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My name is April Frost and I am a professional dog trainer. I specialize in positive reinforcement methods to help pet owners better understand their canine companions. My passion for dogs began at a very young age, when I started volunteering at my local animal shelter. During that time, I witnessed first-hand just how much of an impact proper training can have on the lives of both dogs and their owners, and I knew then that this was something that I had to have a part in.

Since then, I have been honing my craft by studying new and modern methods of training from some of the leading experts in the field. This also includes attending seminars & conferences, reading books/journals written by renowned trainers, and participating in classes with other dedicated professionals.

With over 12 years of experience handling dogs of all breeds and sizes, I now work with clients all across the country. Utilizing positive reinforcement techniques supported by research-based dog psychology principles, my goal is to always provide effective care tailored specifically to meet each individual’s needs. Whether it’s basic obedience or more serious behavior problems such as aggression or anxiety issues, my mission is always to help every client find a healthier relationship with their furry family member through balanced, humane teaching methods.

Alongside my work as a personal trainer I also regularly hold classes and workshops that prime pet owners on the importance of understanding canine behaviors so they can be better companions to their pets. My hope is that everyone learns what it takes to create not only well-behaved pets but lasting relationships based on respect and empathy – something which requires patience and dedication but is ultimately achievable if you believe in it!


April Frost is a professional dog trainer with over 10 years of experience. During this time, she has built an impressive list of qualifications and accomplishments involving her work in the field.

April is a certified Canine Behavior Consultant through the International Institute for Applied Companion Animal Behavior. She has also earned honors from the International Association of Canine Professionals, Dogs 4 Life, and The Humane Society. April is regularly invited to lecture on canine behavior topics at events across the country, further illustrating her expertise in her field.

April also provides personal training sessions to families looking to better understand how their pup behaves and establish closer connections with their pets. Additionally, she offers group classes for any age or skill level, helping individuals achieve various training goals such as basic obedience commands or mastering tricks like fetching or rolling over. Through these services, April seeks to improve relationships between pet and owner for the mutual benefit of both parties involved.

To round off her wealth of experience and knowledge into canine behavior, April invests time staying up-to-date on new research — enabling her clients’ training objectives to remain ahead of changing trends. When not tending to needs related with work or school, April volunteers as an animal shelter foster leader focusing on successful placement efforts for animals searching for “furever homes” in need of responsible ownerships.

Services Offered

April Frost Dog Trainer specializes in helping dog owners better understand how to get the best out of their dogs and train them for something more. They offer a variety of services to meet the needs of all owners and their canines.

April Frost Dog Trainer offers on-leash and off-leash obedience training that is designed to help owners teach basic commands like sit, stay, heel, come, leave it (good behavior in public), and down among others. They also provide advanced training programs such as agility, tricks/games, scent detection, competitions/trials preparation and more. Furthermore, they offer problem-solving programs which includes nuisance barking, unwanted behaviors associated with anxiety or fear, resource guarding/aggression management, leash reactivity and more. Lastly, they offer private consultations where they provide an individualized plan to further help each owner and dog achieve their goals while letting them learn at a comfortable pace.

Overall April Frost Dog Trainer is a great way to give your dog the training experience they deserve! With the range of services offered you are sure to find something that meets your needs.


April Frost is a well-known dog trainer with over two decades of experience in the field. Her methodology emphasizes positive reinforcement training and gentle guidance, but also includes elements of systematic desensitization in her approach. April believes that consistency, clear communication, and trust are essential components to provide effective guidance for any pet.

In particular, April regularly uses positive reinforcement training for teaching basic commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘come’ and she frequently offers treats as rewards for desirable behavior. She also relies on outward praise to encourage and reinforce good behaviors from her students. In addition, April has a propensity for using playtime and toys to engage dogs in the learning process. This reinforces the notion that being trained can be enjoyable rather than a chore or stressful situation.

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Moreover, April utilizes systematic desensitization to gently guide anxious or nervous dogs away from fearful situations that trigger their unwanted behavior. A key point here is that change needs to occur gradually in terms of intensity, duration and frequency during this process, so as not to overwhelm the dog which could ultimately lead to further escalating the behavior or causing more stress.

Lastly, it is worth noting that at the heart of all of April’s work is trust and unconditional acceptance between her and each individual animal she works with – regardless of breed or temperament – allowing her techniques to consistently produce positive results.

Success Stories

April Frost has been a professional dog trainer for over ten years. Throughout her career, she has worked with hundreds of owners and their beloved canines in order to help develop mutually beneficial relationships that stand the test of time.

One success story with April is Sarah and her 6-year-old golden retriever, Hunter. Hunter had always been a wild pup, difficult to control and not understanding boundaries. With hard work and dedication on both sides, they were able to establish an effective training schedule and structure that enabled Hunter to thrive within its home environment. As his new leash skills began to emerge, Sarah was able to leash walk him around the neighborhood with greater ease than ever before. She was even able to take him on hikes with her friends! Toward the end of the program, Hunter was responding reliably to commands off-leash as well!

Another success story from April’s clients is Vernon and his German Shepherd, Bruno. Before working together, Bruno had serious issues with aggression toward other dogs. After many months of dedicated training sessions focusing on introducing triggers for aggression in a positive context, Vernon saw huge improvements in Bruno’s behavior – so much so that he was eventually able to bring him for doggy daycare without any issues. They have also attended obedience classes designed specifically for reactive dogs which has allowed them both to bond better through mutual respect and trust whenever they meet new animals or people outside the home.

