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Get It Done Dog Training San Diego is a dog training business that was founded in 2018 with a mission to help owners better understand their dogs and create lifelong relationships built on love, trust, and mutual respect. Our qualified trainers specialize in helping all types of breed and age ranges. We strive to customize each training plan to meet the unique needs of your family by using positive reinforcement techniques, reward-based methods, and practical advice. We provide private sessions for individual owners as well as group classes for multiple dogs. Our services also include puppy socialization and training classes, advanced obedience classes, pet problem solving assessments, behavior modification plans, nutritional counseling and more. Get It Done Dog Training San Diego takes great pride in helping our customers create strong bonds with their furry family members! Live seminars and workshops are available for those who would like to learn more about effectively communicating with their pets. We have an online learning platform where owners can access information from the comfort of their own home or office. Get It Done Dog Training San Diego strives to serve our customers with personalized service and ongoing support custom tailored to each specific dog’s needs.

History of the Company

Get It Done Dog Training San Diego was founded by certified dog trainer, Bruce Smith in 2017. Bruce has been passionate about animal behavior and training since a young age, and has since pursued extensive education on the topic. He has an MBA in Organizational Behavior from Carmel College and is currently finishing his certification as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

The mission of Get It Done Dog Training San Diego is to provide responsible owners with the guidance and support they need to develop confident and well-balanced relationships with their canine companions. Through comprehensive individualized training plans, our goal is to help foster strong mental and physical relationships between dogs and their humans while providing them the tools they need to succeed in any situation. Additionally, we strive to educate owners on positive reinforcement methods that are respectful of their unique relationship with each four-legged family member. Our goal is for everyone involved to have an enjoyable experience so that together we can celebrate success!

Training Philosophy

Get It Done Dog Training San Diego has a unique approach to training that emphasizes positive reinforcement and building a bond between owner and dog. They believe in using rewards to reward desired behavior and redirecting unwanted behavior in order to prevent bad habits from forming. They encourage owners to use body language, voice commands, and consistent behaviors when working with their pup and take pride in helping each pet reach their full potential by understanding their specific needs. Their focus is on teaching dogs practical commands that help them become well-behaved citizens within the community, such as loose leash walking, basic obedience skills, good socialization, addressing behavioral problems like bolting out of doors or eliminating indoors, introducing new objects or experiences. With their customized training plans, Get It Done Dog Training San Diego aims to ensure each pet is receiving individual attention that fits their lifestyle and helps them learn the skills necessary for successful communication & behavior.

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Services Offered

Get It Done Dog Training San Diego provides a variety of training options for dog owners. They offer private 1-on-1 lessons with a certified trainer at their facility, or in-home visits for more personalized attention. Additionally, they also provide “day school” in which your pup can come join other dogs and the trainer for socialization and obedience exercises. Other services include puppy pre-school which helps puppies learn basic commands from an early age, group classes that teach your dog everything from crate manners to leash walking and problem solving, as well as behavior modification courses to help with more difficult problems such as aggression or fear related issues. Finally, they also offer “flex club” memberships which allow you to purchase an ongoing package of training sessions at a discounted rate.

Training Tips

It is important that all owners, regardless of their pet’s age or personality, take the time to understand the best way to approach dog training. Change can be overwhelming for both humans and dogs alike so it’s important that you break tasks down into achievable goals and begin with basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘come’. Also consider incorporating rewards such as treats, toys and praise when your pup follows a certain command. Make sure these rewards are given almost immediately after the behavior has been completed so your pup knows they are getting praised for their good deeds! Additionally, dedicate a specific space in your home just for training sessions to create consistency and structure. Finally, remember to remain patient through the learning process as it takes time for canines to understand the commands that are being taught.

Success Stories

Get It Done Dog Training San Diego offers customers an exceptional solution to managing their dog’s behavior. By offering innovative, tailored approaches and empowered trainers makes them stand out as the leader in dog training in San Diego.

The success stories of Get It Done Dog Training have been plentiful. Customers continually report dramatic changes in their dogs’ attitudes and behaviors during their training sessions, developing a bond between owner and pup that they simply didn’t have before. From basic commands to complex job skills, Get It Done Dog Training has helped customers teach their dogs virtually anything. Some of the success stories include: A small rescue dog learning how to become a therapy animal after moments of distrusting owners who tried previously; An aggressive Chihuahua becoming a loving and gentle companion through civilized manners; A Labrador retriever learning the basics of search-and-rescue missions and trained to detect explosives; Puppies going from unruly pups to obedient family guardians.

Not only are pet owners reporting successes, but Get It Done has been featured on local television programs and renowned publications for their incredible work with pets across all breeds and temperament types, proving time and time again that it is possible for any dog to achieve remarkable results under the right leadership and instruction. Their skilled trainers offer countless benefits not only for your pet but also help foster the relationship between them both, helping create contentment and understanding that ensures your pet is healthy, happy and well-behaved.


Dawn S.

I recently hired Get It Done Dog Training San Diego to help me train my dog, and I’m so glad I did! Their team was very professional and knowledgeable, and made the process of teaching my pup new behaviors so much easier. They took the time to understand my pup’s needs and went out of their way to ensure that he had a great experience. Thanks to their services, my pup is now better behaved and more obedient than ever before! Highly recommend them for anyone looking for quality dog training in San Diego!

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Mary B.
I absolutely loved working with Get It Done Dog Training San Diego! The team was fantastic and they clearly had an amazing knowledge of dogs. They worked closely with me to come up with the perfect plan based on my pup’s behavior issues and were always available whenever I had questions or needed advice. My pup has already made incredible progress since we begun working together, thanks to their invaluable assistance! Highly recommend Get It Done Dog Training San Diego – they will not disappoint!

Accreditation & Certifications

Get It Done Dog Training San Diego is proud to be accredited by the International Council for Certified Professional Dog Trainers. We have achieved certification from the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and hold a certification in Animal Behavior College’s Dog Obedience Program. The trainers at Get It Done are also certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.

Pricing & Packages

Get It Done Dog Training San Diego offers customizable training packages that suit each pet’s unique needs. From basic and advanced obedience to potty training, Get It Done Dog Training provides a comprehensive range of behavior consultations and classes for both puppies and adult dogs. Prices vary depending on the type of program that is chosen, but typically begin at around $90 per class. All packages come with an in-home evaluation to assess a pup’s individual needs, one-on-one personalized instruction, and several follow-up seminars to keep clients up to date on changes or new techniques. Additionally, Get It Done offers flexible payment plans tailored to fit any budget. They accept cash, credit cards, PayPal, Venmo and Zelle as forms of payment.

In addition to these programs, Get It Done also provides private sessions for more difficult behaviors such as fear aggression or anxiety, so no pet is left behind! These sessions are conducted both in the client’s home and at their facility in Downtown San Diego and require a customized plan created by one of their experienced trainers. Private coaching prices depend on the difficulty level of the issue that needs addressing; however they do offer discounts when multiple private consultations are purchased at once. No matter what package is chosen each boat comes with Get It Done’s guarantee that every pet will be trained with patience understanding and empathy – getting results quickly while making sure it’s enjoyable for everyone involved.

Contact Info

Get It Done Dog Training San Diego

Contact Info:

Address: 13372 Olde Hwy 80, El Cajon, CA 92021
Phone Number: 619-445-7661
Email Address: [email protected]

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