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The Sport Dog Field Trainer is an excellent choice for pet owners who want to provide their beloved animal with quality obedience training. This top-of-the-line training system comes with three main components: a receiver, remote transmitter, and a 12-month warranty. The receiver collar has a range of up to 800 yards, giving you maximum control while you train your pet. The tiny transmitter fits conveniently into your pocket or purse, and can be used to issue up to 16 levels of precisely controlled stimulation. Additionally, the convenient LED display on the transmitter will help you keep track of how far away your pet is even in low light or complete darkness. It also includes two collar contact points for improved skin contact as well as non-stimulating pager vibrations for more efficient results. All of these features make the Sport Dog Field Trainer one of the most reliable and efficient dog training systems available today!


The Sport Dog Field Trainer is designed with looks and functionality in mind. It has a sleek, modern design that is sure to please any pet owner’s aesthetic preferences. The unit itself comes with an attractive black faceplate and fluorescent orange strap, allowing it to fit in with a variety of outdoor activities or sports gear. The interior components are sealed away from the elements, so the device will be safe to use even while in wet conditions. Plus, the triangular shape of the case allows for better maneuverability and improve portability when out and about at parks, trails or beaches. The dog’s control points are made from sturdy materials that can easily withstand some wear and tear if necessary. This makes the trainer reliable for both long-lasting training sessions as well as everyday wear.


The Sport Dog Field Trainer is an electronic collar designed to help train and control dogs in the field. This device is equipped with safety features that provide a safer way of controlling and training pets. For example, the device will only give single-tone or tick sound stimulation when activated. This feature helps ensure that the dog never experiences too much stimulation at any given time, reducing the risk of injury. Similarly, the field trainer stops delivering any form of stimulation eight seconds after activation for added safety. Furthermore, this device offers three adjustable stimulation levels ranging from low to high intensity – allowing owners to choose their own level of correction based on the size and temperament of their dog. Additionally, this product includes two roaming warning tones which can be used as auditory warnings in place of electrical stimulation – giving pet owners greater flexibility in how they train their animals. Finally, the Sport Dog Field Trainer also contains a “lock and set” button which allows owners to lock in their selected level of intensity without needing to fiddle with any dials or knobs during training sessions. In summary, this product provides users with numerous practical and safe techniques they can use while out in the field with their pets.


The Sport Dog Field Trainer is recommended for a variety of training levels, from basic obedience to advanced field work. Their unique design of three collar intensities for static stimulation, vibration and tone makes them highly versatile and can be used for a range of training purposes. Depending on the skill level of the user, the Field Trainer has beginner and professional settings, allowing nuances in both contact points as well as strength of stimulation delivered. The Field Trainer is recommended for everyday use, staying with your dog while hunting or any other activity that requires an effective extent over your dog’s behavior. It is best suited to those looking to upgrade their current training techniques or need something simple yet effective when working with dogs in an outdoor setting. Even though this product has adjustable levels of electric stimulation and vibration correction which offer an impressive level of accuracy, it is not suitable for use with young puppies as electric static collars should generally not be used until several months after reaching maturity.

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The Sport Dog Field Trainer is highly customizable. There are four different levels of correction, including beep, vibration, static stimulation (low and medium intensity), and a combination of the last two. It also comes with 15 levels of adjustable intensity for each setting, so you can tailor the training to your unique pet needs. Additionally, the tone and vibration settings come with their own auditory cue. This makes training simpler as the canine will become familiar with these cues over time. The field trainer also comes with a power saving design, allowing users to extend trained session lengths without worry of disruptively draining a battery. Lastly, its ergonomic ‘lighthouse’ design ensures ease of handling and control during difficult training scenarios.


1. Take out the SportDog Field Trainer and make sure you have all the included accessories, such as the receiver/collar, antenna, owner’s manual, charger clip and charging chord.

