Well D Dog Training System


The Well D Dog Training System was developed by expert animal behaviorists Bob and Emma Armitage. The system was created to provide pet owners with an easier way to effectively train their pets. It is based on the foundational belief that dogs are capable of learning quickly and that training should be done in a humane way that focuses on positive reinforcement. The Well D system combines the science of animal behavior with time-proven techniques for delivering consistent and effective results. It utilizes subtle, non-verbal command cues together with reward-based methods to help teach your dog how to respond appropriately in different situations. A variety of different tools are used as part of the program, including body language, visual commands, verbal praise and/or treats, depending on what suits the situation best. The goal is for pet owners to become successful team leaders who can clearly communicate expectations and boundaries to their beloved pets while reinforcing desired behaviors with rewards.

What Makes Well D Different

One of the major advantages of the Well D Dog Training System is that it focuses on positive reinforcement. Unlike other dog training systems, which rely heavily on punishment, Well D encourages dogs to behave through reward-based methods. Through positive reinforcement, your pup will learn to associate desirable behaviors with satisfying reward. This not only promotes quicker learning and better behavior in the long run, but also ensures healthier mental development for your pup.

Another reason Well D stands out among other training systems is its progressive approach. This means that instead of expecting immediate results from your pup, you’ll start by teaching basic commands such as sit, stay, and come—and then gradually work up from there. This allows you to build on successes, enabling you and your pup to develop a better understanding of each other’s expectations and create more meaningful bonds together.

Finally, Well D believes in holistic wellness for your dog. Thus, as part of this system, trainers include activities such as canine massage and free play into their programs -all designed to help improve their physical wellbeing while easing stress they may experience after learning new behaviors. These calming activities serve to enhance the overall success rate when introducing new commands or suppressing unwanted ones due to increased feelings of safety and contentment in the puppy or adult dog alike.

Benefits of Well D Training

The Well D Dog Training System is designed to help improve the relationship and communication between pets and their owners. This system helps pet owners understand their dogs better and teach them how to remain obedient, balance behaviors, and overall be happy companions. It provides a foundation of effective guidance through positive reinforcement training rather than forcing obedience through punishment. Through this method of training, your pup will get a newfound joy of learning that is not only planted longterm but inherent in all future interactions within both dogs and humans.

Well D Training also offers crucial information on how to create successful relationships between pets and their owners by helping people make informed decisions about behavior modification techniques such as desensitization or redirection. With these tips, pet owners can modify problematic behaviors without relying on punishment or reprimanding behavior from either party, allowing their dog’s natural instinct for bonding with humans to thrive. Needless to say, when dogs learn properly and understand what those in charge are asking for, the increased respect builds self-control in the canine who must comply with firm commands given with nurture laced within each delivery.

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Learning through rewards offers encouragement when correct actions are displayed hence giving the animal even more reason to learn more tricks faster while interacting fully with human signals, understanding body language is key when speaking with four-legged friends in order to bridge that communication gap efficiently. When it comes to supplying treats at certain times during learning phases treats should be given generously however ensuring consistency in administering rewards allows animal minds room in understanding good choices over bad ones leading towards fast yet gentle results altogether!

Training Tools

Well D Dog Training System utilizes a range of tools to help increase effectiveness and encourage compliance. Some of these tools include positive reinforcement, praise/affirmation, correction, desensitization/habituation, task management, play training, shadowing, human-canine communication games such as obstacle courses or nose work activities. Positive reinforcement utilizes rewards such as treats or toys given to the animal when they display desired behaviors. Praise/affirmation involves verbally communicating appreciation with words and body language when a dog completes a task or does something correct. Correction acts as a “punishment” for undesired behavior and can take multiple different forms such as sound or verbal corrections (e.g., verbal commands like “No!”) through to physical discipline such as scruff shaking. Desensitization and habituation are closely related methods used in tandem to get an animal used to certain situations that make them uncomfortable; such as loud noises or aggressive stimuli from other animals. Task management involves breaking up tasks into manageable chunks and providing direct supervision when teaching new behaviors; it is one of the key features for success with Well D Dog Training system.

Play training is another integral tool in which play interactions utilizing specific cues (silent stay) can help facilitate learning; practice makes perfect! Shadowing employs similar methods but rather than rewarding good technique you would simply move beside the dog while it performs the requested behavior – then offer rewards afterwards. Finally, human-canine communication games are activities that are designed to further enhance the bond between you and your dog while teaching higher levels of obedience – these include interactive play sessions involving agility obstacles or nose work drills that require direction from both participant (human & canine) in order to solve the puzzle (or course). Together these represent the core tools employed by Well D Dog Training System in order strengthen the bond between pet owner & pet while helping you better understand each other!

Advice for Owners

When using Well D Dog Training System, it is important for owners to remain consistent and patient. Before beginning the program, make sure to understand the goals you have set for your dog. It is also key to ensure that everyone in your household understands the training methods and uses them consistently when interacting with your dog. Be sure to reward your dog frequently and positively with treats, toys, or other forms of praise when they complete an assigned task or demonstrate a desired behavior so that they recognize positive behaviors. Lastly, remember to be patient with both yourself and your dog; it can take time for your pup to learn and adjust as you progress through different levels of training.

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The Well D Dog Training System has some amazing testimonials from owners who have seen a positive change in their dog’s behavior after using it. One owner that raved about the system said that she was “astounded at the power of persuasion that Well D has on her furry friend, who had always been difficult to train.” She noted that with just one session of following the program, her dog was able to learn all commands and stay motivated, with no more embarrassing moments. Another owner spoke of how immediately noticeable their dog’s newfound confidence was after implementing the system’s teaching methods; he commented that his pup went from being shy around other people and animals to “a dynamic little social butterfly.” Similarly, yet another customer said that his previously hyperactive pooch began paying attention much better and stopped its obsessive barking as soon as they began using the system—it was quite remarkable!


Q: How does Well D Dog Training System work?
A: The Well D Dog Training System is an effective and easy to use method of training your dog. It uses a combination of positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement techniques, along with clicker training and other methods, to help you teach your pup the behaviors you want him or her to demonstrate. With the help of this system, you can successfully train your dog in basic commands like sit, stay, come, leave it, down, heel and more. The system also includes instructional videos and CDs that guide you through the steps towards teaching your pup more complex tricks. Additionally, it provides helpful tips and advice on how best to reward good behavior while discouraging bad habits.


The Well D Dog Training System is a revolutionary method of teaching dogs that focuses on positive reinforcement rather than punishment. It has been proven to be very effective in helping pet owners bring out the best in their pets, and it has worked with millions of dogs worldwide. The Well D system emphasizes rewarding good behavior using treats and other forms of positive attention. This helps to strengthen the bond between people and their pets, as well as instilling obedience. Unlike traditional methods which require harsh punishments, Well D focuses on rewarding correct behaviors so that dogs learn quickly without feeling threatened or anxious. Furthermore, this system also provides important health benefits: By encouraging controlled playtime and regular exercise, it helps to reduce risk for obesity, diabetes, and destruction of household items due to boredom or stress. Overall, the Well D system is an ideal option for pet owners who want a safe, humane way to bring out the best in their beloved furry friends.

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