Orion Dog Training

Introduction to Orion Dog Training

Orion Dog Training is different from other dog training services because of their thoughtfully holistic approach. They work with clients to build a complete understanding of their needs and the individual needs of their dogs. They develop customized solutions that build on each dog’s capabilities, plus examine the physical and mental state of each dog to ensure long-term success. In addition, Orion Dog Training is highly regarded for their technology-enabled approach that uses remote cameras and online feedback systems so clients can access personalized advice anytime and anywhere. They also pride themselves on providing instructional videos, reports, and one-on-one consultations with seasoned professionals at no extra cost. Finally, they offer a unique “worry-free guarantee,” meaning they will do whatever it takes to ensure satisfaction with their services.

Overview of Services

At Orion Dog Training, we provide a range of dog training services. Our expert trainers have years of experience in finding out what works for individual customers and their dogs. We are fully committed to offering the most effective and efficient training systems available with expert advice from professionally certified instructors.

We offer basic obedience classes, puppy classes, agility classes, problem-solving courses and private behavior consulting. Our basic obedience course focuses on teaching basic commands such as sit, stay and come; while enunciating acceptable behavior in public places. Puppy classes help young dogs become well-adjusted members of the family through positive reinforcement techniques. Agility classes teach canines how to complete obstacle courses accurately and quickly. Problem-solving courses equip owners with the best options for working through behavioral issues that their pet may display. Finally, private behavior consulting is a one-on-one session where clients receive tailored advice based on the specific needs of themselves and their pets.

At Orion Dog Training we are passionate about helping owners build great relationships with their dogs by teaching them fundamental skills that will benefit both them and their canine companion for life.

Experienced Trainers

Orion Dog Training is known for having some of the most experienced trainers in the business. They are highly trained to help owners create a happy and balanced relationship with their dogs, no matter the age, breed, size or level of experience. They use only positive reinforcement techniques to ensure that both the dog and owner can learn in an enjoyable manner. With over 20 years of combined experience each trainer’s wealth of knowledge allows them to creatively share information in a way that any owner can understand and apply.

The trainers understand how important it is for each pet’s individual needs to be taken into consideration when teaching new skills or trying to modify behaviors. This attention to detail allows them to troubleshoot any problem areas quickly while also going at a pace used by both the dog and owner. Additionally, they work hard to guarantee each session will leave both the pet and owner with a feeling of success so that mastering even complex behaviors or commands can happen quickly.

Every trainer at Orion Dog Training has undergone extensive training in the latest research based positive training methods. This dedication not only provides science-backed approaches but it also means they are up to date on all methods available for owners looking for more specific guidance for more difficult behavior issues such as aggression, reactivity or fearfulness. Regardless of an owner’s goals or history working with their pet every support person will have expert insight and strategies ready to implement during each new session.

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Benefits of Dog Training

Dog training offers a multitude of benefits both for you and your canine companion. The physical benefits can include providing an enthusiastic dog with a safe outlet for his energy. Training encourages mental stimulation, which helps reduce boredom that often leads to destructive behavior.

Regular exercise through dog training will also help keep your pup in peak physical condition, which can significantly improve his overall health. This can be beneficial when it comes to taking long walks or visiting the dog park without having to worry about overexertion or potential injury due to lack of conditioning.

On the emotional side, dog training provides a way to deepen your bond with your pup while also teaching him lessons on socialization and obedience skills that go beyond basic commands. By providing your pup with consistent direction and positive reinforcement throughout his entire life, through reward-based relationship-building exercises, he can learn appropriate behavior in just about any situation.

The behavioral benefits of dog training are one of the most profound outcomes of committing time and effort into working with your canine companion’s issues or limitations. Through proper instruction on how to act in all scenarios, from indoors to crowded public places, you can ensure that your pup’s safety is always a priority. Additionally, the confidence that results from this type of learning will help instill lasting trust between you and man’s best friend!

Areas of Expertise

Orion Dog Training specializes in a variety of areas, including:
• Obedience training for basic commands such as sit, stay and heel, as well as more advanced behaviors like recalls, acceptance of handling and distance work.
• Problem solving, which can cover barking, digging, chewing and pulling on the leash.
• Behavioral modification techniques that are designed to help dogs suffering from aggression, fear or anxiety issues.
• Tracking exercises with positive reinforcement methods.
• Clicker training to engage owners in their dog’s education with positive rewards.
• Specialty classes such as rally obedience or agility courses aimed to enhance the bond between humans and their four-legged friends.


“I never thought my dog would be able to obey commands so quickly and accurately, but thanks to Orion Dog Training, he’s a model student! Swapping in and out of sit and stay was impossible before, but now he understands exactly what I want him to do. Highly recommend their services!” – Brad

“We’ve been taking our pup to Orion Dog Training for nearly a year now, and the progress she’s made is remarkable. She used to be quite rambunctious and unruly when following commands, but since attending the classes she can now easily respond to basic cues. We’re very thankful for their patience and knowledge!” – Amanda

“As first time pet owners we were overwhelmed with all there was to learn about caring for our new puppy. After signing up for classes at Orion Dog Training we’ve found ourselves much more comfortable around our furry friend. From showing us tricks for positive reinforcement to providing exercises that helped teach her good behaviors — we are grateful.” – Yolanda

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Success Stories

Orion Dog Training has changed the lives of countless canine companions and their owners for the better. We love to see our clients succeed, so we’ve compiled a list of some of our most successful cases to celebrate them and encourage others who may be facing a similar challenge!

We have come across many different behavior problems that seemed insurmountable before we began working with them. In some cases, dogs with years-long histories of aggression underwent radical transformations after just a couple months working with us. In other scenarios, canines that had previously been withdrawn or shy discovered newfound confidence through obedience training. Some adopted pet owners also benefited immensely from our services, as they were able to learn effective techniques for creating harmony between themselves and new furry family members.

No matter the problem, no matter the breed or age, Orion Dog Training is consistently successful in improving the quality of life for its clients. When you work with us, you are choosing a reliable partner to help you reach your goals and have more joyous experiences with your cherished pup!

Contact Information

Orion Dog Training can be contacted via telephone or email. Customers can call our hotline at 888-678-8776 to talk to an experienced dog trainer and get any questions answered. Alternatively, customers may email [email protected] with inquiries or requests for quotes and prices. We respond promptly to all messages received, so customers may expect a response within 24 hours of submission. For more information, customers are encouraged to browse our website at www.oriondogtraining.com which includes detailed information on the services we provide, how we train different breeds, and more general tips and advice for dog owners.

Closing Thoughts

Orion Dog Training offers a comprehensive dog training program that stands out from the competition, as it emphasizes a holistic approach to training that focuses on both behaviour management and creating an unbreakable bond between pet and owner. The methods used will produce lasting results as it is tailored to meet the individual needs of each dog, including obedience training, socialization, enrichment processing and puppy preschool. Orion Dog Training also offers helpful resources through their online platform such as interactive video tutorials, personalized advice from certified trainers and webinars which provide owners with all the knowledge required for successful long-term training success. The unique benefits of Orion Dog Training have helped many pet owners build strong relationships with their dogs resulting in mutual respect and joy.

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