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“My dog used to be completely unmanageable – always barking, jumping up on people, and not listening. After a few sessions with Doggie Do Right Dog Training, he’s now a changed pup! He sits on command, stays in the yard without running away, and is so much more well behaved. I’m so thankful for the help of Doggie Do Right – they are amazing!”

– Carl L., Denver

“I was very hesitant to sign up my 3 year old lab for dog training; he was so out of control I didn’t think it would do any good. But I am happy to report that after several weeks of working with Doggie Do Right our pup is finally settling down and listening to us! We absolutely love these trainers – highly recommend!”
-Sarah W., Fort Collins

Focus on Different Breeds

Doggie Do Right Dog Training is committed to helping all dog owners understand the specific needs of each breed. While there are some universal techniques that can be used to train any type of dog, breeds often come with unique behaviors and characteristics. That’s why the team at Doggie Do Right Dog Training offers a special section dedicated to learning about specific breeds.

In this section, owners can read up on the different physical and behavioral traits commonly found in certain breeds so that they can better understand how best to train their pet. For example, a dog owner who has a Newfoundland may need more guidance on how to help their pup adapt to cold weather or comply with instructions in noisy environments since Newfoundlands are quite large and active dogs. By gaining an understanding of their pet’s particular characteristics, owners can set up conditions that increase the likelihood that the training will be effective and successful.

This focus on individual breeds reinforces the Doggie Do Right Dog Training’s commitment to providing personalized training services for all types of dogs. The goal is for each pet owner to succeed in their role as trainer and companion by getting tips tailored especially for them and their pup’s breed.

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Satisfied customers write glowing reviews of Doggie Do Right Dog Training — an accredited training center and renowned kennel. To learn more about their services, take a look at the latest reviews below:

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Highlight Special Services

Doggie Do Right Dog Training offers professional dog training customized to each dog’s needs. We specialize in helping owners create positive and rewarding relationships with their canine companions. We offer a range of services that are designed to teach your pet good behaviors while eliminating unwanted ones within the home.

Group Classes: Our group classes use a mixture of in-person coaching, reward-based methods, and behavior modification strategies to help your pup become a well-rounded and obedient pup! You’ll have personalized one-on-one time with your instructor throughout each session.

Individual Training Sessions: We also provide individualized one-on-one sessions for pets who may need an extra dose of attention or more tailored instruction. In these private lessons you will receive personalized attention and hands on guidance from our certified trainers as we work towards teaching your pup the commands or changing the unwanted behaviors.

Puppy Training: Developing obedience at an early age is critical to build healthy relationships between owners and their puppies. Your puppy is guaranteed to get the same amount of quality one on one time as they do in our group classes through our individual training sessions.

Parkour & Agility Courses: We provide a fun way to keep pups engaged while integrating basic commands such as heel, sit/wait, come when called and stay into obstacle courses designed to challenge their physicality as well as mental acuity – all while keeping it enjoyable for both you and your fur baby!

Explain the Training Methodology

Doggie Do Right Dog Training uses a combination of reward-based training, socialization, and behavior modification. They strive to use the most humane and least intrusive methods for achieving their goals of promoting safety, good manners, basic obedience, and social skills.

The team at Doggie Do Right utilizes positive reinforcement training as a foundation for all instruction. Positive reinforcement rewards behaviors that an owner wants to see from their dog, seen through treats or going off on a fun walk. They require specified commands be taught in multiple different locations, ensuring the dog makes the logical connection between the verbal cue and necessary action.

To facilitate proper socialization skills and reduce unwanted behaviors stemming from anxiety, trainers introduce puppies to different people, experiences, tools and other animals in speciality classes led by professional canine handlers. The team at Doggie Do Right also emphasizes consistency with owners across all interactions with their pup; enforcement of rules, clear training signals, using only approved words for commands are just some components for helping those working with their dogs become consistent authority figures whom any dog can trust quickly.

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For reinforcement purposes, their techniques include luring, capturing natural behaviors without prompting them, or even slightly incorrect approximations that may need refinement over time. All physical corrections are never used as part of their program; instructors instead focus on motivating your spaniel to achieve favorable results within the timespan given by modifying environment stimuli when mistakes happen inadvertently or replacing undesirable transitions with appropriate ones.

Provide Resources

In addition to Doggie Do Right Dog Training, we provide our clients with many resources to help them continue their training journey.

Our library includes books ranging from breed specific training and basic commands for puppies, to creating a lasting bond between owner and dog. We offer online courses as well, which give owners the ability to hone in on certain areas of their dog’s behavior such as polite walking, leashed reactivity, or noise sensitivity. If owners prefer videos they can check out our collection of instructional videos that offer quick snippets of knowledge on topics such as introducing a new pup into the home or preparing for an upcoming vet appointment.

We provide all of these helpful resources because we believe that the best way to ensure the lifelong success of your pet is by being informed and prepared.

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