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Faithfully Yours Dog Training strives to give pet owners the tools and knowledge they need to be effective trainers for their beloved companions. Our team of experienced, certified trainers will work closely with each owner to help them understand how to utilize positive reinforcement techniques and develop behaviors that can be useful and enjoyable for both the pet owner and their pup.

We recommend taking the time to learn about canine behavior before beginning your training sessions. This will help you understand why certain techniques are more effective than others in different contexts, as well as what motivates your pet in specific situations. Additionally, practice consistency when working with your pup so they understand that you have set boundaries and expect them to be followed.

Creating a routine with your new dog is also highly beneficial throughout the training process—set aside a specific time each day for training sessions and give your pup plenty of rewards when they do the expected task correctly while avoiding punishments when they make mistakes. Positive reinforcement is key in teaching good behaviors rather than trying to suppress bad ones.

Finally, keep your expectations realistic and don’t try shortcuts—good things take time! Taking things gradually can help minimize stress levels for both you and your animal friend; it also gives you an opportunity to develop a strong bond along with teaching them the desired behaviors over time. With patience, practice, support from Faithfully Yours professionals, soon enough you’ll see the results of all of the hard work paying off!

Cost Comparison

Faithfully Yours Dog Training offers a variety of services for pet owners, including private lessons, group classes, and digital training. Private lessons range from $90 to $400 depending on how many sessions you book with the instructor, while group classes cost around $75 with each session lasting 3-4 hours. Digital training allows customers to access digital resources such as online courses, eBooks, YouTube videos, and more. These resources come in packages from $15 to $75.

The investment in Faithfully Yours Dog Trainings services is worth it for a number of reasons. Firstly, you are working with highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who can ensure your pet is getting the best possible education available. Secondly, their prices are fairly reasonable compared to others on the market and they have services to suit all budgets (private lessons & group classes). Thirdly, they offer digital training which makes it even more accessible and cost effective to get quality dog training at home. Finally, they offer free consultations so you can make an informed decision before investing in their services.

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The interviews could focus on how the various trainers started working with Faithfully Yours Dog Training, their experiences, and how the training has helped pet owners. Interviews with pet owners could cover why they decided to work with Faithfully Yours Dog Training, the process of training their pet, and the end results. They could also discuss any challenges they encountered during training and how these were overcome. In addition, an overall summary of the positive outcome from working with this particular dog training program would be interesting to include in the post. This could include stories about significant behavior modifications or fun activities that the dog enjoys doing now that it has been trained properly. The interviews can provide a more in-depth insight into how Faithfully Yours Dog Training is making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Latest News

We at Faithfully Yours Dog Training are excited to announce that we have a special promotion this month! For the entire month of June, new clients can get 10% off their initial visit with us. We specialize in training all types of dog breeds, from the energetic pup to the mature adult. Our trainers are certified and experienced in providing custom solutions for each individual client that come to us for help. In addition to providing obedience instruction, we also provide behavior modification techniques that can be incredibly helpful for homeowners who may be struggling with certain challenges with their dog[s]. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and take advantage of our June special!


At Faithfully Yours Dog Training, we have an abundance of videos and tutorials that can help you to use the training techniques outlined in our post. Our videos and tutorials provide clear visual demonstrations of each technique, allowing viewers to easily see the most effective method for successful dog training. The topics included in our video library cover everything from essential commands to leash training and much more! Additionally, each tutorial is accompanied by written instructions and step-by-step instructions that provide specific guidance on how to use each training technique. With our videos and tutorials as a guide, you can feel confident that you’re taking the right steps towards achieving a well-trained pet.

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Reference Materials

Faithfully Yours Dog Training provides excellent resources to get the most out of any training program. Some of these can be found online in articles and books, while others may require a visit to pet stores or libraries.

Recommended Articles:
– “5 Essential Dog Training Tips You Must Know” by Pippa Mattinson (The Labrador Site)
– “15 Tips for Training a Puppy for an Obedient Dog” by Justin Muchnick (PetHelpful)
– “Dog Training: 10 Commandments for Good Obedience” by Emma Bellavita (CanineJournal)

Recommended Books:
– The Art of Raising a Puppy, revised edition by Monks of New Skete
– Training Your Puppy the Positive Way: The New Guide to Successful Housebreaking and Obedience Training by Sorensen & Holley
– Biting, Chewing and Mouthing Eliminated: A Compendium of Ideas on Solving Aggression Problems in Dogs by Dr. Ian Dunbar

Recommended Websites:
– Cesar’s Way –
– The American Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals –
– Pet Behavior Helper –

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