How To Train A Therapy Dog

Therapy dogs provide emotional support and comfort to people in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and other facilities. They are also used to help people with autism, Alzheimer’s, and other conditions. Training a therapy dog is not difficult, but it does require time and patience.

The first step in training a therapy dog is to socialize him with as many people, animals, and environments as possible. This will help him become comfortable with new situations and people. The second step is to train him basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and down. Once he knows these commands, you can begin to train him specific tasks for therapy work.

Some of the tasks that therapy dogs may be trained to do include visiting patients in hospitals and nursing homes, providing comfort to people who are grieving, and helping children with autism. Training a therapy dog can be a rewarding experience for both you and your pet.

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