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Karma Dog Training is the leading provider of professional dog training services and has been in business for over a decade. We specialize in providing customized training programs that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual dog and owner, ensuring immediate results. Our unique training techniques focus on establishing good communication between dogs and their owners which can help improve obedience, increase confidence, and reduce aggression.

Karma Dog Training offers both group classes and private lessons in a safe environment for your dog to learn important obedience skills as well as socialization with people, other pets, or other animals in the vicinity. During these lessons, your dog will be taught basic commands such as sit, stay, down and come along with more advanced commands like heeling off-leash and problem solving behaviors like jumping or barking. Our experienced trainers also use positive reinforcement methods such as clicker training which helps to strengthen the relationship between you and your pet.

Beyond our professionally coached classes, we offer additional services upon request that are aimed at helping both owners and their dogs reach their full potential. These services include: doggie daycare, playtime therapy to combat behavioral issues caused by boredom or stress; specialized behavior modification sessions; agility classes for active breeds; trick-training sessions for motivation; scent work for mentally stimulating activities; nose work for competitive sporting events and much more! We want to make sure every pet owner has access to all of the resources they need to ensure success through proper training methods that yield long lasting results.


Karma Dog Training was founded on the principle of honoring the bond between people and their pets. The company has over 20 years of experience in dog training and continues to grow every day, with staff now located all around the world. They offer a range of services such as basic obedience, agility, therapy and much more. Additionally they also help owners find solutions to common issues like separation anxiety, chewing and aggression. The main objective of Karma Dog Training is to provide both owners and their pets with extensive learning opportunities, based upon kindness and patience.

Karma Dog Training enables pet owners to have the best quality care and education for their four-legged friends in an ethical manner. Their team of highly trained experts help dog owners build relationships of trust with their animals so that each one will reach its maximum potential under compassionate guidance. By focusing on positive reinforcement methods, such as rewards, playtime activities or physical contact as a means of teaching, Karma Dog helps strengthen canine-human communication even further – thus achieving astounding results within short periods of time. Besides offering clients support through private sessions, group classes or consultations over Skype, the company frequently organizes seminars across the United States hosted by renowned specialists in animal behavior.

Comprehensive Services

At Karma Dog Training, we offer a wide range of services to suit both owners and dogs of all ages and levels. Our private consultations provide one-on-one training for your pup based on your goals. During this time, our experienced trainers will assess the same, map out a plan for success, and equip you with the necessary tools to implement the training at home. We also hold group classes to help teach basic obedience such as sit, stay calm and down.

For those looking for more specialized services, we provide private walks which are tailored to individual needs. We will take into account your pup’s temperament and goals in order to create a personalized routine. Additionally, we have various specialty programs such as agility and performance classes. These are geared toward canine athletes who need to stay physically fit while mastering complex skills. Ultimately, these classes helps build confidence which translates into good behavior in everyday life situations.

Dedicated Trainers

Karma Dog Training has a team of dedicated and passionate trainers who have qualifications in behavioral psychology and dog training. Our trainers boast numerous years of experience in the field, with each being certified by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). We are proud that every single one of our trainers exhibits a deep understanding and appreciation for canine behavior and communication. This ensures our clients receive only the very best service.

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We are particularly proud of the success stories we have heard from our customers, such as Debra, who saw incredible changes in her dogs’ behavior after she used our services. She said “My two hounds were quite naughty before I started to use Karma Dog Training. Now they are more relaxed, less anxious and much easier to manage” Another customer, Stanley reported “After signing up with Karma Dog Training, my entire family was able to control balancing act between work and parenthood while simultaneously taking care of an active puppy!” These are just some examples of the amazing results that have been achieved by using our services.

Prices and Payment Plans

Karma Dog Training offers a variety of services and prices to its canine clients and their owners. According to the Karma Dog Training website, their services range from basic obedience training and personal protection dog training, to companion dog behavior consulting. The price list for all of their services is available on their website along with information about payment options.

Karma Dog Training offers customers several ways to pay for their services including credit/debit cards, PayPal orders or cash payments in-store. Customers can also choose from various payment plans when purchasing multiple classes at once to save money. Several of those plans include discounts for first-time customers, three-month prepaid packages featuring two months free training and pay-as-you go installment plan options with discounted rates after all payments are completed.

