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Success Stories

Always Faithful Dog Training in St Charles Il has many success stories and is always pleased to share them. Some of these stories have involved dog and owner reunions that have been made possible due to faithful training of the pet animal.

One story involves a Rottweiler named “Kai” that had been adopted from a shelter. Kai was untrained, unruly, and sadly unadoptable at the time she arrived at Always Faithful Dog Training facility, however with Maxine’s patience and knowledge her transformation began right away. After only 10 weeks of training Kai was restored back to former adoption-ready qualities. Kai found her forever home with a loving family who loves her very much! The transformation was remarkable and Ever Faithful Dog Training played an enormous role in this experience.

Another amazing story from Always Faithful involved a pitbull/corgi mix called “Chapa”. His owners had recently retired overseas leaving Chapa behind with family members who were unable to manage his behaviors without the support of Maxine and the team at Always Faithful Dog Training. Within 14 weeks Chapa had made remarkable progress in overcoming his fear & issues associated to strangers, loud noises, and other fearful situations thus giving him access to go on walks with his foster family again. Each week Chapa would listen more attentively when being called and follow commands better while also gaining general excitement for his pack leader which allowed him to become well-mannered & obedient despite difficult obstacles he faced prior too beginning classes at Always Faithful Dog Training facility.


Always Faithful Dog Training in St Charles Il offers some of the most comprehensive and successful dog training services in the region. Their trainers are CPR certified, knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of managing pet behavior problems. It is their mission to provide quality instruction to both pets and owners so that happiness levels for each will be optimized.

For those interested in receiving additional information about how to properly train a dog, Always Faithful has compiled a number of resources on their website that any reader can access free of charge. These include guideposts on puppy house-training, understanding basic obedience commands, introducing pets to other animals, advice on nutrition, safety tips when taking your pooch out for a walk and much more. All these tools are designed to help pet owners learn how to identify behaviors unacceptable behaviour and teach them the building blocks of effective obedience training. If members have any questions or concerns regarding training further resources such as books, seminars and online classes may be accessed from their website or their physical office location in St Charles IL.

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Q: What services does Always Faithful Dog Training offer?
A: Always Faithful offers general obedience classes, advanced off-leash training, problem solving, AKC CGC/CGCA/CGCU testing, and canine good citizen preparation.

Q: For what breeds is the training offered?
A: All breeds are welcome at Always Faithful.

Q: Is there an age requirement for dogs taking part in classes?
A: Dogs should be at least 5 months of age before beginning group classes. Puppies between 14–16 weeks old may take part in our popular “Puppy Preschool” class.

Q: How long is each class?
A: Classes last one hour and run over a period of 6 weeks.

Q: What benefits will my dog receive from the training program?
A: Through participation in our classes you and your dog will learn to communicate better. Your pup will learn to listen attentively regardless of distractions and develop proper social skills with people and other animals. You can also gain an understanding of how to best manage your pet in different environments or situations through guidance on effective use of tools such as rewards or correction collars.


At Always Faithful Dog Training in St Charles IL, we understand how important it is for your pup to remain healthy and happy. That’s why we offer a variety of programs to help your pet reach his or her full potential. From basic obedience classes to advanced agility drills and beyond, our experienced staff will be there every step of the way to ensure that your pup learns the right commands and stays healthy and safe. With our group classes, comprehensive private lessons, and special behavioral consultations, you can trust that you’ll be getting the best advice possible when it comes to training. We also provide one-on-one puppy socialization visits, off-leash outdoor sessions, personal safety instruction, obedience training seminars, and more. No matter what your pup needs, you can count on us for the most loving and attentive care available. Check out our videos below which showcase just some of the ways our team has helped pups across St Charles become brighter and better behaved pets!

Special Deals

Always Faithful Dog Training in St Charles, IL is pleased to offer a 10% discount to all new customers and a 15% discount for their returning clients. Additionally, they are offering free use of their outdoor training facility for all new and existing clients. For families with multiple pets that need training, Always Faithful offers special packages that including discounted prices for each additional pet enrolled. They also have a special agility class available by appointment, which allows dogs to not only receive obedience training but also to improve their overall physical health, build strong muscles and improve balance and coordination through fun activities and activities involving skill elements like tunnels, obstacles, jumps, and teeter-totters. For those looking for specialized or advanced training for their dog, Always Faithful can provide private classes taught by experienced instructors who will ensure your pet receives the highest quality education available.

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Always Faithful Dog Training St Charles Il offers comprehensive dog training services tailored to the unique needs of each pet and owner. Our experienced trainers come with years of industry expertise, having taught at a variety of established schools and academies. We always strive to create a safe, encouraging learning environment in which both the pet and its owners can thrive.

The Gallery section of our website is a great resource for those hoping to learn more about the quality of service we offer at Always Faithful Dog Training St Charles Il. It showcases photos from past events, classes, and activities we’ve held at our academy; each photo telling a vibrant story from our many successes! You’ll see pictures from obedience training sessions, agility courses, owner-pet bonding moments, dog shows and much more! Through these visual albums you will get a better understanding of how an individualized approach to dog training can benefit your furry friend’s development as well as your own bond with them.

On-Going Support

Always Faithful provides long-term on-going support to their clients. Through one-on-one training sessions and their Dog Training School, they will work with their clients to ensure long term results are achieved. Always Faithful offers individualized reviews to help diagnose any issues that may arise, so our clients get the best care for their dog or puppy. Additionally, our trainers continue to provide ongoing education and guidance after the initial evaluation period has been completed. They are always available for any questions or concerns that may arise through out the bond of ownership between them and the pup’s owner. By offering regular appointments and check ins with our team members, Always Faithful is able to go above and beyond in helping its clients achieve success in dog ownership.

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