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Heather Pope is a professional dog trainer with a mission to strengthen the unique bond between dogs and their owners. With her experience, expertise and commitment, Heather will help you and your dog create a thriving environment for lasting memories.

Heather believes in using positive reinforcement and science-based training techniques to help build trust and create a safe learning environment. Through the use of fun games and focusing on rewarding good behaviors, she has developed engaging strategies for both you and your pup. Heather has worked with countless breeds from puppies to seniors, creating customized plans that best fit each individual’s goals.

To introduce Heather Pope and her mission as a dog trainer to potential clients, interactive visuals such as videos, audio clips, and photos can be used as part of an informative website or social media platform. Videos of client interactions with their dogs can showcase positive reinforcement techniques in action while highlighting the results of Heather’s work. Audio clips of Heather giving advice or demonstrating commands can provide deeper insight into her methods while evoking emotional connections with viewers. Photos detailing the vibrant connection between people and their pets serve as visual evidence that the power of positive reinforcement works wonders when it comes to fostering mutual trust between human beings and their four-legged companions. Each element taken together serves to effectively communicate Heather’s message about strengthening relationships through rewards-based training techniques.


Heather Pope has been in the dog training business since 1987, drawing on her own experience as a pet owner to provide high-quality canine education. After taking the Canine Behavior and Training course at Northern California Dog Training School in 1991, Heather began specializing in aggressive behavior modification and obedience training. Her unique approach to teaching includes positive reinforcement techniques with motivational treats and humor to reward good behavior.

In 2000, Heather became certified with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). She further honed her skills by attending seminars on aggression modification led by trainers from all over the world. In 2006, she published a book titled Unlocking your Dog’s Potential: A Step-by-Step Guide for Pet Owners.

Heather created her own dog training business, Heather Pope Dog Training, later that same year. Through her company, she provides classes and private consultations which help owners assess their dogs’ needs and learn better ways to communicate effectively with their animals. By always utilizing positive reinforcement methods, she helps both dogs and owners become more confident as they navigate real-life scenarios together.

Training Philosophy

Heather Pope’s approach to dog training is unique in that she emphasizes treating dogs with respect, understanding their body language, and encouraging rather than punishing. She believes in positive reinforcement and reward-based methods instead of punishment-based techniques that other trainers use. Through reward-based methods her goal is to build a trusting relationship between the human and dog while providing clear guidance and leadership from the guardian.

Heather strongly suggests rewarding desirable behavior with treats, toys or praise in order to teach a new skill or modify unwanted behaviors. For example, she recommends practicing simple commands such as sit, down & stay by luring the dog into positions with treats at first and then slowly fading out the treat as time goes on (as long as the dog continues to obey). She also suggests playing games such as fetch or tug of war during training sessions to keep things fun for both the dog and guardian. Heather advocates for de-stressing exercises, including teaching dogs mindfulness exercises like “touch & go” which will help relax them before engaging in training, as well as medical massage with props such as peanut balls & wobble boards.

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Overall, Heather’s approach focuses on building a trustful bond between humans and their canine companions through positive reinforcement. This is different from many other trainers who rely more heavily on punishing bad behaviors while reinforcing good ones. Heather believes that focusing on communication techniques along with physical rewards can help establish a better understanding between guardians and their dogs and create healthier foundations for successful future trainings

Work With Dogs

Heather Pope is a successful dog trainer with an impressive record of success. One case study highlights the work that Heather has done with a particular client and her German Shepard, Daisy.

The owner had contacted Heather in desperation due to the aggression issues Daisy was exhibiting with both humans and other dogs. Under Heather’s careful guidance, she first trained for non-confrontational socialization that enabled Daisy to gain confidence around both unfamiliar people and other canines. As Daisy began to make progress in building her self-esteem, Heather introduced basic commands such as sit, stay, down and come when called as well as distances recalls from steadily increasing. Once these commands were mastered successfully under various distractions, fun games like hidden treat searches or find me got incorporated into the obedience training regime which further developed enthusiasm for learning and increased focus for both send away recalls and positioning designates close to the handler.

Finally leash control became the main focus. In order to promote loose leash walking without pulling ahead, anticipation of commands during transitions while staying focused on the circumstance at hand become paramount reinforced preventative measures against jumping up on strangers barking when least expected or growling when agitated was utilized to great extent decreasing disengagement triggers time by time .

In just three short months of intensive training, both owner and dog have made significant progress towards having Daisy present positively around people and place herself confidently amid group interactions with fellow canines. This result is proof that no matter how challenging the situation may seem you can achieve measurable results through perseverance patience dedication commitment trust and most importantly positive reinforcement methods


Find your pup the perfect trainer with Heather Pope Dog Training!

– Improved Command Recall: Struggling to get your pup to listen to basic commands? Heather can help you achieve that goal in no time.

– Reduced anxiety: Overly anxious dogs can be exhausting, and seeing them sad is a heartbreaker. Let Heather help by sketching out a plan specifically tailored to your dog’s needs.

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– Better Habits: Barking, jumping up on guests – we know these habits make us cringe sometimes. With clear instructions from Heather, you can have a pooch with impeccable manners soon enough.
Visualize the Benefits of Working with Heather!

Charts & Graphs: Visualize how much better both you and your pup will feel when training sessions bring better command recall, reduced anxiety, and improved behaviors over time as positive progress is made.

Infographics: See all the ways each training session could be tailored to your pup’s individual needs while reducing aggression levels and changing inappropriate behaviors into more positive alternatives.

Videos & Photos: Watch through clips and photos as your pup transforms before your eyes into the well behaved family companion you always dreamed of having!


Video 1
Hi, I’m Bruce and I’ve been training my dog with Heather for four months now. She’s taught me tons of great tips to help improve my relationship with my pup and has made it so easy to train him. When we first started, he was too hyper, but as time went on he got more focused and obedient. Heather is absolutely amazing and I can’t believe the progress she’s helped us make! Thanks Heather!

Video 2
Hey there, I’m Jacklyn! My pup loves coming to see Heather because she has a way of making the most stubborn situations feel achievable. She has tools that allow us to get things done quickly, while always having fun together in the process. Training my dog with her has been a total game-changer and I can truly say that our bond is stronger than ever before. Thank you Heather!!


Heather Pope Dog Training provides exceptional professional dog training services. Offering a combination of Positive Reinforcement and Operant Conditioning methods to enhance communication with your canine companion, Heather ensures that the training experience is both beneficial and enjoyable for you and your pooch! Whether you are interested in Obedience Training, Agility, Problem Solving, or playtime fun, Heather has something that suits your needs. She also offers weekly classes for her clients. With dedication to providing quality instruction and meaningful life-long bonds between humans and their furry friends, there truly is no better place to take your pup than Heather Pope Dog Training. If you are looking for an effective and rewarding training program for your pup, contact Heather today!

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