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Are you looking for some help and guidance when it comes to training your dog? Look no further than Dog Training Mentor Ohio! We specialize in providing compassionate, effective, and specific dog training methods designed to teach both you and your pup the fundamentals of good behavior. With a mix of tailored instruction, interactive games, hand-on guidance, and classroom education, our certified trainers will help you create lasting relationships with your furry friend. Not only that, but our programs are built on understanding canine behaviours so that you can set yourself and your pet up for success in whatever life throws at them. We’ll provide ongoing support whether you need help problem solving or just need a little advice – our team is here for you every step of the way like an ever-present mentor for both of your journey.

Benefits of Working With Dog Training Mentor Ohio

Working with a professional Dog Training Mentor Ohio can help to ensure that your pup receives the best possible training. Here are some of the benefits of working with Dog Training Mentor Ohio:

• Quick Results – By working closely with a mentor, you can quickly see progress in your pup’s behavior and overall obedience. This type of training allows owners to set attainable goals and help their pet reach their highest potential.

• Positive Reinforcement Based Training – Professional trainers use positive reinforcement techniques designed to reward desired behaviors as opposed to punishing negative ones. You can trust that your pup is receiving quality instruction on appropriate behavior.

• Affordable – Many people think about handing off their dog for trainer for weeks or even months, but that isn’t necessary with Dog Training Mentor Ohio! Rather than paying high fees up front, each session is booked and paid for as it comes due so you’re not stuck making one large financial commitment right away.

• Variety Of Services – Dog Training Mentor Ohio offers a wide range of services depending on the needs of each individual pup. Whether you need basic potty-training tips or an understanding on how to work through challenging behaviors, you can find the help that’s specific to your pooch’s needs!

Services Offered

Dog Training Mentor Ohio offers comprehensive, hands-on dog training services designed to build a strong bond between you and your canine companion. Our expert team of trainers will work one-on-one with you both in person and online to provide tailored instruction utilizing positive reward systems and cutting-edge technology. They will create tailor-made courses to meet the needs of each dog, considering their age, size, breed, temperament and any behavior problems they may have.

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We make use of photos and videos during training sessions to observe progress and track results. Photoshelp us monitor changes in the body language of both you and your dog as well as show us important steps in the progress of teaching them a new command or skill. Videos let us capture an overview when a longer sequence requires more explanation or detail than can be provided in photos alone. In this way, we can better evaluate how far your dog has come in their training program by providing evidence of reinforcement techniques used over time to see if any adjustments need to be made that could improve outcomes even more.

Accolades & Accreditations

Dog Training Mentor Ohio is a highly esteemed dog trainer, receiving numerous impressive reviews from happy customers throughout the state of Ohio. Below are just some of the many testimonials they have received:

“My dog was so naughty and I had no idea what to do to stop his bad habits. After giving Dog Training Mentor Ohio a try, my pup completely changed – he now listens to commands and shows great obedience!” – Miranda B., Toledo

“Our family was at wits end trying to manage our beloved greyhound’s behavior – until Dog Training Mentor Ohio stepped in. We saw incredible results after just a few sessions, now our pup listens better than ever!”- Tom D., Akron

“I’ve been working with Dog Training Mentor Ohio for years – their advice and expertise has made all the difference in our home.” – Diana W., Cleveland

Success Stories

Success Story 1:

Tara was struggling to handle her rambunctious dog, Jake. Every morning she would take him for a walk and he would pull her in every direction as they walked. She had tried every technique she could think of, but nothing seemed to work. After Tara started working with her Dog Training Mentor in Ohio, she began to see results right away! Within a few weeks, Jake was focused and attentive on walks and had learned not to pull. Tara now enjoys taking her beloved pup out for daily strolls without having to struggle with him!

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Q1: How long do I need to train my dog?
A1: This can vary greatly depending on the age, breed and skill level of your dog. Generally, it takes 3-6 months to teach basic obedience commands.

Q2: What methods do you use for training?
A2: We use reward-based techniques such as clicker and positive reinforcement training to ensure a successful outcome. We also use other methods including crate training, shaping and desensitization when appropriate.

Q3: Do I need to attend a class or can I train privately with one of your mentors?
A3: Both options are available! You can opt for private lessons which are tailored to your needs or attend one of our group classes which will give your pup the chance to interact with other pups during learning.

Q4: Is there an age limit when it comes to dog obedience training?
A4: We believe that puppies should start their formal obedience training at four months old since this is around the time they reach maturity behaviorally. However, we recognize that owner goals and issues may vary, so individual assessment and tailored plans will be provided upon request.


The results customers can expect when they receive help from Dog Training Mentor Ohio are twofold. First, they will gain the skills and knowledge needed to effectively understand how to interact with their dog in a humane manner while also communicating their expectations clearly and positively. Secondly, customers will teach their dogs basic obedience skills such as sit, stay, come, walk nicely on a leash, potty training and more that will improve their overall quality of life for many years to come. Ultimately these outcomes provide a stronger bond between pet owners and their furry companions that can last for years to come.

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