Where to Buy Clicker for Dog Training


Clicker training for dogs is a popular, effective form of positive reinforcement dog training. By providing rewards and positive reinforcement through the use of a clicker, you’re able to effectively and swiftly train your pup in new behaviors. But before you can begin clicker training, you must first purchase the tools: a clicker and treats.

Where To Buy Clickers And Treats: Purchasing these tools is fairly easy. Specialty pet stores have an array of clickers to choose from. You can purchase these in store or online for convenience; however, it is recommended that you buy a few different kinds as some dogs respond better to certain sounds than others. As for treats, now’s the time to consistently reward your dog with something delicious! Make sure that treat selection consists of high value items like liver treats and cheese cubes! Additionally, check with other pet owners- some sources may provide cheaper but still yummy options available locally that would work just as well!

Clicker Training Basics

Clicker training is a type of positive reinforcement animal training that relies on using a sound to reward good behavior, as opposed to punishment and negative reinforcement. A small device called a clicker is used to make the sound, and when pressed it generates a distinctive “click” noise. Whenever an animal performs the desired behavior correctly, they are rewarded with the clicking noise following immediately after. The reward is immediate and often followed by food or other rewards created to entice further behaviors. The clicker serves as an audio bridge for the pet, who will soon associate the behavior with the reward as well as the audible signal emanating from the clicker.

When beginning clicker training, it’s important to ensure you have the technology available and understand where it best fits within your dog’s training regimen. Clicker devices can be purchased quite easily in pet stores, online retailers, and even department stores that specialize in pet supplies. While selecting your device look for ones with adjustable volume so you can set it tone somewhere between comfortable and loud without causing disturbance or stress in other animals nearby; this could lead to disruptive boundaries being formed among multiple animals during group activities or socializations events inside home or outdoors. Bearing quality assurance in mind when buying online could also prove useful during unexpected malfunctioning issue of your clicker device mid-session. Do research ahead of purchase and read customer reviews on their ranged products carefully before deciding which one suits your need better.

Clicker Types

The type of clicker you choose for dog training depends on the needs and goals of your particular dog. Generally speaking, there are two main types of clickers available – manual and digital. Manual, or ‘button’, clickers are small in size and easy to use with just a press of a button. They’re also relatively inexpensive, making them an ideal starter for trainers new to the game. Digital clickers are more expensive than manual units, but they offer far more functionality, like adjustable sound frequencies and volume settings. Plus, they contain many other features that can be used to train dogs in complicated behaviors, such as agility competitions or flyball tournaments.

When it comes to finding the best clicker for dog training, look closely at all the features each one provides and select the one that is most likely to meet your unique needs and suit your individual budget. Consider whether you’ll be using the clicker indoors or outdoors – inside settings require louder sound so that the dog can still hear what it was trained to do over background noise; whereas outdoor environments can be less noisy which may require a lower sound setting. Also think about how often you’ll be using it – a heavy-duty professional model might stand up better to extensive daily usage compared to a cheaper plastic version suitable for occasional use in an exercise class or friendly playtime only. Finally, assess whether you need additional training tools such as lanyards for hands-free carrying or interchangeable shapes for different breeds or physical traits; both these customization options may come in handy when working with multiple dogs simultaneously . Ultimately, by taking all these important elements into account – from pricing range through special attachments and adjustable sounds – you should find yourself with a versatile toolkit suitable for soon-to-be professional results!

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Where to Buy Clicker

One good way to buy a clicker for dog training is to explore both online and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. There are a variety of clickers available in most pet stores. These range from basic models with audible sound clicks to more advanced clickers which use different tones and volumes. Buying locally has the benefit of allowing customers to look, feel, and test the product before making their purchase. Additionally, many pet stores have helpful staff who are knowledgeable about different types of clickers and can help guide customers towards the right choice for their specific situation.

Online retailers also offer an enticing array of dog training supplies including large selection of clickers. Many websites provide detailed product descriptions as well as comparison charts that allow shoppers to make informed decisions when buying a clicker. Furthermore, online retailers often have competitive prices and convenient shipping options, so customers don’t need to worry about paying extra for gas or making multiple trips to the store. Purchases can also be made from the comfort of one’s own home at any time of day or night.

It is highly recommended that shoppers research both online and offline options when shopping for a clicker for dog training – doing due diligence will ensure that they make the right decision for their particular needs and budget constraints.

Clicker Tips for Dog Training

Clicker training for your dog can be a great way to positively reinforce desired behaviors. To ensure you get the most out of the process, here are some tips and strategies you should follow when incorporating a clicker into your dog’s training:

1. Find the Proper Clickers: First and foremost, before you begin clicker training make sure that you buy appropriate clickers for the job. There are several types of clickers available made specifically for dog training, such as handheld mechanical models that require manual pressure to sound off or noiseless vibrating models which produce no more than a small buzz to mark behavior.

2. Trigger Associations: In order for clickers to be effective in establishing positive associations with certain behaviors, it is important for them to always produce the same exact sound consistently so that your dog can make an accurate link between performance and corresponding reward. Try not to change up different models or types of clickers midway through a training program as this will likely derail their progress.

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3. Reward Generously: While it can seem tempting to ration treats during the initial steps of teaching behaviors with a clicker, those rewards should be plentiful and generous! Providing ample rewards reinforces desired behavior and encourages further repetitions so don’t forget this essential step while exercising patience at the same time.

4. Guidance Over Punishment: Clicker training requires consistency above all else- focus on using positive reinforcement like rewards, affection or verbal praise instead of scolding your pup if they make mistakes during their routine; after all, we’re trying to build up recognition of good habits here! Give yourself plenty of margin for error by scheduling regular practice sessions over successive days until information sinks in more reliably.

Clicker Specialty Stores

Dedicated dog training retailers are an excellent resource for buying clickers for dog training. Here you can find a variety of clickers that meet your unique situation and budget. Depending on the store, there may be staff available with valuable knowledge and experience to help guide customers in the right direction. Many specialty stores carry clickers made specifically for certain dog breeds, purposes, or teaching styles. Additionally, some stores off demos in order to try out a style before purchasing it. They will also be knowledgeable about any accessories needed such as wrist-bands and lanyards. Other great options include online dog shops where they offer same day shipping and a wide selection of products with videos and descriptions to explain which one is best suited for your needs. Specialty stores may even have seminars or workshops specific to clicker training as well that could provide added guidance for those just starting out in the world of dog training.


Using a clicker to train a dog is not only an effective way to teach commands, but it can also be quite rewarding. The sound of the clicker immediately provides positive reinforcement which encourages the dog to complete the desired behavior. With regular use, you can build upon that foundation and teach more complex behaviors. It also helps facilitate better communication between you and your pet by allowing them to recognize commands more easily. Clicker training can be adapted for any breed or size of dog and there is no better reward than seeing them learn quickly and happily. For those looking to begin training their pup, investing in the right clicker for your particular needs is essential for success. Various pet supply stores offer different types of clickers that range from basic models for beginners up to more advanced models with multiple tones or additional features like an LED light or whistle. Regardless of your clicker choice, you’ll soon experience firsthand how incredibly rewarding teaching your pooch using this method really is!

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