How to Train Dogs Minecraft

If you’re a fan of both Minecraft and dogs, then you’re in for a real treat. In the world of Minecraft, there is an incredible opportunity to train your very own virtual dog companion. Not only does training dogs in Minecraft add a new dynamic to gameplay, but it also offers numerous benefits and possibilities that can enhance your overall gaming experience.

One of the major advantages of training dogs in Minecraft is the companionship they provide. A well-trained dog can become your loyal sidekick, ready to explore and defend alongside you. They can accompany you on your adventures, protect you from enemies, and even retrieve items or resources for you. With their assistance, you’ll feel more confident and secure as you navigate through the vast landscapes of the Minecraft world.

Moreover, training dogs in Minecraft allows you to develop important skills such as patience, discipline, and problem-solving. As you teach your virtual canine companion various commands and tricks, you’ll learn how to effectively communicate with them and establish yourself as the pack leader. This process not only strengthens your bond with your dog but also enhances your own ability to interact and connect with others within the game.

In this article, we will delve into the world of training dogs in Minecraft. We will cover everything from understanding the basics of dogs in Minecraft to choosing the right companion and teaching them essential commands. We will explore advanced techniques for teaching tricks and nurturing good behavior through positive reinforcement. Additionally, we will discuss troubleshooting common issues that arise during dog training in Minecraft.

By following our comprehensive guide, not only will you achieve a strong bond with your trained Minecraft dog but also create an unparalleled partnership that will elevate your gaming experience to new heights. So let’s dive right in and discover all the wonderful benefits and possibilities that come with training dogs in Minecraft.

Understanding the Basics

In order to successfully train dogs in Minecraft, it is important to have a solid understanding of the basics. This section will provide you with the essential information you need to know about dogs in Minecraft before you embark on your training journey.

What Are Dogs in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, dogs are friendly and loyal mobs that can be tamed by players. They are commonly referred to as wolves and can become faithful companions on your adventures. Here are some key features of dogs in Minecraft:


To tame a dog, you need to give it several bones, which can be obtained by killing skeletons or found in chests within dungeons or mineshafts. Once tamed, the dog will display a collar around its neck and its eyes will turn blue. Tamed dogs will no longer attack you unless provoked.


Once you have tamed two dogs, you can breed them by feeding them any type of meat (chicken, porkchop, beef). Breeding dogs is useful if you want to expand your pack or if you want puppies for future training.

Pack Behavior

Dogs in Minecraft exhibit pack behavior and will follow their pack leader (which should be you). They also have special abilities such as heightened senses that allow them to detect hostile mobs and help protect you against threats.

The Advantages of Training Dogs in Minecraft

Training dogs in Minecraft offers numerous benefits that can enhance your overall gameplay experience. These include:

  1. Companionship: A well-trained dog can serve as a steadfast companion throughout your adventures, providing companionship and support along the way.
  2. Assistance: Dogs can help locate valuable resources such as ores or buried treasure by digging into the ground when they sense these items nearby.
  3. Defense: Trained dogs are formidable defenders that can protect you from hostile mobs, ensuring your safety and providing peace of mind.
  4. Efficiency: With a trained dog by your side, tasks such as hunting for food or exploring new areas can become more efficient as they assist you in various ways.

Now that you have a basic understanding of dogs in Minecraft and the advantages that come with training them, it’s time to dive deeper into preparing for training in the next section.

Preparing for Training

Gathering Necessary Resources

Before you can start training your dog in Minecraft, it’s important to gather the necessary resources to create an ideal training environment. Start by collecting bones, as these are used to tame and breed dogs in the game. You can obtain bones by killing skeletons or finding them in dungeons.

Additionally, make sure you have a sufficient amount of food. Dogs in Minecraft require feeding, so stock up on meats like raw porkchops or steaks. These will be used as rewards during training sessions.

Lastly, consider creating a dedicated space for dog training. This can be a fenced-in area where you place your dogs and conduct training sessions. Having a separate space will help minimize distractions and create a focused environment for effective training.

