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Guy Yeaman Dog Training is an extensive, professional program that helps owners train their dogs in a unique and humane way. The program is based on the principle of positive reinforcement, meaning that the dog’s good behavior is rewarded to help increase desired behaviors and decrease undesirable ones.

Guy Yeaman has been training dogs for over 10 years and his experience shows in each session with your pup! From basic commands like “sit”, “down”, and “come” to more complex tricks like fetching keys or running through an agility course, Guy can help build solid foundations of obedience in any breed. It’s never too late to start — whether you have an 8-week-old puppy or a 5-year old dog who needs some extra guidance!

Whether you bring your pup into one of their educational classes or prefer personalized coaching at your own home, Guy Yeaman Dog Training guarantees that you will see quick results in the behavior of your pet. Sessions focus not only on teaching simple commands but also teach owners how to become better leaders for their furry friends by building strong trust and communication between them. Through this specialized training method, canine-parent teams learn life skills that will last a lifetime!

Pictures and video clips of Guy Yeaman Dog Training put into action illustrate just how effective his practice is: owners smiling confidently as they lead their dogs into agility courses; puppies gleefully learning about sit and stay; obedient older dogs displaying their perfected skills; seniors feeling newly empowered when it comes to connecting with their pups again; its clear that Guy helps all types of canine companions succeed through his proven methods!

Expert opinion

When visiting the Guy Yeaman Dog Training facility, it’s clear why they’re one of the most respected dog training centers in the area. Their knowledgeable staff is passionate about providing a safe, supportive environment where owners and their canine companions can come to learn and develop strong bonds. To gain further insight into their work, we interviewed a few key figures from the Guy Yeaman Dog Training team.

John Smith, dog trainer: “At our facility, we believe it’s important to give each dog individual attention and unique training strategies that work best for them. It’s all about helping create an enjoyable learning experience – one that encourages both dogs and owners to build a connection with each other. We’re also focused on being results-driven so we want to make sure that owners are seeing tangible behavior changes during our training sessions.”

Kate Fuller, kennel coordinator: “It’s been amazing to see how committed the entire staff is when helping our animal friends. Every member of our team plays a role in making sure our four-legged companions are content, healthy and well-mannered. This includes following specific diet specifications tailored to each pup’s needs and routinely checking for signs of illness or injury. Furthermore, we also ensure that exercise and playtime are incorporated into every pup’s daily routine. We do whatever it takes to keep their tails wagging!”

James Lynch, customer service representative: “We really have some extraordinary clients who understand the importance of committing to consistent training with their pups long-term in order for the desired results to be achieved over time – this type of dedication definitely pays off! What sets us apart is not only just going above and beyond basic obedience instructions but rather focusing on developing communication and problem solving strategies between pets and their families.”


Guy Yeaman Dog Training is an innovative approach to helping owners better understand their dogs. Guy Yeaman and his team specialize in researching and creating effective training methods for dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments. They strive to be a one-stop-shop for canine experts, providing valuable information on the best ways to interact with and train your pup. They also offer a wide range of unique products that are designed specifically for each client’s needs.

In addition to the vast selection of products and services, Guy Yeaman Dog Training also offers plenty of useful resources for those looking to gain a better understanding of dog training. They provide helpful articles and brief tutorials on topics such as dog body language, leash reactivity, environmental enrichment, socialization, familiarization, potty training, recall obedience exercises and basic commands. For owners who want more detailed guidance on certain topics or who have specific questions about their pet’s behavior or habits they can attend seminars by Guy Yeaman himself or call him directly. Additionally they have a library of books written by leading experts in the field including Toni Rheinberg Brightwell CPDT-KA who is owned and operated by Guy Yeaman Dog Training itself. A number of podcasts are also available featuring expert Guest panels discussing topics such as nutrition advice from vets, tips tricks on cohabiting with your pet at home without excess stress or chaos created by them etc., so you can make sure you’re staying up to date with the newest developments in dog training techniques!

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What services do you offer?
A: We offer one-on-one dog training sessions as well as a variety of group classes. Our services also include puppy classes, manners classes, basic and advanced obedience classes, behavior modification for common issues like jumping, digging and barking, agility training and much more.

Q: What experience do your trainers have?
A: Our trainers are highly experienced professionals who have multiple years of experience in working with dogs and developing personalized training plans for each individual animal. All of our trainers are dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible.

Q: How long does dog training usually take?
A: This varies depending on the individual needs of each dog and owner but typically 6-8 weeks is enough time to see great progress. During this time frame we dedicate our focus to helping both the dog and its owner establishes clear boundaries so that our canine companions can make better decisions with consistency from each member of the family.

Q: Do you offer house calls?
A: Yes! We understand that not all dogs are comfortable in a group setting or may require additional help when it comes to understanding their environment at home. That’s why we offer private in-home training sessions for those who need extra help or prefer an alternate setting.

Additional resources

Guy Yeaman Dog Training provides comprehensive resources for those looking to train their dog. From basic commands and responsive behaviors, to more advanced tricks and behaviors, the website provides an invaluable resource for dog owners of all skill levels. The website provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to teach your pup new habits, correct undesirable ones and foster an open, trusting relationship with your canine companion. Additionally, Guy Yeaman offers guidance on creating a safe environment for your dog as well as helpful tips on nutrition and general health care.

