Is Waggin Train Chicken Jerky for Dogs Safe


The safety of chicken jerky products for dogs has become a topic of conversation in recent years due to reports of certain supplies of these products being contaminated with material that could potentially be harmful to four-legged family members. Consequently, pet owners are eager to determine whether particular brands of chicken jerky, such as Waggin Train Chicken Jerky, are safe for their furry friends.

Understanding Chicken Jerky

Waggin Train Chicken Jerky for Dogs is considered to be a safe and nutritious snack for most pups. It contains high-quality, American-sourced chicken as the main ingredient with additional natural flavors. This form of jerky tends to have fewer ingredients than traditional dog treats, making it a good choice for dogs with sensitivities or allergies to certain additives and preservatives. As for nutritional value, this type of jerky is a great source of lean protein and has one of the highest amounts in comparison to most other popular snacks at 25g per serving. Waggin Train Chicken Jerky also features added vitamin A and iron, helping keep pets healthy while they enjoy the delicious treat. In contrast, many typical pet snacks are high in carbohydrates and salt but can lack essential vitamins and minerals.

Waggin Train Chicken Jerky

Waggin Train Chicken Jerky for Dogs contains chicken, glycerin, natural flavor, sea salt and garlic powder as the main ingredients. The chicken used is sourced from USDA inspected facilities to ensure a high quality product. Glycerin is an organic compound used as a sweetener and preserves moisture in the jerky. Natural flavor is composed of natural flavors from spices and herbs. Sea salt is added for extra flavor and garlic powder provides an additional layer of flavor. All of these ingredients are safe for dogs and provide nutritional value with lean protein sources for balanced diets.

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Health Considerations

The safety of Waggin Train Chicken Jerky for Dogs is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), one of the most recognized global authorities on food safety and quality checklist standards. The FDA conducts an extensive array of checks and tests on the product, including testing for 7 common food-borne pathogens, to ensure that Waggin Train Chicken Jerky is up to standard with all relevant safety guidelines set out by the organization. Through these rigorous evaluations, you can rest assured that your pet is being given a safe and healthy treat.

Safety Protocols

When it comes to the safety of its Chicken Jerky products, Waggin Train takes several steps to ensure they are safe for your pooch to enjoy. This includes:

• Regular testing at ISO 17025 accredited laboratories to make sure nothing is added or left out that could be harmful.
• Ingredient quality testing and lot-specific examination for heavy metals, such as lead and arsenic as well as other toxins.
• Traceability from manufacturer to store shelf – by recording all stages of the production process in an electronic traceability platform.
• Testing for adequate moisture and water activity levels to keep dry food crisp and flavorful.
• Using clean source ingredients, free from E. coli 0157:H7, Salmonella spp., Sulfites, Yeast Extract and more.
• Microbial contamination testing on every batch of jerky before it’s approved for sale.

Vet and Owner Recommentations

Yes, Waggin Train chicken jerky for dogs is safe for pets. It is made from U.S. farm-raised chicken that has no antibiotics, hormones, or steroids and it is minimally processed to keep the natural flavor intact. The natural taste of the chicken makes it one of the most popular treats among pet owners.

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Waggin Train has received much praise from both veterinarians and pet owners alike. According to customer feedback, many people have found that their dog absolutely loves this product! Dogs enjoy the rich taste of the natural chicken jerky and have been known to seek out these treats as soon as they come home from a walk or a long day at work. Additionally, some veterinarians have recommended these treats in place of regular biscuits since they are more nutritionally sound than other dog treat options. Owners report their dogs love them and seem to be very satisfied with the purchase!


When considering the safety of Waggin Train’s chicken jerky product, it is important to note that the company adheres to strict safety protocols in their production processes. The manufacturer inspects each batch throughout the manufacturing process and tests each product before it reaches store shelves. The jerky is made with 100 percent real chicken and they ensure that the ingredients are naturally preserved throughout the production process to prevent any potential contamination. Additionally, Waggin Train provides full transparency on their ingredient list and they have dedicated customer support staff available in case of any questions or concerns. All in all, Waggin Train Chicken Jerky appears to be a safe and healthy alternative for your pup.

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