Creating a Training Schedule

Just like with any form of training, consistency is key when teaching your minecraft dog new skills. Set aside dedicated time for training sessions so that you can establish a routine and structure.

Consider creating a training schedule that suits your availability and goals. It’s recommended to start with shorter sessions of around 10-15 minutes each day, gradually increasing the duration as your progress. This will prevent your dog from becoming overwhelmed or losing interest.

Remember that repetition is crucial for learning in Minecraft, so incorporate frequent practice into your schedule for better results. Consistency and regularity will help reinforce commands and improve obedience over time.

Setting Up Training Stations

To enhance the effectiveness of your dog’s training in Minecraft, consider setting up specific stations within your designated training area.

One essential station is the “Sit” station. Here, you should place blocks to create steps leading up to different heights or platforms. Use the “sit” command to make your dog jump from stair to stair or platform to platform while rewarding them with treats at each successful landing.

You can also set up a “Stay” station by placing fences or gates to create a confined space. Practice the “stay” command and gradually increase the distance between you and your dog as they become more reliable at staying in place.

The “Come” station is another important addition to your training area. Use signs or blocks to create a pathway for your dog to follow. Start with short distances and gradually increase the length of the pathway, rewarding your dog with treats once they successfully reach you.

By setting up these training stations, you can focus on teaching specific commands and behaviors while providing clear visual cues for your dog in Minecraft.

Choosing the Right Dog

When it comes to training dogs in Minecraft, choosing the right companion is crucial. Each dog has its own unique traits and characteristics that can enhance your gameplay experience. In this section, we will explore how to find and tame the perfect canine companion for your adventures in Minecraft.

Finding Wolves

In Minecraft, wolves are the base animal from which dogs are derived. They can be found in forests, taigas, giant tree taigas, and snowy tundras. Look out for packs of wolves roaming around these areas. Once you spot a wolf that catches your eye, approach it with caution and make sure you have enough bones in your inventory.

Taming Wolves

Taming a wolf requires patience and a steady supply of bones. To tame a wolf, simply right-click on it while holding a bone in your hand. The bone will be consumed, indicating that the wolf has accepted you as its owner. At this point, hearts will appear above the wolf’s head, indicating that it is now tamed.

Benefits of Taming Dogs

Once tamed, wolves turn into loyal dogs that can provide several benefits during your Minecraft adventures. Dogs can defend you against hostile mobs such as zombies and skeletons, making them excellent companions for cave exploration or battling enemies. Additionally, they can also help you locate valuable resources such as buried treasure or spawners by wagging their tails when near them.

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By carefully selecting and taming the right dog for your Minecraft world, you can ensure a strong partnership and an enjoyable gaming experience. Remember to choose dogs with desirable traits that align with your goals in the game. So go out there, find your perfect companion and embark on unforgettable adventures together.

Establishing the Pack Leader

Building trust and respect with your Minecraft dog is crucial in establishing yourself as the pack leader. When you are seen as the leader, your dog will listen to your commands and be more responsive during training sessions. Here are some key steps to help you establish yourself as the pack leader in Minecraft:

  1. Consistency: Dogs in Minecraft, much like their real-life counterparts, thrive on consistency. It is important to be consistent in your interactions with your dog. Use the same tone of voice and gestures when giving commands, and make sure to follow through with those commands consistently.
  2. Positive Reinforcement: Rewarding your dog for good behavior is an effective way to build trust and respect. In Minecraft, you can give your dog treats or praise them verbally when they perform a command correctly. This positive reinforcement encourages them to repeat the desired behavior.
  3. Time and Patience: Building trust takes time, so be patient with your Minecraft dog. Spend quality time with them regularly and engage in activities they enjoy, such as playing fetch or going for walks in the game world. By investing time and being patient, you will strengthen the bond between you and your virtual canine companion.
  4. Avoid Punishment: Punishment does not promote a healthy relationship between you and your Minecraft dog. Instead of punishing them for mistakes or disobedience, focus on redirecting their behavior through consistent training techniques. Using positive reinforcement instead of punishment creates a more positive training environment.
Establishing the Pack Leader
Positive Reinforcement
Time and Patience
Avoid Punishment

By following these steps and implementing these key points, you will effectively build trust and respect with your Minecraft dog, ensuring a strong foundation for their training journey.

