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Dogwood Dog Training Memphis was founded in 2011, with the aim of providing high-quality and effective dog training services to the Memphis area. We believe that every pet deserves a well-balanced life, and each dog deserves to be a confident and well-mannered companion. Our experienced trainers focus on positive reinforcement methods to teach your dog basic obedience and advanced skills. With years of experience working with dogs from all sizes, ages, and breeds, we are dedicated to providing your furry family member with top-notch care in a safe, respectful environment. We strive to empower both owners and dogs by tailoring our training programs so they can have the best relationship possible!

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• Quality Training: Dogwood Dog Training Memphis offers quality training that effectively works to change dog behavior in positive ways. For example, an Owner recently enrolled their shy rescue dog in a beginner’s obedience class and noticed improvements within days. They often note how their once hard-to-control pup is now well mannered and listens for commands such as sit, stay, and come.

• Professional Guidance: The knowledgeable staff provides Professional Guidance that is encouraging and supportive throughout the training process. For instance, an owner who was having trouble teaching their dog not to jump on guests had one-on-one private sessions with a trainer who provided helpful tips to help redirect their dog’s energy into more appropriate behaviors.

• Positive Methods: Dogwood Dog Training Memphis emphasizes positive methods of training that reinforce desirable behaviors rather than punishing unacceptable ones. As a result, owners have seen remarkable improvement in their dogs’ attitude as well as obedience. For example, one customer reported seeing a marked change in her puppy’s personality after only 5 lessons with the instructors from Dogwood Dog Training Memphis – going from unruly to attentive and obedient in no time at all!

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Dogwood Dog Training Memphis is renowned for its focus on providing the highest of quality in dog training services. With extensive experience and knowledge, the team at Dogwood are considered to be some of the finest in their field. To really demonstrate this excellence, they often invite industry professionals and veterinarians who specialize in dog training to speak at their services and classes. Whether it’s to discuss advancement techniques, or use of modern tools, these visits provide their members with invaluable insight into all aspects of dog training. At Dogwood, they are dedicated to helping owners gain a greater understanding of their canine companions.

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Basic Training Program: This program is suitable for dogs of all ages. It focuses on positive reinforcement techniques, such as reward-based commands, to help your dog establish basic behavior and obedience. Commands such as “sit”, “stay” and “come” are taught in a short amount of time, and the techniques can be applied to resolve most issues associated with daily life.

Advanced Training Program: This program is designed for older dogs that already have a good grasp of basic commands. It is focused on developing more complex behaviors and skills, such as tricks and agility work. Once your dog has mastered the basics, they can learn to respond quickly to cue words like “heel”. As well as improving physical coordination, this will provide mental stimulation to keep your pup happy and engaged.

Comprehensive Training Program: The ultimate package! As well as covering all aspects from the Basic and Advanced programs, this plan includes extra real-world training scenarios which will help get your dog used to everyday situations such as loud noises or crowds. Group classes are also available at a discount price for customers who sign up to this package – perfect for pups who need more socializing!

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John is an avid dog lover who wanted to give his lovable pup, Daisy, the gift of obedience. After trying every imaginable option from numerous dog trainers, he was still unsatisfied. Until he found Dogwood Dog Training Memphis.

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John’s video review starts off with him thanking Dogwood Dog Training Memphis for their help with Daisy. He states that after only 2 weeks, Daisy had already undergone a complete transformation and has learned commands such as sit and come. He also goes on to explain that the team at Dogwood provided exceptional care and advice throughout his time there and made sure he was comfortable with each step taken throughout Daisy’s training process.

All in all, John concluded his review by recommending this amazing training provider and saying that words could not describe how satisfied he is with the results they helped him achieve.

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At Dogwood Dog Training Memphis, we understand the importance of having a well-trained and well-behaved pup. We offer tailored dog training programs to meet your individual needs and those of your furry friends. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you and your pup succeed in the journey ahead. If you’re looking to improve your pup’s behavior or teach them new skills, enroll with us today! Visit our website to learn more about our programs and how to get signed up. We look forward to working together with you and your pup on their canine success story!

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