2. Charge both components of the trainer – receiver/collar and transmitter – overnight or for a minimum of 3 hours.

3. Securely place the collar around your dog’s neck, making sure it is not too tight or too loose and fits snugly against their skin.

4. Understand how to adjust the stimulation level by using the correction level buttons on the transmitter until you find one comfortable for your dog. Selecting a low setting is best when starting out before any training has begun so as not to startle them unnecessarily.

5. Get familiar with how to use each type of stimulation; this includes vibration next to continuous tone-only stimulation that works best in more open environments with minimal distraction from other sounds or scents from around them – that are difficult to pinpoint in order for your dog to understand where to focus their attention on correcting behaviour patterns without creating fear in them.

6. Test out your trainer in an open area away from any possible distractions to ensure proper working order; this also helps form a good bond between you and your pup as they get used to wearing their new accessory while understanding better verbal cues associated with appropriate actions they are being asked to perform by you during training sequences.

How to Use

The Sport Dog Field Trainer is a device designed to help owners effectively train their dogs using the popular e-collar training method.

When using the field trainer, it’s important that you read and understand the product’s instruction manual prior to use. To begin training with the collar, ensure that your pup’s neck is properly fitted with the collar and receiver unit in place, making sure that it is snug but not too tight around their neck. Test the electrical stimulation on yourself first; this will allow you to adjust the stimulation levels appropriately for your pup based on their size and breed. During each training session, provide clear commands followed by corrections when necessary. Make sure to only increase levels of stimulation if needed – often verbal praise should be enough of a reward for good behaviour! Lastly, remembering to always monitor your pet throughout all sessions and never leaving them unattended while wearing a shock collar.


1. Master basic commands first: Before you start introducing more complicated tasks to your pooch,make sure that your dog can sit and stay on command. Teaching these types of foundational behaviors will make using the Sport Dog Field Trainer much easier in the future.

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2. Introduce corrections gradually: Spend time teaching your dog how to respond to the collar’s vibration and sound levels before introducing any type of correction via the trainer’s shock setting. Going straight to shock can cause your canine companion to become fearful of the collar or worse, resentful of you.

3. Reward good behavior: Whether in-person or remote training, reward your pup when they do something right. Reenforce positive behavior with treats, verbal praise, and pats when completing tasks such as fetching a ball or coming when called. Positive reinforcement is key for success with electronic training tools like this one!

4. Know when it’s time to take a break: Like humans, all dogs have their limits too. When you catch yourself forcing outcomes with the Sport Dog Field Trainer, take time away from specific activities or even the entire device altogether until everyone involved has calmed down or cooled off from any tension that may have built up during use.

5. Monitor progress: Make sure you track progress and milestones with your four-legged friend through independent notes or photos taken by a helpful owner who can capture images of performance at different times throughout training sessions so you know what works best for both pet and parent options!.


The Sport Dog Field Trainer is one of the most respected and reliable dog trainers available on the market. This particular product features waterproof construction, multiple levels of stimulation, and a range of up to 500 yards. It is one of the strongest remote training systems available, which allows you to train your dog from a distance.

When compared to other training products on the market, the Sport Dog Field Trainer stands out in a few key areas. One advantage this trainer has over some others is its durability; it is designed with waterproof and shock-resistant outer casing in order to protect its internal components. Additionally, this system boasts a long range of up to 500 yards, which makes it great for both off-leash and recall training. Finally, with just one remote you can control up to three collars – something that many other trainers don’t offer – so you can keep track of multiple dogs at once.


The Sport Dog Field Trainer is an unbeatable tool for helping to train your pet. Many owners have found that it has immensely helped in creating a well-behaved and obedient dog. Not only does it provide clear, concise stimulation, but its four-level static mode and vibration only mode allow you to create a customized training experience to suit your needs. Further, the adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit for all sized dogs, while the waterproof build ensures that no type of weather can disrupt usage. Offering superior control, superior convenience, and superior performace, the Sport Dog Field Trainer is certainly an admirable investment for any owner looking for specific pet behavior modification.

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