Teaching Basic Commands

Training your dog in Minecraft is not only fun but also essential in order to fully enjoy the experience of having a loyal companion by your side. By teaching your dog basic commands such as sit, stay, and come, you can ensure that they are well-behaved and responsive to your instructions. In this section, we will explore the step-by-step process of teaching these essential skills to your Minecraft dog.


The “sit” command is one of the fundamental commands you should teach your dog in Minecraft. It allows you to have better control over their actions and prevents them from wandering off or getting into trouble. To teach your dog to sit, follow these simple steps:

  1. Approach your dog and make sure you have their full attention.
  2. Hold a bone or any other type of food item in your hand.
  3. Right-click on the ground beside your dog while holding the food item. This will trigger the sitting animation for your dog.
  4. Repeat this process multiple times until your dog becomes familiar with the command.

Table: Steps to Teach Sit Command

1Approach your dog and gain their attention.
2Hold a food item in your hand.
3Right-click on the ground beside the dog with the food item.
4Repeat the process until your dog learns the command.


The “stay” command is crucial to ensure that your dog remains in a specific location without following you or wandering off. This command can be useful when you need to leave your dog behind at home or when exploring dangerous areas in Minecraft. Here’s how you can teach your dog to stay:

  1. Position yourself in front of your dog.
  2. Raise your hand and extend it towards them as if giving a stop signal.
  3. While doing so, say “stay” clearly and firmly.
  4. Repeat this process several times, gradually increasing the duration of the stay.

Table: Steps to Teach Stay Command

1Position yourself in front of your dog.
2Raise your hand and extend it towards the dog.
3Say “stay” clearly and firmly.
4Repeat the process, gradually increasing the duration.


The “come” command is essential for calling your dog back to you whenever they are exploring or have wandered away from you in Minecraft. It ensures that they return safely to your side and can also be helpful in redirecting their attention during training sessions. To teach your dog to come when called, follow these steps:

  1. Stand a short distance away from your dog.
  2. Crouch down and call their name followed by the command “come” in a cheerful tone.
  3. Make sure to use positive reinforcement, such as giving them treats or petting them when they come to you.
  4. Gradually increase the distance between you and your dog as they become more consistent in responding to the command.

Table: Steps to Teach Come Command


1Stand a short distance away from your dog.
2Crouch down and call their name followed by the command “come” in a cheerful tone.
3Use positive reinforcement when they come to you.
4Increase the distance gradually over time.

Once your dog has mastered these basic commands, you will have established a strong foundation for further training and achieving more advanced skills. Remember to be patient and consistent with your training sessions, as this will greatly contribute to the success of teaching these essential commands to your Minecraft dog.

Advanced Training Techniques

In Minecraft, training your dog goes beyond just teaching them basic commands like sit, stay, and come. Once you have established a strong bond with your canine companion and they have mastered the essentials, it’s time to take their training to the next level by teaching them tricks and special skills. This section will explore some advanced training techniques that can help you enhance your dog’s abilities in Minecraft.

One of the first advanced skills you can teach your Minecraft dog is how to fetch items for you. This can be incredibly useful when exploring or mining, as your dog can retrieve valuable resources for you. To train your dog to fetch, start by dropping an item on the ground and commanding them to pick it up.

Once they have picked up the item, give them positive reinforcement and reward them with a treat. Repeat this process until they grasp the concept of fetching items and begin doing it without command.

Another impressive skill you can teach your Minecraft dog is tracking. Dogs have a keen sense of smell in real life, and this translates into Minecraft as well. To train your dog to track certain items or players, start by selecting a scent for them to follow.

Drop an item or have someone run ahead of you and leave footprints behind. Command your dog to track the scent, encouraging them with treats or rewards along the way. With practice and repetition, your dog will become skilled at tracking in Minecraft.

