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Got Sit Dog Training is a Washington-based company that combines expertise in canine behavior, proactive problem solving, and consistent positive reinforcement training methods to provide successful programs for every dog. Whether it’s a new puppy coming into the home or an adult dog in need of additional guidance and structure, Got Sit Dog Training strives to be a partner for both dogs and their owners on their journey to create strong relationships centered around communication, respect, and trust. Founded by certified professional dog trainer Courtney Wegman in 2013, Got Sit takes an individualized approach to each dog’s needs. With years of experience in canine studies and over 7 years of hands-on expertise in force-free training techniques from remote electroniccollar training to clicker/marker training and treat reward systems, Got Sit has quickly become one of the leading providers in the Pacific Northwest area. What makes Got Sit unique is its focus on not only our abilityto motivate your dog’s good behavior with positive reinforcement systems but also our teachings on how people communicate with their dogs through body language and voice modulation. Owning a well-trained and socialized pup doesn’t have to be difficult! Through knowledgeable instruction, constant feedback and patient learning progressions throughout our consults and classes we strive to make the process enjoyable for both owner and pup alike!

Benefits of Got Sit Dog Training

Got Sit Dog Training is quickly becoming one of the most popular dog training programs available. Its unique approach to training techniques make it highly appealing to dog owners who have found other traditional methods of training their pups ineffective. One key benefit of Got Sit Dog Training is its emphasis on positive reinforcement and relationship building between dog and owner. With the use of reward-based learning, owners are able to form a bond with their pup that rewards good behavior and discourages bad behavior. This in turn facilitates a more loving relationship between the two, as well as healthier behaviors from the pup.

Got Sit Dog Training also makes sure that its classes cover all aspects of basic obedience such as sit, stay, come, heel, drop it and fetch commands. Its comprehensive course list covers more complex exercises such as agility training, scent work, clicker techniques and problem solving techniques too. Additionally, its focus on humane methods of discipline further appeals to those looking for gentle yet effective ways of teaching their pups the right way to behave in any given situation. Finally, Got Sit Dog Training emphasizes safety when working with pups by teaching owners how to properly handle their furry friends and recognize any signs of distress or physical ailment in order to protect both parties involved.

Different Programs

Got Sit Dog Training offers a variety of different programs designed to meet the specific needs of different dog owners. One program is focused on teaching basic commands such as sit and stay, while others involve more complex topics such as tug-of-war, problem solving and aggression.

The training classes can vary depending on the needs of each individual pet, including puppies, adolescents and adult dogs. Some classes focus on housebreaking while others are designed to address socialization issues with other people or animals. For dogs who need special attention, Got Sit Dog Training also provides one-on-one training sessions.

Additionally, Got Sit Dog Training offers specialized courses such as obedience competitions and agility courses. This can help dogs learn how to respond correctly in different settings, as well as help them become better adjusted in public spaces. For those looking for more challenging tasks for their dog, Got Sit Dog Training also offers advanced programs that include scent tracking and search and rescue training.

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Whether you are a new pet owner just looking for basic instructions or an experienced dog handler seeking more complex behaviors, Got Sit Dog Training has something for everyone!

Trainers’ Qualifications

At Got Sit Dog Training, our team members have the highest qualifications and experience needed to be successful in training dogs. All of our trainers are certified by a recognized professional dog trainer organization and have years of experience in working with all types of dogs. Our team has trained hundreds of dogs of all breeds, ages and temperaments, making them knowledgeable and able to develop creative solutions to any type of behavioral problem. They have also attended lectures and seminars related to canine behavior and learning theory conducted by international experts, enabling them to gain insight into the best methods for training different kinds of animals. In addition, each member holds a degree in zoology or other related fields from major universities around the world. This combination of education and experience makes us one of the most qualified dog-training teams in the business.

