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Introduction to Dog Daddy Dog Trainer

Dog Daddy Dog Trainer is a unique and reliable service owned and operated by Jesse Remond. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of canine training, behavior analysis, and leadership. He has been trained and certified in several areas such as Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), Learning Theory, Socialization and Fear-free Kennel Processing through both the Academy of Veterinary Animal Behavior (AVSAB) as well as being APDT certified.

At Dog Daddy Dog Trainer, they specialize in positive reinforcement concepts to bring out the best in your furry family members. Their services range from basic obedience training, agility & sports activities, emotional support dog kindness classes, problem solving and more. They also offer personalized consultations that are tailored to you, your breed specifically and the lifestyle needs of your pet – all within the convenience of your own home. From puppies to Grannie’s old stomping grounds—from those who have had no formal training whatsoever to guardians seeking a more advanced level for their beloved companion animals—Dog Daddy Dog Trainer offers a wide selection of practical solutions for every day life with your pup.

A Look at Dog Training

Dog training is an essential part of a pet’s life, and ensuring the right techniques are used can make all the difference in building a positive relationship with your dog. Dog Daddy Dog Trainer is one of the leading canine specialists in the industry, offering effective and reliable training methods designed to positively engage your pup. Based on years of experience as a professional behaviorist, their team of dedicated dog trainers specializes in techniques like reward-based training which helps build trust by offering treats for desired behaviors. They also implement “escape/avoidance” methods which focus on avoiding punishments and negative reinforcement when teaching new commands.

To ensure they tailor each session specific to each pup and client, Dog Daddy provides individual consultations as well as group sessions to match any lifestyle and budget. Every plan starts with a comprehensive behavioral assessment so that Dog Daddy trainers can design a behavior modification program tailored to each pup’s personality and needs. During these assessments, they carefully examine any troubling behaviors linked to the pet’s environment or experiences such as fear, anxiety or aggression. By addressing these issues early on with appropriate methods for changing responses and building trust, their well-informed strategies equips clients with tools for successful living with their furry friends even after their sessions have been completed. The team at Dog Daddy also regularly teaches classes covering topics like basic obedience commands; walking on leash; puppy socialization; problem solving; housebreaking basics; selecting the right device for Safe & gentle corrections; understanding why dogs do what does; plus much more! Dogs rely on humans for guidance about boundaries and appropriate behavior, so take advantage of professional help when needed. Understanding the needs of your pup is important but so too is having professionals on hand to understand how best to approach these issues constructively in order to encourage healthy communication between pet owners and their beloved best friends!

Benefits of Professional Dog Training

Pet owners can reap a variety of benefits from hiring a professional dog trainer. First and foremost, they’ll be able to learn the basics of how to care for a pet and make sure it is getting the right amount of exercise, food, and other necessities. Additionally, owners will be able to better develop relationships with their animal by understanding its behavior, communication cues and body language. This will enable owners to better tailor training sessions and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Furthermore, seeking out professional help from Dog Daddy Dog Trainer may quickly improve troublesome behavioral issues with canines such as excessive barking or aggression. Professional trainers are equipped to help you find solutions due to their increased knowledge on the subject. Furthermore, this may help avoid negative effects that abnormal behaviors can lead to such as destruction around your home and potential physical harm.

By having input from someone else that knows how to train your pet specifically, you can also prevent common mistakes that novice owners make when attempting to train their animals on their own such as reward/punishment timing being off or even rewarding unwanted behaviour unintentionally. Finally, obedience training classes are often recommended for socialization purposes which helps dogs interact with people more normally while being amongst others in an more adaptive setting than the home environment – leading them towards better inclusion in larger social gatherings like games at dog parks or going on family outings with you.

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Types of Training Available

Dog Daddy Dog Trainer provides a number of services to ensure that your pup has the best training possible. Not only do they specialize in puppy obedience, but also in canine good citizen and advanced dog skills.

For basic obedience, their courses focus on teaching simple commands such as “sit”, “stay”, and “come” using positive reinforcement techniques. They also provide one-on-one training sessions customized to each dog’s temperament and needs. It is important to note that all training takes place at either a three-acre outdoor training facility or the trainer’s office location.

If you are looking for more than just basic commands, Dog Daddy also offers advanced skills such as controlled on-leash walking and impulse control exercises. In addition to these standards, they provide therapy work for issues like fear and aggression, as well as behavioral consultation services for clients looking for advice specific to their pet’s needs.

For those who have completed an initial course of basic or advanced obedience instruction or simply want to sharpen their pup’s manners and socialization skills, Dog Daddy also provides special classes including trick training workshops, scent detection puzzles and agility courses. All courses will help your pooch stay focused with their skillset by thoroughly engaging their mind and body.

To make sure your canine friend is truly well rounded, Dog Daddy offers evaluation tests from the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Program (AKC CGCP). The AKC CGCP assesses dogs’ manners in various environments with other people and animals by monitoring reactions to strange sounds, walking nicely on a leash without excessive barking attracting attention from passersby and responding properly when approached by a stranger. Succeeding in this program will give you peace of mind knowing that your beloved pup has received proper socialization practices that will help them become a valued member of your family—both indoors and out!