In addition to fetching and tracking, there are many other tricks you can teach your Minecraft dog such as sitting on command or performing acrobatic feats like jumping through hoops. The key is to break down each trick into smaller steps and use positive reinforcement to encourage their progress. With patience and dedication, you can unlock a whole range of impressive skills for your furry friend in Minecraft.

Advanced Training TechniquesDescription
Fetching ItemsTeach your dog to pick up and retrieve items for you in Minecraft
TrackingTrain your dog to follow scents and track items or players in Minecraft
Performing TricksTeach your dog various tricks such as sitting on command or jumping through hoops

Nurturing Good Behavior

In order to effectively train your dog in Minecraft, it is important to understand the concept of positive reinforcement and reward systems. Nurturing good behavior through these techniques will not only strengthen the bond between you and your virtual canine companion, but also encourage them to learn and perform desired behaviors.

One of the most effective ways to nurture good behavior in your Minecraft dog is through the use of rewards. Rewards can be anything that is desirable for your dog, such as a favorite food item or a special toy. When your dog performs a desired behavior, such as sitting or staying, immediately reward them with their chosen treat or toy.

This reinforces the idea that performing the desired behavior leads to something positive. It is important to be consistent and prompt with rewards, as this will help your dog make the connection between their actions and the reward they receive.

Another technique for nurturing good behavior in Minecraft dogs is through positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement involves giving praise or acknowledgement when your dog behaves appropriately. This can be done through verbal cues or even by patting their head or scratching behind their ears in-game. By consistently providing positive reinforcement, you are encouraging your dog to repeat those behaviors in order to receive praise.

To ensure proper training, it is essential to establish clear guidelines and expectations for your Minecraft dog. Create a set of commands that you want your dog to learn and make sure they understand what each command means. Be patient and consistent with your training sessions, setting aside dedicated time each day for practice.

Overall, nurturing good behavior using positive reinforcement and reward systems is an effective way to train dogs in Minecraft. By utilizing these techniques, you can reinforce desired behaviors and build a strong bond with your virtual canine companion.

Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

Training dogs in Minecraft can be a fun and rewarding experience, but like any training endeavor, it may come with its fair share of challenges. In this section, we will explore some common issues that may arise during dog training in Minecraft and provide tips on how to address them effectively.

One common issue that dog owners may encounter is disobedience. Dogs in Minecraft are programmed to follow basic commands such as sit, stay, and come. However, there may be instances where your dog ignores these commands or behaves in an undesirable manner. To address disobedience, it’s important to reinforce the training foundation you have already established.

Consistency is key – make sure you are using clear and concise commands every time you give an instruction. Additionally, reinforce positive behaviors through rewards such as treats or praise. Over time, your dog will start associating good behavior with positive outcomes.

Another challenge that trainers may face is aggression towards other players or animals in the game. While dogs are known for their protective nature, it’s essential to address aggression issues for a harmonious gaming experience. One approach to addressing aggression is socialization. Introduce your dog to various characters and animals in a controlled setting, rewarding calm behavior when interacting with others. Gradually increase the level of exposure while closely monitoring interactions to ensure safety.

Furthermore, some players might struggle with their dog constantly wandering away or getting lost during training sessions. To prevent this challenge, create boundaries for your dog within the Minecraft world. Utilize fences or leashes to restrict their movements during training until they become more reliable with commands such as “stay” or “come”. Additionally, consider providing landmarks within your training area so that both you and your dog can easily locate each other if separated.

By understanding these common issues and implementing effective strategies to address them, you can overcome challenges and continue building a strong bond with your trained Minecraft dog. Remember, patience and consistency are key to successful dog training in Minecraft. With the right approach, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a well-trained companion who will faithfully follow your commands in the game.

Taking It to the Next Level

Adding Variety with Mods and Plugins

One of the great advantages of playing Minecraft is the ability to customize the game using mods and plugins. These additional features can greatly enhance your dog training experience by adding new commands, abilities, and interactions for your Minecraft dogs. There are a variety of mods and plugins available that specifically focus on improving the mechanics of dog training in Minecraft.