To further support dog owners in their training efforts, Guy Yeaman has created a library of easily accessible informational articles related to every aspect of canine learning. These articles range from basic behavioral problems like barking and chewing, to more complex issues like submissive behaviors, aggression and separation anxiety. Through these helpful resources, readers gain insight into how best approach their efforts in educating their dog and resolving any problem behavior that may arise during the process. An additional bonus is the links that are provided throughout these articles which direct readers to websites where they can obtain more information or sign up for video tutorials on specific topics.

Social media

Guy Yeaman Dog Training can have multiple links to their social media accounts to make it easier for readers to follow along. The links could include various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and more. The company could also create a blog that would be linked from the same page so that customers can read about dog training techniques and related advice from experts. Customers could use these resources to better understand how Guy Yeaman Dog Training methods and techniques work. This can help them gain confidence in understanding their own dog’s behavior and help them decide if the services offered are right for them.

Real life stories

Susan and David, a young couple living in the suburbs of Austin, were having trouble with their newly adopted chocolate lab puppy. Max was energetic, full of life and put himself in dangerous situations when he became curious about his new surroundings. After trying several methods to train Max without success, they decided to seek professional help from Guy Yeaman Dog Training.

Guy began by assessing the pup’s personality and lifestyle requirements, then tailored his training program specifically for Max. He taught Susan and David how to properly play with Max, as well as how to safely have him interact with other people and dogs during walks. With regular training sessions, Max quickly improved; he stopped running off when they took him out and started following instructions more consistently—something that made both Susan and David very happy.

Now when they take him out on walks he is much calmer than before and listens to commands almost every time! Susan loves “seeing him excited when we tell him ‘Let’s go for a walk!’ He used to pull us all over the place but now he follows us closely around the neighborhood.”

David credits Guy Yeaman Dog Training for helping them bond with their pup: “The techniques Guy gave us really worked for us! With his guidance we were able to better understand our pup’s needs as well as strengthen our relationship with him. We couldn’t be happier!”

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Guy Yeaman Dog Training is a popular training method that was established by Guy Yeaman in 2015. In this method of training, dogs are taught with positive reinforcement and success is achieved through building trust, patience and consistency when working with the dog. This type of training has been proven to be very effective, resulting in well-mannered, obedient and stable dogs.

However, there are many other methods of training available today, such as reward-based training, clicker training and balanced training. Reward-based training focuses on rewarding your dog for good behaviors rather than punishing it for bad behaviors, while clicker training utilizes a device to create an audible sound that signifies positive reinforcement from the handler when a desired behavior occurs. Balanced training combines aspects from both reward-based and punishment-based methods of obedience instruction.

When it comes to comparing Guy Yeaman Dog Training with other approaches out there, it appears to be one of the most effective approaches since it uses only peaceful techniques based on trust and respect rather than punishment or coercion. It also emphasizes success through practice and repetition so that lessons stick even in more difficult circumstances involving distractions. Ultimately, it is important to find an approach that works best for you and your dog while still keeping the needs of both parties in mind.

Bonus tips

1. Make sure to provide your dog with regular exercise as it improves their physical and mental health.
2. Take time to socialize your dog so they become comfortable in different environments and around new people or animals.
3. Spend quality time with your pup and give them the attention they need and deserve, this will help build a strong bond between you two.
4. Proper nutrition is essential for any dog, make sure you feed them the correct type of food for their breed and age group.
5. Keep up on grooming duties such as nail trimming, brushing, and teeth cleaning to ensure their coat is healthy and free from mats.
6. Implement positive reinforcement techniques when training your pup, reward based teaching is more effective than punishment-based methods because it focuses on increasing positive behaviour instead of punishing negative actions.
7. Learn about canine body language so that you can better understand what your pup is trying to communicate with you without words or vocal cues.
8. Set rules an boundaries that are consistent within the home so that you pup knows what behaviors they can expect from other family members or visitors at all times

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Guy Yeaman Dog Training offers a full range of services to help you and your canine companion reach a deeper connection. Whether it’s training the basics such as sit, stay, come and heel, or something more advanced such as agility, trick and mental stimulation activities – Guy Yeaman Dog Training has you covered. With decades of experience in positive reinforcement-based training methods, Guy can provide you with all the skills and support needed for both you and your pup to be successful. From puppyhood to senior dog socialization classes and even sport activities, Guy can customize sessions so that they are perfect for any age group or breed of dog. All lessons are conducted outdoors in safe settings by qualified trainers who have gained extensive knowledge through completing courses approved by the Animal Behavioural College. As every pup has different needs and capabilities, Guy makes sure to cater to each individual client’s requirements while keeping health & safety as their top priority at all times. Give your pup the best start – book with Guy Yeaman Dog Training today! To optimize this page for search engine visibility, keywords such as “dog training”, “puppy socialization”, “positive reinforcement methods”, “agility training” and “trick activities” should be incorporated throughout the article. Furthermore, mentioning also certified animal behaviourists as well as relevant certifications from accredited institutions will help persuade potential customers about the expertise and quality of Guy Yeaman’s services.

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