Dunes Dog Training Club


The Dunes Dog Training Club is dedicated to helping improve the quality of life for all dogs and their owners. We strive to provide cutting-edge training methods based on positive reinforcement that foster both trust and an enduring bond between dog and owner. Our experienced trainers are committed to improving the relationship with you and your pet by teaching practical skills, such as obedience commands, impulse control, proper leash walking, canine good citizen behaviors, potty training, and more. Our goal is to help you build a respectful, healthy relationship with your dog so it can thrive in any environment.

History of Dunes Dog Training Club

The Dunes Dog Training Club was founded in 2000, with the goal of providing quality dog obedience training to all breeds. Today, the club has grown tremendously with members from around the world. Its main mission is to help strengthen relationships between pets and their owners and promote responsible pet ownership through customized training plans for each individual or couple.

At its core, the founding principles and philosophies that guide the Dunes Dog Training Club center on trust, respect, empathy, appreciation and most importantly, responsibility. The club places a strong emphasis on education and guidance as part of its approach, encouraging clients to consider all aspects of a situation before making decisions. This encourages a healthy relationship between trainers and participants; one which is built-up through mutual respect and understanding.

The club also believes firmly in reward-based training methods while simultaneously discouraging punishment over-correction techniques. Anything done during the sessions should be done in context with both human participants and their dogs’ needs. This creates an atmosphere where progress can be made at a reasonable pace rather than by any sort of rush or forcing a certain behavior from an animal through aggressive or pushy tactics. Combined with positive reinforcement techniques based on scientific research, consistent communication strategies are used to ensure smoother transitions for success for both owner and pet alike.

Services Offered by Dunes Dog Training Club

Dunes Dog Training Club offers a wide range of services to help owners raise their loving companions. The club provides puppy socialization classes and obedience lessons for dogs of all ages from puppies to seniors.

The curriculum offered is tailored to individual dog needs, and focuses on positive training methods that build trust approaches between the dog and its owner. Dunes prides itself on teaching humane methods that provide consistent results. In each course, trainers emphasize verbal commands with physical guidance when necessary, doing away with harmful corrective techniques like choke chains or shock collars.

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In addition to obedience training, other services include manners classes focused on stoping jumping and barking behaviors, recall practice and agility courses focusing on obstacles and problem-solving games so pets can find hidden treats. The agility class also helps improve coordination in dogs while they exercise their muscles at a safe pace. For more active breeds and higher energy levels, there is an advanced program which introduces running activities and outdoor scenting challenges That improves confidence, builds focus and decreases barking out of boredom or excessive excitement.

Dunes seeks to ensure that both owners and pets are comfortable with the techniques used because as animal behavior experts they want to ensure they create unique experiences for every animal enrolled in their classes.

Benefits of Working with Dunes Dog Training Club

Cost: Dunes Dog Training Club offers competitive and affordable rates. They offer both one-on-one training as well as group classes at multiple price points, so pet owners can find a plan that works for them.

Professionalism: The staff at Dunes Dog Training Club are professional and knowledgeable. They are certified dog trainers with extensive experience and a commitment to continuing education. They will work with you to create a training plan that caters specifically to your pup’s individual needs and goals.

Effectiveness: The methods used by the team at Dunes Dog Training Club have been proven effective time and time again. Whether you’re dealing with an excitable young pup or an older dog with some unwanted behaviors, their methods work well regardless of age or breed. With consistent practice, owners can expect lasting results from working with Dunes Dog Training Club.


Testimonials from pet owners about Dunes Dog Training Club are incredibly valuable for getting to know the true value of their services. Pet owners can share their personal stories of working with Dunes Dog Training Club from the moment they enrolled their pup until after classes were completed. They can provide insight on how the trainers worked with them to understand their pup’s individual needs, their expertise in dealing with stubborn pups and shy dogs, how long it took for them to see results, as well as what methods proved most effective. It’s also beneficial to hear feedback about any socialization activities offered and if parents truly felt that it made a difference in their pup’s behavior. Additionally, hearing success stories from other pet owners is often very encouraging and can help others decide if they should enroll their own pups in a class taught by the Dune Dog Training Club.

The Future of Dunes Dog Training Club

Dunes Dog Training Club is looking to the future with programs and resources that focus on helping pet owners with their training concerns. They are offering specialized classes and individual consultations to help owners understand their pets better, correct behaviors, improve obedience skills, and provide fun activities that both pet and owner will enjoy. They have designated experts in behavior modification who can advise on treating issues like excessive barking, destructive behaviors, aggression towards other animals or people, separation anxiety, and housetraining.

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In addition to these services, Dunes Dog Training Club will also provide educational materials as well as access to online resources to help owners gain a better understanding of canine behavior. They are dedicated to ensuring all their clients get proper care for their pets no matter the circumstances. As part of this commitment they plan to collaborate with pet sitting services for those occasions where pet parents cannot be there for their furry friends. The Club will also offer nutritional consultations so that owners can make sure their dogs are getting the right food for optimal health.

By providing such a range of programs and resources Dunes Dog Training Club is looking forward to making a positive impact in the lives of pet owners through making sure they have access to quality education and experienced professionals who can help them maximize their relationship with their dog while appropriately addressing any behavioral problems they may face.


Dunes Dog Training Club is a professional pet-training program that offers a variety of services and value-added benefits to help pet owners achieve their goals. The core services offered by the club include basic obedience training, agility training, socialization classes, and puppy programs. Additionally, value-added benefits such as behavior modification courses and owner seminars are available for those seeking advanced instruction. Dunes Dog Training Club provides skilled instructors who have years of experience helping pets achieve their goals through positive reinforcement techniques and successful results. By providing comprehensive training options and caring professionals, Dunes Dog Training Club can assist pet owners in creating healthy relationships with their animals and reaching their desired outcome for their canine companion.

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