Training Expansion Mods

Mods such as “Doggy Talents” and “Extra Dogs” introduce new skills, behaviors, and commands that you can teach your Minecraft dogs. With Doggy Talents, for example, you can unlock a skill tree for each individual dog where they gain experience points through various activities such as hunting or fetching items.

These points can then be used to unlock special abilities like lightning resistance or increased speed. Extra Dogs expands the selection of dog breeds available in the game, allowing you to choose from a wider range of companions for training.

Advanced Commands with Plugins

Plugins offer even more advanced features when it comes to training your Minecraft dogs. For instance, the “PetMaster” plugin allows you to assign specific tasks to your dogs and customize their behavior based on different scenarios.

You can set them to guard an area, follow specific players, or even go on patrol routes around your Minecraft world. Another popular plugin called “DoggyStyle” offers an extensive list of new commands you can give to your dogs, including gestures like waving or sitting pretty.

Dog Training Challenges with Minigames

The fun doesn’t stop at basic commands when using mods that provide minigames centered around dog training. For example, there are mods available that introduce agility courses where you guide your Minecraft dogs through obstacles like tunnels and jumps within a time limit. These challenges not only provide entertainment but also improve the bond between you and your virtual canine companions.

By utilizing mods and plugins, you can take your dog training in Minecraft to a whole new level. Whether you want advanced commands, additional skills, or interactive minigames, these modifications provide endless possibilities for enhancing your training experience and fostering an even stronger bond with your Minecraft dogs. So don’t be afraid to explore the vast world of dog training mods and plugins available and elevate your Minecraft adventures with your loyal companions.


In conclusion, training dogs in Minecraft can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. By understanding the basics of dog behavior in Minecraft, preparing your world for training, choosing the right dog, establishing yourself as the pack leader, and teaching basic commands and advanced skills, you can build a strong bond and achieve an unparalleled partnership with your trained Minecraft dog.

Through positive reinforcement and reward systems, you can nurture good behavior in your dog and address any common issues or challenges that may arise during training. Troubleshooting problems and utilizing mods and plugins can also enhance the overall experience of training your Minecraft dog.

By investing time and effort into training your virtual canine companion, you not only unlock new possibilities within the game but also develop important skills such as patience, persistence, and communication. The bond that forms between you and your trained Minecraft dog is unlike any other as it is built on trust, respect, and mutual understanding.

So grab your virtual leash, choose a loyal companion from the vast array of dogs available in Minecraft, and embark on this adventure together. With dedication and commitment, you can achieve a strong bond and forge an unparalleled partnership with your trained Minecraft dog. And remember, whether in real life or in the virtual world of Minecraft, a well-trained dog is always a faithful friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you train a wolf in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, training a wolf involves establishing trust and loyalty with the animal. The first step is to encounter a wild wolf in the game’s forests or taiga biomes. Once located, the player should hold out a bone to initiate taming. Right-clicking on the wolf while holding a bone will cause it to enter “tame mode.”

During this period, the player needs to continuously feed the wolf several more bones until it becomes fully tamed. Tamed wolves can be distinguished by their collar color, which changes depending on the dye used on it. Once tamed, they can follow and protect their owner.

Is there another way to tame a dog in Minecraft?

Apart from using bones to tame wolves in Minecraft, there is another way to obtain dogs by breeding them. Players need two tamed wolves of any collar color or dyed variant and feed each one a piece of meat so that they enter “love mode.”

When love hearts appear around both animals, they will breed and produce a puppy dog as their offspring. While breeding does not require additional items like taming does with bones, players need at least two tamed wolves before they can use this method.

How do you make your dog stronger in Minecraft?

To make your dog stronger in Minecraft, you must take care of its health and well-being through various means. One way is by ensuring your dog does not get hurt during combat.

If you are fighting mobs yourself, try protecting your dog from taking damage as much as possible since injured pets may become weak or even die if overwhelmed by enemies. Healing your dog when necessary using raw meat or rotten flesh also helps maintain its strength.

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