Real Life Examples

Story 1:

Hannah had struggled with her rescue pup, Bruno, for weeks. He was aggressive toward other dogs, filled with energy and barked incessantly. She turned to Dog Daddy for help and quickly saw results. After just a few training sessions, Bruno was no longer growling or barking at the sight of other animals, and his energy had noticeably decreased. Thanks to Dog Daddy’s guidance and support, Hannah now enjoys being able to take Bruno out to parks and hikes and feels confident doing so in a safe way.

Story 2:
Amy adopted a rescued Australian Shepherd mix. Tebow was very timid in all new situations and seemed rooted – unable or unwilling to move – when taken outside or introduced to strangers and loud noises. His fear made it very difficult for Amy to bring him along on errands or trips away from home. After spending just one session with Dog Daddy, Tebow was noticeably more trusting when meeting new people; he still remains slightly cautious but is steadily learning how to handle new environments confidently. With each session working a little bit more on making strides in his development, Amy never has to leave Tebow behind anymore!

Ratings and Reviews

Dog Daddy is receiving high ratings and reviews from other pet owners who have used their services. Many have commented on the friendly and knowledgeable team of trainers, praising them for their dedication to helping animals and their owners. Many pet owners have commented that Dog Daddy takes the time to get to know each animal’s individual needs and provides personalized training that produces real results. They feel that the value they receive from Dog Daddy’s services are well worth the investment. Every client has praised Dog Daddy for their expertise in helping pets become better behaved and happier companions. Dog Daddy also receives praise for teaching owners effective strategies for communicating with their dog and addressing issues quickly without having to resort to negative reinforcement. This leaves both pet and owner feeling satisfied with the outcome of the training.

The Dog Daddy Difference

Dog Daddy is a leading dog trainer that specializes in helping pet owners address their dog’s unruly and unmanageable behaviors. Dog Daddy provides a holistic approach to dog behavior modification, striving to find the root causes of problematic behaviors so that they can be addressed correctly and effectively. Unlike many other trainers, Dog Daddy is experienced in and uses reward-based training methods instead of harsh punishments, as these are proven to yield better long-term results than traditional forms of training.

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What makes Dog Daddy stand out from other trainers is their commitment to creating positive relationships between pet owners and their dogs. Through use of operational behavior analysis and personalized advice for each client, Dog Daddy works closely with pet owners to understand the needs of both the canine and its human family. Each session is tailored to the unique challenges facing each team, providing a safe space for both parties to learn how best to communicate with one another and establish clear boundaries where necessary. By doing this, pet owners can quickly realize tangible improvements in their pup’s behavior – all while building stronger bonds between the two.

At Dog Daddy, the goal isn’t just about teaching obedience commands or displaying manners through verbal cues; it’s about nurturing the mental well-being of your dog. With certified professional animal behaviorists on staff, all instructions offered are designed with your pup’s emotional health at top priority – setting them up for success far into adulthood by creating an environment where positive reinforcement rules in every lesson taught.


Q: What types of services does Dog Daddy offer?
A: Dog Daddy is a comprehensive dog training service that offers in-home or private classes, day training, and board and train options. We focus on building positive relationships between humans and their companions by providing structure, consistency, and effective communication skills. We specialize in obedience, behavior modification, puppy development, reactivity/aggression management, service dog training, and more. Additionally, we offer enrichment activities such as agility classes and scent work to engage the minds of our canine clients!

Q: What sets your services apart from other dog trainers?
A: Dog Daddy emphasizes positive techniques to reinforce good behaviors while not punishing dogs for bad behaviors. Our team has years of experience with a wide range of breeds and behavioral challenges; we create individualized programs designed to achieve specific goals set out by pet owners. Most importantly, our goal is not just to provide successful training sessions but also to help build deeper connections between human companions and their beloved four-legged family members.

Cost and Financing

Dog Daddy Dog Trainer offers several different programs to choose from depending on the needs of the client. Programs range in cost from $50 for a Dog 101 course to over $800 for an 8-week Board & Train package. Other services available include puppy and adult private potty training, basic obedience, manners, agility and therapy dog preparation.

For clients interested in financing options, Dog Daddy does provide a payment plan through PayPal Credit. This option allows customers to pay for services in four small installments with 0% APR rather than one larger payment. For even more flexible financing options, there are also loan companies such as CreditEase that specialize in pet care funding. Those who qualify may be able to get extended repayment terms with low interest rates, allowing them to enjoy their pup’s success now while still being able to affordably repay what they owe over time.


Dog Daddy Dog Trainer offers professional dog training and behavior modification services to help create a loving environment between pet owners and their faithful companions. With the help of Dog Daddy, pet owners can look forward to having a well-behaved, happy dog that will enjoy spending time with the family with minimal stress for both the pet and its humans. To get started with Dog Daddy, you can set up a consultation either online or in person to learn more about the services offered and discuss your individual needs and expectations. With years of experience working with dogs of all breeds and temperaments, you can count on Dog Daddy to provide guidance as you create lifelong relationships between you and your pup.

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