back in 2010 by professional trainers focused on developing humane methods and education principles as a guide for successfully teaching owners how to train their dogs with kindness.

“Dog Training Club has been integral in our relationship between me and my pup Ripley! As a first-time pet owner I was overwhelmed by all the different techniques, tools and best practices. In the sessions at Dog Training Club I received valuable insight, challenges and support which empowered our bond. Thanks Dog Training Club! – Shannon H”

The Benefits of Joining Dog Training Club St Pete

Joining the Dog Training Club St Pete is a great way to give your dog the skills they need to be a well-behaved and happy member of your family. Our club focuses on positive reinforcement training techniques and uses modern science-based methods to help you better understand your pup and resolve common behavioral issues. We also provide education about canine health, nutrition, and safety that establishes a strong foundation for building long-term wellness for your pet.

In addition, club members can take advantage of a variety of fun activities designed to foster creative problem solving, confidence building, teamwork, and overall bonding between owners and their pups. Activities such as agility courses, rally obedience competitions, weight pulls, lure coursing games, disc throwing tournaments and scenting exercises are all designed with these goals in mind.

Finally, joining Dog Training Club St Pete provides access to our experienced trainers who can help you make sense of confusing commands or other misunderstandings that may arise during training sessions. They will quickly break down complex tasks into simpler bite-sized objectives that are more easily understood by every new human-canine team. Our staff will always be there to assist you in meeting the unique needs of your particular puppy or older family dog while providing suggestions for creating an atmosphere conducive to success!

The Different Programs Offered by Dog Training Club St Pete

The Dog Training Club St Pete offers six different training programs for dogs of all ages and personalities.

Puppy Program: This program is designed for puppies up to 5 months and focuses on basic obedience commands like sit, stay, recall, walking on a leash, proper greetings and more. The puppy program also includes house-training exercises as well as guidance for how to socialize your puppy in safe environments.

Intermediate Program: This program is for dogs between the ages of 5 months to 18 months and builds upon the foundation training learned in the Puppy Program. Dogs will learn additional commands such as “heel”, “down”, and “place” while refining existing skills such as walking manners and loose leash walking. Socialization with other dogs is also emphasized in this class.

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Advanced Program: This program takes what was learned in the Intermediate level and builds additional skills needed for long term success. Focusing on impulse control, problem solving strategies and fine tuning behaviors, this program will help your dog become an excellent animal companion over time.

CGC Ready Program: This program is aimed at advancing agility levels so that your pup can be reached for AKC Canine Good Citizen certification by taking them through all ten steps of the CGC test with our certified trainer at hand.

Agility Program: For those looking to explore more challenging terrain with their pup or practice better obstacle courses in a secure environment they can turn to this Agility program which requires one-on-one instruction with our experienced trainer who guides you through each level of progression giving confident support every step of the way.

Corkscrew Class: We also offer a special “Corkscrew Class” which is an advanced nosework class where dogs will be trained using scent discrimination activities using cork screws resembling those used in scent identification competitions including learning efficient search patterns around a contained field proving great mental stimulation exercise!

The Instructors of Dog Training Club St Pete

Jenny Smith:
Jenny is the director and founder of Dog Training Club St Pete. She has been training dogs professionally since the early 2000s and has over 15 years of experience in canine behavior modification. She is a certified member of the Pet Professional Guild, Certified Canine Behavior Therapist, Certified Instructor through Pro Trainers International LLC., and a lifetime member of the National Dog Breeders Association.

Students have praised Jenny for her ability to help them understand their dog’s behaviors while being gentle yet firm with their pooches. “My family had oft tried to train our German Shepherd but failed miserably due to lack of experience. Jenny’s guidance helped us understand our little guy’s needs better. We are so grateful!” said one student.

Dave Miller:
Dave has been working with canines since receiving his degree in Animal Science from Florida State University in 2010. He loves helping people understand what their animals need and how to provide effective behavioral training protocols that can help both two and four legged family members feel secure and loved. Dave is a certified Pet Professional Guild member, Certified Dog Behaviorist as well as a Certified Canine Coach through Pro Trainers International LLC.

Dave is known for his compassion when coaching students on behavior modification strategies, as well as providing cutting-edge canine enrichment activities at Dog Training Club St Pete facilitites such as agility courses and nosework exercises. “My lab changes so rapidly when I take him to classes! He really loves all the fun activities they offer us, thanks Dave!” exclaimed one student after completing class with Dave.

The Schedule of Dog Training Club St Pete

At Dog Training Club St Pete, we understand that your canine companion deserves the best training and care possible. We offer a wide variety of classes to suit all needs, from puppy obedience to agility classes. For those just getting started in dog training, there are obedience classes available such as Basic Obedience and Puppy class, focusing on teaching basic commands such as “Come”, “Sit” and “Heel”. Advanced obedience classes such as Off-Leash Heeling and Loose-Leash Walking are also available for those wishing to further their skills. We also offer specialty classes such as Scent Discrimination and Distance Control for more engaged owners looking to give their pets more challenging exercises.

For the more athletic canine enthusiasts, we have agility classes like Jumpers and Agility Tunnels to provide fun and stimulating courses with rewards of toys or treats. Lastly, we have Rally-FrEe & Games which can be seen like an obstacle course made specifically for dogs.

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Our experienced instructors are certified professionals who make sure that owners learn proper techniques so that they can raise happy and healthy dogs in a safe environment. In each class we also focus on raising awareness of pet well-being and foster admiration between owner and dog so that our attendees are able to build strong relationships with their pets. To reserve a spot in one of our upcoming classes, visit our website at www .dogtrainingclubstpete .com/classes . Here you will find a brief description for each type of course plus the dates for upcoming sessions. We look forward to seeing you at Dog Training Club St Pete!

Frequently Asked Questions of Dog Training Club St Pete

Q: Does membership to Dog Training Club St Pete include a trainer?
A: Yes! All members will have access to certified trainers for in-person and online training sessions as part of their membership. Our trainers are experienced in teaching basic obedience skills and more advanced tricks.

Q: Is there a fee associated with being a member?
A: Yes, there is a yearly subscription fee associated with individual and family memberships. There are three tiers of membership ranging from the Basic Subscription at $49 per year to the Premium Subscription at $99 per year.

Q: What additional perks are included with each type of membership?
A: With all three subscription plans, you’ll receive unlimited access to our library of training videos, monthly seminar discounts, priority seating at special events, and priority notification when new classes become available. The Executive Plan also includes 1 complimentary half hour private training session and 15% discounts on other services, including grooming and boarding.

Q: How do I join Dog Training Club St Pete?
A: Simply visit our website and complete the registration form to get started. Use the contact email address below if you have any additional questions or require assistance joining the club.

Contact Email Address: [email protected]

Concluding Remarks

The Dog Training Club St. Petersburg has been a premier destination for dog owners to get help with training their furry friends for quite some time. Along its path to success, the club has seen massive success in helping countless dogs become better-behaved, making them easier and more enjoyable for owners to take care of throughout the day. The trainers on staff at the Club specialize in obedience, potty training, socialization and more, offering an array of services that can help give your pet the structure they need while still enjoying themselves. With proven techniques and ongoing support from our team of experts, there’s no doubt we can help you make your pup more happy and well-behaved. So if you’re interested in giving your pup a special kind of love, make sure to check out the Dog Training Club St. Pete today! Visit to find out more information and sign up right away.

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