Results After a Session

Got Sit Dog Training strives to provide you and your pup with the best experience possible. After completing a session with one of our expert trainers, you can expect your dog to understand basic commands better and display better behaviors, even after only one session. Depending on the issue your pup has, our trainer may be able to offer ideal solutions that could resolve their behavioral issues right away.

Additionally, you can expect a clearer understanding of how to handle certain situations and how to tailor your training plan based on each individual circumstance. Our trainers will provide direction and support from start to finish, ensuring that your pooch gets the continued help they need in order for them to comply with commands. We’ll also provide helpful tips that you can use going forward in order for positive outcomes when you are training at home too.

You should also notice a change in the overall relationship between yourself and your pet due to an increase in trust and understanding between both of you. With consistent practice, time spent together during training sessions, as well as advice from our experienced trainers—you’ll likely welcome deeper bonds with them for years to come.

What Sets Got Sit Apart

Got Sit Dog Training offers a comprehensive program that focuses on teaching dogs the proper behaviors in order to live healthily and harmoniously with humans. Its methods are based on positive reinforcement and are designed to be both effective and humane. Got Sit also prides itself on being especially sensitive to challenging problem behaviors, like aggression or separation anxiety.

One of the things that sets Got Sit apart from other training methods is its emphasis on education. Not only do they teach dogs their desired behaviors, but they also make sure owners understand why those particular actions are necessary and how to correctly apply them in any given situation. This helps ensure that people stay in control of a situation, instead of relying solely on hard corrections or punishment. Additionally, Got Sit utilizes regular feedback sessions with each client to assess progress and give support whenever needed—this makes it easy for owners to extend their dog’s training even after the initial program is complete.

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Moreover, Got Sit embraces the understanding that each dog learns differently due to their individual personalities, life experiences, and special needs. This means that their training system has been tailored specifically to meet the needs of a wide variety of pet owners and canines alike. Ultimately, this makes Got Sit an ideal solution for those who want results without sacrificing the enjoyment of being around their beloved companion animals.

Pros and Cons


1. Got Sit Dog Training offers training programs to suit all dog breeds, ages, and problem behaviors.
2. Their certified trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to teach your dog obedience commands, potty training, basic household manners, and more.
3. All owners receive personalized monthly check-ins from their certified trainers to review progress and address any issues that arise during the training process.
4. Got Sit Dog Training’s online platform allows for easy scheduling of private sessions for both owners and their dogs.
5. They offer consultation services to give you advice on addressing common behavioral problems, including barking, biting, clawing furniture, and chewing inappropriate items.

1. While Got Sit Dog Training does offer remote classes in addition to the in-person sessions, some of the most important lessons may be difficult to learn online if you are dealing with intense behavior issues or stubbornness from your pup.
2. The cost of the program can be expensive depending on the length and type of class being taken or the extent of services requested by the owner (e.g., one-on-one consultations).
3. In-person classes are only available in certain geographical areas which could make it difficult for those who live outside their coverage area to get access to them


Q: What different services do you offer?

A: Got Sit Dog Training provides a variety of services, including obedience training, agility training, puppy classes, behavior issues resolution, and more. We customize our approach to fit the individual needs of our clients and their canines. Our team has years of experience helping all types of dogs achieve success in becoming better-behaved companions. Additionally, we also offer private lessons at your home or ours.


In conclusion, Got Sit Dog Training is an excellent choice for any dog owner seeking to strengthen their bond with their pet and improve the overall behavior of their canine companion. Through a combination of positive reinforcement methods and targeted behavior modifications, Got Sit Dog Training can help your pup become more obedient and obedient-minded in even the toughest situations. The company also offers a variety of customizable programs that let you tailor a lesson plan specifically to your pet’s individual needs. While it might take some time to get accustomed to the training techniques, the rewards of seeing your pup happy and well-behaved are worth the effort. With flexible hours, highly experienced trainers, and easy payment options, Got Sit Dog Training is an ideal option for many dog owners seeking guidance in raising a well-adjusted canine family member.

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