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Celina H is an experienced and passionate dog trainer who specializes in behavior modification, crate training, basic and advanced obedience training. Her methods include positive reinforcement, communication between owners and their pets, and setting expectations for dog-owner relationships. Celina has had great success with both puppies and adult dogs, as every dog is unique and requires a specific program tailored to the individuals needs. She incorporates her vast knowledge of animal behavior combined with playtime activities to create rewarding experiences for both pet and owner.


Celina H began her journey into dog training when she received a three-year apprenticeship from a local trainer in 2014. During this time, Celina dedicated herself to learning the best way to communicate effectively with dogs and their owners. In 2016, she graduated from the apprenticeship program with a certificate of excellence.

In 2017, Celina then decided to open up her own dog-training business. She ran several classes for puppies and private lessons for all levels of dog owners. She built a loyal client base over the next several years as word of mouth spread about her excellent training methods and results.

In 2019, Celina opened up a storefront dedicated solely to teaching owners how to effectively train their dogs and solve any behavioral issues they may be facing. Her dedication was resounding as there were overnight lines at the grand opening event!

In early 2020, Celina had grown her business significantly and even been featured in several local newspapers and magazines promoting the importance of professional dog training services. Later that year, she was awarded with a prestigious Dog Trainer Award due to her immense success in the industry.

Clearly committed to achieving greater heights, Celina has continued expanding her brand further by launching an online pet lifestyle shop in 2021. With more than 10 years experience in dog training under her belt, she continues to provide exceptional services for pet owners across the globe today!

Exploring Different Training Styles

Celina H Dog Trainer has a variety of different training styles that she loves to utilize in order to best train the pups. One primary example is positive reinforcement, which focuses on giving dogs reward-based feedback when they do something correctly or perform a desired action. Adding photos or videos of Celina leveraging treats and verbal praise in order to positively reinforce the pup’s behavior is an great way to illustrate how this training style works in practice.

Largely utilized by professionals like Celina, operant conditioning relies on both positive reinforcement as well as negative punishment in order to encourage good behavior and extinguish bad behavior respectively. Showing clips of Celina increasing desirable behaviors with rewards and reducing problematic behaviors with minimal corrective aggressions are great visuals for audiences to observe this training style in action.

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On the contrary, Celina also practices force-free methods such as clicker training which uses classical conditioning with noise markers that can inform dogs when they are doing something right. Photos or videos of her using clickers paired with treats would help viewers better understand this approach and how it differs from the two before mentioned styles. Finally, Celina often balances out physical actions with vocal commands creating visual demonstrations of these linear strategies that helps convince audiences that simple corrections can be extremely effective.


“Celina H Dog Trainer has been a God-send for our beloved fur family! She was able to teach our two new puppies all the basics in obedience and potty training within just a few weeks. We can now enjoy going for walks and taking them in public with confidence. We would highly recommend her services – she gave us back our sanity!”

“Our experience with Celina H Dog Trainer was incredible! We have four dogs ranging from small to large and they have all made tremendous progress since working with Celina. Our big dog who used to bark at everyone he encountered is now much better behaved on walks, and we couldn’t be happier as pet parents!”

“Celina H Dog Trainer worked diligently with our stubborn pup and showed us how to get through his challenging behavior. It felt like a miracle after months of futile attempts – but she managed an effective strategy that changed not just the environment we lived in but also the relationship between us, too.”

“We had the pleasure of working with Celina H Dog Trainer who was knowledgeable, patient and genuinely dedicated to helping us achieve our goals. Her efforts have transformed our pets from aggressive animals into well-behaved companions that we can trust around visitors or other animals.”


Celina H is a professional and experienced dog trainer, providing a variety of services for today’s busy pet owners. In addition to specializing in basic training, Celina also provides problem-solving sessions that target more difficult behaviors. Additionally, Celina offers private consultations for those needing one-on-one, customized training with their pup and can communicate with local veterinarians as needed. To ensure the best possible results, she follows a positive reinforcement methodology that rewards good behavior, rather than punishing bad habits. For those seeking group classes, Celina offers group lessons covering all the basics such as housebreaking and leash walking. Above all else, Celina always strives to help build the relationship between owner and pet.

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Client Reviews

Celina H Dog Trainer has earned a stellar reputation among pet owners for her incredible skills in training, behavior modification and problem-solving. She is the proud recipient of numerous awards and accolades, including “Dog Trainer of the Year” from Best in Breed Magazine, “Top Dog Trainer of the Decade” from PETS Professional Forum, and “Best In House Training Academy” from Wags Weekly.

In addition to these awards and accolades, Celina has received glowing reviews from her clients all over the country. Owners have expressed their enthusiasm for her comprehensive approach that emphasizes both understanding a dog’s nature as well as positive reinforcement approaches for training. Her individualized attention to each pet helped boost confidence levels in both pets and owners alike. Many owners remarked that they found their furry friends more willing to participate in activities or obey commands due to the confidence they learned while with Celina H Dog Trainer.


If you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable dog trainer, look no further than Celina H. Celina is an expert in canine behavior and has years of experience providing quality advice and support to pet owners. Her unique approach to training is tailored to fit the individual needs of both dogs and their owners. To get a good feel for her style and methods, be sure to connect with her online through her website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube channels. You’ll get even more detailed information from customer reviews, which will help you make your decision. If you have questions or need more detailed information about her services, don’t hesitate to reach out via her contact form on the website. With Celina H as your trainer, you can be sure that your furry friend will learn quickly and safely!

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