Are You Allowed Dogs on Scotrail Trains


Scotrail is the largest train provider in Scotland and is an important part of travel infrastructure throughout the UK. Many people rely on Scotrail to get where they need to go, but sometimes a passenger may want to bring their pet along with them. Therefore, it is important to understand if there are policies in place permitting passengers to bring dogs onboard Scotrail trains.


Small Dogs and Cats:

Small animals, such as dogs or cats may be allowed to travel with their owners on Scotrail trains in pet carriers only. All passengers travelling with small animals must purchase a Pet Travel Ticket in addition to the regular fare. It is important to note that pets will not be eligible for refunds if interrupted due to incidents like train delays. While onboard, pets must remain muzzled and kept in their carriers for the duration of the journey. Passengers with disabilities should declare that they are planning to bring an assistance animal before boarding and contact customer services in advance for any questions about subsidy fares or other regulations. Scotrail also has several designated pet friendly carriages which allow smaller dogs and cats on board without carriers during off peak hours.

Large Dogs:

Travelers who wish to bring their large dogs on board must book their pet under its own ticket and they are responsible for controlling the animal at all times. The dog must have a muzzle at all times while onboard and it is recommended that it stays on its leash unless it is sleep time. Only one large animal ticket per passenger can be used at a time, so if you have multiple animals of this size you will have to purchase extra tickets accordingly. Large dogs may not enter cafes, shops, service counters (with specific exceptions), or First Class compartments while onboard. Additionally, they are not permitted on specified bus services operated by Scotland-based companies during particular events such as football matches where canine behaviour could prove disruptive or dangerous towards customers.


Due to the strength and size of their animals, some passengers may be required to purchase the appropriate ticket for their animal. As well as the obvious safety considerations for both customers and staff, Scotrail have also created additional restrictions for the transportation of dogs on their trains – depending on the type of train service operated. On particular services, customers are allowed only one dog per carriage or two small dogs (providing they are kept in an enclosed basket).

Scotrail do allow passengers to take small animals on board with them but do not count them as part of their overall ticket. However, if customers wish to travel with a pet that is not classed as a ‘small animal’, such as guide-dogs and assistance animals, they must let Scotrail know in advance by contacting Scotrail’s customer service team where they can discuss requests for special exemptions or alternative arrangements that can be made. All journeys must first be approved by Scotrail before attempting to board with any other animal, including emotional support and therapy animals. For these special classifications, it is recommended that all owners have appropriate identification ready at all times in order for staff to grant permission for transportation.

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Pet-Friendly Trains

Scotrail does not permit passengers to travel on its trains with pets, except for assistance dogs who are travelling with their owners. However, the company has a policy called ScotRail Pet Home which allows customers who have a small dog or cat to take them on certain train services as long as they are carried in an approved pet carrier and placed in a designated pet area of the train. These areas are marked with signs and are usually located near a seat row or behind the last passenger seat of each carriage.

Passengers must check that their desired route offers the ScotRail Pet Home service before travelling and booking tickets; this service is only offered on certain trains. Animals must be kept confined inside a pet carrier while onboard, which is also important for safety reasons as smaller animals may cause distraction or annoyance to other travellers. Additionally, an extra seat will need to be booked for passengers using the ScotRail Pet Home service, this covers the cost of cleaning any mess caused by the animal during the journey and ensures comfort to other passengers who do not wish for animals around them.

Preparing for the Trip

If you’re planning to travel by Scotrail train with your pet, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, it is important to note that non-assistance dogs are currently not allowed on board Scotrail trains. However, assistance dogs do have permission and will require a visible harness or tag of identification. Additionally, the owner needs to show documents confirming their dog’s status and contact information should the animal be left unattended on the train. It’s also important for owners of pets travelling by Scotrail train to know that animals must remain in suitable carriers for the duration of the journey and that all waste should be immediately cleared up. Furthermore, certain restrictions apply as to when and where your pet can travel on Scotrail trains depending on the line or station in question – make sure you do your research beforehand. Finally, it is advised that passengers bring their own food and water for their pet to ensure that its nutritional requirements are met during the trip.


No pets are allowed on Scotrail, other than assistance dogs that are in training for charity or accredited groups. If passengers arrive with an unbooked pet at the station, they will be refused entry and asked to make suitable alternative arrangements.

Assistance Dogs:
Only assistance dogs in training for charity or accredited groups may travel on Scotrail trains. The accompanying parties must be able to produce the relevant paperwork showing accreditation before being allowed to board the train. All assistance dogs must wear their identifying jacket while travelling on Scotrail services.

Cats and Small Animals:
No cats or small animals of any kind are permitted on Scotrail trains, not even if kept in a container designed for carrying them. Passengers will need to look into alternate transport arrangements should they wish to bring these kinds of pets with them when travelling on Scotrail trains.

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Other than assistance dogs, no other dog breeds or varieties are accepted as passengers onboard Scotrail trains. This includes larger breeds of cats and dogs not just those more commonly associated with being “small” or “teacup” varieties.

Extra Support

Scotrail trains allow passengers to bring their dogs with them for the journey, provided they follow a few rules. Passengers must purchase a ticket for the animal before taking it on board and it must be kept on a lead at all times. The animal may not travel in the aisles and should stay seated on the floor or upon the customer’s lap at all times during the trip. Furthermore, when traveling during peak hours (7am-10am and 4pm-7pm) between Monday-Friday customers must book in advance and travel off peak hours or seek permission from the Train Manager before boarding.

For newbies, there are many valuable resources available to assist with bringing their pet along with them on Scotrail trains. Firstly they can read up on rules and regulations regarding animals on their official website, which outlines all relevant information around pets traveling on Scotrail’s network. Additionally, customers can check out some online forums dedicated to travelling with pets where fellow passengers have shared tips and experiences from their own journeys. There are also numerous pet travel guides available both online and in print outlet stores that contain detailed advice about travelling safely with your furry friend. Finally, if all else fails customers can always contact Scotrail’s helpline directly who will be happy to answer any inquiries relating to bringing an animal onto one of their trains as well as provide additional support while onboard during the journey.


Overall, Scotrail does not allow dogs, with the exception of registered assistance dogs, on their trains. However, non-explosive pets up to the size of a standard cat or small dog box are allowed provided that the total weight of the pet and its container is no more than 6kg and that they are not taken inside train carriages. Passengers must purchase a Pet Reservation to secure a suitable space near their seat in order to bring their pet along on board. It’s important to remember that all pets must be kept under control and accompanied by at least one responsible adult in the same carriage at all times. Lastly, it’s also vital that passengers bring clean bedding and be prepared to clean up after their pet throughout the journey. Following these guidelines should result in a safe and comfortable journey for both you and your pet.

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