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Always Faithful Dog Training provides an effective, safe, and ethical alternative to traditional dog training methods. With a focus on reward-based training, our approach promotes positive reinforcement while teaching your pet the necessary skills they need. Always Faithful Dog Training utilizes contemporary science-backed techniques to help strengthen your relationship with your pup in a humane way. Our comprehensive and customized approach allows us to effectively target problem areas while avoiding dangerous and outdated techniques such as physical punishment or intimidation. Together, we can create a comfortable environment based on trust and understanding where you will learn how to communicate with your companion in positive ways that build upon their obedience skills.


Always Faithful Dog Training provides comprehensive services to help you and your pup succeed! Our services include:

1. Private, in-person lessons: one-on-one training sessions with an experienced dog trainer to work on leash training, basic obedience, leash aggression, etc. (Picture: A family walking their dog outdoors while wearing a matching collar and leash).

2. Group classes: multiple lessons taught by a trained professional geared toward puppies or dogs of any age. Classes can address basic obedience, agility, trick tricks and more! (Picture: A group of excited puppies playing together in a park with their owners nearby).

3. Online learning resources for at-home self-study that include informational audio and video files which explain techniques like crate training. (Picture: A person sitting in front of a laptop watching an online tutorial video about how to properly train a puppy.)

4. In home behavior consultations in which our dog trainers will use positive reinforcement techniques to address barking, jumping or destructive behaviors. (Picture: A happy family standing next to a calm dog who is listening intently to the trainer’s spoken words).

5. Daycare boarding services for when you go away on vacation or business trips, providing personalized care and plenty of physical activity for your pup while they stay with us! (Picture: A group of energetic dogs playing together supervised by one of our trained professionals).


Always Faithful Dog Training offers pet owners numerous benefits for both themselves and their animals. From its mental and emotional benefits alone, dog training communities can provide much-needed support, advice and resources for both pet owners and pets through the constant presence of experienced professionals, enthusiastic volunteers, and experienced members. Pet owners can gain an increased sense of confidence knowing that their beloved animal companion is being consistently well cared for. Moreover, Always Faithful Dog Training provides beneficial information as to proper nutrition that is personalized to each breed’s unique needs. Furthermore, the formal education in obedience skills offered by Always Faithful Dog Training makes it simpler for owners to communicate with their pup more effectively – reducing stress levels on both ends! For pets receiving the support of this program, they benefit from finding a safe outlet to exercise and let off steam as necessary while being trained on how to properly interact with other animals without aggression. As a result of these activities, many animal companions report feeling more fulfilled mentally and emotionally as they are able to meet their physical/social desires in a responsible way by having access to guidance every step of the way.

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Always Faithful Dog Training is a company composed of dedicated, highly skilled trainers that have decades of experience. Our trainers are certified by the International Association of Canine Professionals and hold qualifications in dog psychology, behavior training, canine nutrition and general health.

“I’m passionate about understanding both the way dogs think and how they learn,” says our head trainer, Sarah. “This knowledge helps me to provide tailored training programs that address specific behavioral problems or develop certain skills such as agility or obedience.”

Another one of our trainers is Dan who has been training dogs for more than 25 years. With his experience, he has developed relationships with many different breeds and understands their individual needs. He also specializes in helping clients control and prevent problem behaviors.

“It’s truly rewarding to witness the progress I can make with a determined pup and their loving owner,” Dan remarks. “That’s why I love dog training – there’s nothing quite like seeing an animal respond positively to your guidance.”


Always Faithful Dog Training is a unique approach to teaching your dog obedience and good habits.

The first step of this process is assessing your dog’s individual needs. The goal of Always Faithful Dog Training is to develop a program that best suits each dog, so it’s important to pay attention to any behavioral issues, such as barking or aggression, and which methods the dog responds best to.

Next, you will need to establish boundaries with your dog. This includes setting routines and rules that you want your pet to follow, such as where they can eat and play, when they are allowed outdoors, and their bedtime. Additionally, always remain consistent in enforcing these boundaries, both inside and outside the home.

Once those boundaries have been set and learned by the pup, you can then focus on teaching specific commands, such as “sit” or “down”. Start off slow with short sessions that gradually increase in complexity after success has been achieved with each task. Positive reinforcement (verbal praise or treats) should be used whenever possible during training sessions as this encourages your furry friend and serves as motivation for him/her learning more advanced tricks or manners better suited for public environments like parks.

After focusing on basic commands it may be time to move onto more difficult tasks you would like your pooch to learn; walking properly on a leash for instance. This exercise will require patience from both the owner and the pup but continue reinforcing good behavior each step of the way while slowly adding more distance or duration in order for your pup not to become overwhelmed with too much all at once.


Always Faithful Dog Training provides personalized and friendly dog training services that are sure to bring out the best in your pup! Our bespoke programs have been carefully tailored to suit each individual’s needs, and are designed to help improve canine behavior, obedience and overall communication. We have always maintained the highest standards of quality and safety for our customers, their pets and their homes, and take pride in the amazing bonds we are building between humans and canines.

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To make it easier for readers who may be interested in our services to find testimonials from other customers whose dogs we have trained successfully, we added an additional filter feature which allows them to sort through reviews by animal type or training program. This means that they can quickly find reviews across all categories written by people with similar types of animals, or participants in similar training programs. This helps prospective customers easily find specific information related to their own circumstances and read genuine feedback from real clients so they can be confident in their decision to choose Always Faithful Dog Training.


Always Faithful Dog Training offers a wide range of services to help you train your beloved pup. Our team of experienced dog trainers are dedicated to making sure you have the best experience possible. Whether it’s teaching basic obedience commands, problem solving behavior issues, or getting your pup ready for their Canine Good Citizen test, our trainers will provide a warm, safe and positive environment to ensure progress. We also offer nutritional advice and recommendations on the right food for your canine companion and even provide individualized potty training programs tailored to fit your lifestyle. To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer a variety of classes and private sessions to meet everyone’s individual needs. To find out more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us via our website with any questions or queries you may have regarding the services we provide. We are here to assist you every step of the way!


Always Faithful Dog Training offers custom, tailored training plans designed to improve the bond between dogs and their owners. Their team of experienced, certified dog trainers are passionate about helping every pet reach their fullest potential by teaching them commands and a variety of behaviors. One spectacular story of Always Faithful Dog Training’s success comes from one of their clients—a woman who had adopted a rescue dog, who was very skittish and difficult to interact with. After several months of training with the team at Always Faithful Dog Training, the once difficult pup was an obedient, loving companion and brought joy to her owner’s life in ways she never imagined possible. The woman said she no longer felt alone since adopting her cherished pet and that Always Faithful Dog Training gave her the confidence and tools she needed to unlock the dog’s true potential as a loving companion.

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