No matter the breed or age of the canine companion, April Frost’s extensive experience has taught her several different methods that can be used to achieve successful outcomes when it comes to proper dog training. She regularly works with veterinary behaviorists in order to attain results as quickly as possible while also ensuring that teams such as Sarah and Hunter as well as Vernen and Bruno remain stress free throughout their program.]

One example of a particularly impressive feat accomplished by April is Marjorie’s rescue Chihuahua Jet. At an approximate 12 year old age-range at adoption, Marjorie didn’t think much could be done when it came down teaching any manners or calming Jet down in general however after several months of taking advantage of April’s online or outdoor visits this little pup flourished; becoming less anxious and learning basic commands such as ‘sit’ & ‘stay’. Even more surprisingly was Jet developing recall! An elderly pup never having been trained before exceeding all expectations placed upon him from Marjorie & his new mom thanks greatly thanks duely Marcelina & her proffesional knowldge & experiences regarding dog behaviorism & successful outcomes when it came down overall canine’s health & state of mental being even at very advanced ages!

Training Programs

April Frost is a renowned dog trainer who offers her clients comprehensive training programs and seminars. She specializes in helping all breeds of dogs, from Golden Retrievers and Poodles to German Shepherds and Boxers. Her programs are designed to help create a balance between owners and their canine companions, focusing on obedience training and eliminating bad behaviors such as barking or jumping up.

Mrs. Frost’s expertise has made her a nationally sought-after trainer. For several years, she has held seminars throughout local communities, letting pet owners gain insight into the practice of positive reinforcement techniques. Participants will learn tips on teaching basic commands such as “sit” and “stay” as well as how to prevent aggressive or negative behaviors in their beloved canines.

Mrs. Frost also provides hands-on one-on-one trainings with each client’s specific needs catered to duration depending on the goals set for the program as well as the dog’s responsiveness to different methods of training. With these sessions, Mrs. Frost implements specialized techniques that involve reward-based methods alongside nervous system calming exercises designed to bridge the connection between you and your canine pal for life.

Furthermore, Mrs. Frost offers free monthly classes at various local parks in an effort to provide pet owners with quality instruction at no cost in addition to ongoing support from her team of certified trainers who are available via phone or email around the clock for post-training support questions or concerns regarding their pup’s progress with the program being covered by April and her team of professionals

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Unique Approach

April Frost brings a unique approach to dog training that sets her apart from other trainers. Unlike many trainers, April bases her methods of dog training on understanding the individual animals she is working with. During each session, she will assess your dog’s behavior and personality to determine which approach offers the best chance for success in achieving their goals. She also takes into consideration any physical limitations or medical conditions your dog may have, allowing for an individualized approach that caters to what each particular dog needs.

In addition, April makes sure that the process not only involves you as the owner of the pet, but also those around it who will be affected by its daily decline behavior. She incorporates teaching lessons in this process that cover problem-solving and coping strategies for coping with stressors posed by social challenges or environmental demands. This helps bring about permanent behavioral changes in your furry friend rather than just training it to respond to commands in a specific way every time they are used. With April’s help, not only will you have a well-trained pup but you can also gain tips on how to maintain lasting peace at home.


April Frost Dog Trainer offers several important benefits to dog owners. One of the most important is expertise. With years of experience, April Frost understands canine behavior and how best to train a dog in a particular situation. She also has access to professional-grade training methods and techniques that can help quickly move a pet from disobedience to obedience.

Additionally, April Frost provides personalized attention for each pet she works with. During her consultations and training sessions, she gets to know the individual needs of the pet by talking with their owner and observing the pet’s behavior. This allows her to provide the most effective plan for their specific circumstances.

Another benefit of working with April Frost is convenience. Not only is she available for virtual appointments but also in-person sessions at convenient hours throughout both weekdays and weekends. Additionally, since April Frost offers services throughout Greater Aurora, Illinois and its surrounding areas, many dog owners have easy access to her services without having to travel too far from home.

Finally, when you work with April Frost Dog Trainer you are guaranteed accurate results for your pet’s training needs; this includes positive reinforcement techniques which are used as rewards during obedience training based on age and breed of your dog as well as a personalized support plan that keeps your goals in mind every step of the way. These strategies help ensure long-term success by promoting consistent compliance from your pet over time.

Final Thoughts

April Frost is an exceptional and experienced dog trainer. She has a passion for helping her customers reach their goals with their canine companions, as well as helping the dogs reach their full potential. She offers personalized training programs and works diligently to create a relationship of trust between the dog and its owner. April also takes time to provide ongoing guidance and education to her customers throughout the process. Not only does April help people form successful relationships with their dogs, but she is also dedicated to understanding each individual’s specific needs. Her ability to customize care sets her apart from other trainers, thus making her one of the top experts in this field. Additionally, April’s training techniques involve positive reinforcement and she uses many techniques such as clicker training, problem solving games and shaping behaviors alone or in conjunction with more conventional methods such as obedience drills. All of these methods have resulted in an array of happy dogs that are better behaved due to the teamwork between them, the owner, and April’s expert guidance. April Frost is a savvy, skillful dog trainer who expertly assists clients in establishing solid relationships with their canines through customized sessions and tailored education. The impact that she makes on these relationships has been remarkable as she continues to provide outstanding results for her clients as well as bring joy into their home through healthy companion animals who know how to obey commands correctly.

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