In addition, Karma Dog Training also offers a money-back guarantee if customers are not satisfied with the results of their service after they complete the session package they purchased. This guarantee ensures that if customers do not feel that they gained adequate insight into how best to address their pet’s behavior concerns then they will receive a full refund upon request within 7 days of completion of the session package.


Karma Dog Training offers a range of services to fit your individual needs. Whether you require an in-person course or an online service, we have the perfect option for you. We provide friendly and professional instructors who specialize in all areas of dog training, with particular emphasis on positive reinforcement methods. Our experienced and certified trainers will help you to better understand how dogs learn and how to best apply that knowledge to building a relationship with your furry friend.

We currently offer services at multiple locations throughout the United States. Our primary facilities include our headquarters in San Luis Obispo, California, as well as satellite locations in Arizona, Oregon, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Washington D.C., plus countless other places across the country where we have connection agreements with partner companies. Taking our approach beyond the physical boundaries of our various centers is a selection of online classes hosted through our website. If there isn’t a Karma Dog Training facility available near you, we can still give you access to all the support you need for successful training with these web-based services.

Our locations range from campus buildings to kennel clubs and organizations that share a similar philosophy when it comes to helping people train their dogs while providing excellent care and socialization opportunities afterwards. We want nothing more than for owners and their beloved pets alike to enjoy well-mannered company that each party can look forward too! No matter what type of dog ownership experience you seek, Karma Dog Training is here to assist you every step along the way – both online and off!


Karma Dog Training is highly regarded for their exceptional service and expertise. Current and past clients consistently praise the training methods being used, with some clients noting that their dogs were completely transformed after completion of the training program. Additionally, Karma Dog Training has earned a variety of industry awards and accolades over the years, including being named one of the “top 10 dog trainers in the nation” by Bark Magazine, as well as voted “best trainer” in several local award shows. With these great reviews and awards, it is no wonder why Karma Dog Training continues to be a leading provider of quality dog training services.

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Karma Dog Training is dedicated to providing you and your pet with the best training experience possible. Our experienced trainers are certified in animal behavior, teaching methods, and different types of training techniques that can help get your dog on the right track. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: What kinds of training services does Karma Dog Training provide?

A: We offer a variety of different training services, ranging from basic obedience training to more specialized services such as aggression, anxiety, reactivity, and leash reactivity. We also provide puppy socialization classes to help puppies learn basic manners and continue learning throughout their life. Additionally, we offer consultations for pet owners who have specific needs or requests regarding their pet’s behavior.

Q: How long will it take for my dog to become fully trained?

A: The amount of time it takes for your dog to become fully trained depends on several factors including age, breed, temperament and other mitigating circumstances. Generally speaking, most dogs require about six weeks of consistent practice and patience in order to achieve the desired outcome and become reliable in their newly acquired skillset. However it is important to remember that different types of behaviors require different levels of training and some may take longer than others to master.

Q: Are there any health requirements needed prior to starting a class?

A: Yes! To minimize the risk of disease transmission we require all participants in our courses are up-to-date on vaccinations including Bordetella (also known as kennel cough), Distemper/Parvovirus combination vaccine (DHPP or DHLPP) and Rabies; this applies not only to the dog but also all humans attending the lessons with them. Additionally we encourage you to consult with your veterinarian regarding microchipping before commencing any classes if it has not been done already as this will make things easier should an unexpected event occur during one of our sessions!

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Karma Dog Training is a unique, highly acclaimed dog training program that offers a variety of advantages and benefits. The experienced trainers at Karma Dog Training specialize in providing clients with the tools necessary to help their dog and themselves form strong, lasting bonds based on respect and trust. Clients can instantly start to recognize results of their pet’s changed behavior while learning more efficient means of communication through positive reinforcement. Not only will clients learn how to train their pup, but they will also be able to understand how dogs think, reason, and behave. As such, Karma Dog Training helps both clients and their canine companion develop the skills needed for effective animal-human relationships. In addition, each session is tailored specifically to meet the needs of each individual client’s unique situation. With dedication and commitment from both the client and trainer alike, anyone can successfully learn what it takes to have a well-mannered pup.

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