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Dog trainer insurance in the UK has become an increasingly important consideration for individuals who train canines. Dog trainers in the UK are facing rising legal costs due to an increase in compensation claims brought against them. Financial compensation awards won by claimants have risen by an average of 10 percent over the past five years, according to data compiled by several major insurers and legal firms.

The number of dog bites reported across the UK rose to 58,000 in 2019, a 6 percent increase from 2018, and it is becoming even more evident that owning or operating a canine-related business comes with inherent risks. Clients may bring lawsuits if their pet sustains injuries while being trained, and many trainers in the UK now purchase dog trainer insurance policies as part of their business activities. Dog trainer policies typically offer coverage for public liability as well as protection against compensatory awards made to customers and veterinary costs for injured animals.

Dog trainer insurance carries unique features compared to other types of business insurance, so trainers should take care to review all relevant policy details before agreeing to an insurance contract. Insurers will typically pay out if the Trainer is found liable for physical injury or property damage caused by negligence in providing their services. Additionally, many insurers will provide cover for defence costs incurred when defending oneself against prosecutions related to observed animal welfare standards while providing professional services such as grooming or training. Lastly, most policy contracts also feature add-ons such as coverage for business interruption expenses resulting from illness and loss of reputation following a claim made against the Dog Trainer’s business activity or name.

Types of Dog Trainer Insurance

Public Liability Insurance: This insurance protects dog trainers against financial loss or injury caused to a third party. A standard Public Liability policy will provide protection for any costs incurred should the trainer be found legally liable for damage to property or personal injury to a third party such as a client, member of the public or a competitor.

Employers’ Liability Insurance: Employers’ Liability insurance is required if the dog trainer has any employees that are not family members. It covers legal liabilities if an employee suffers bodily injury or disease during their employment which results in them having to take time off work due to illness and/or needing medical treatment.

Professional Indemnity Insurance: This insurance cover provides protection for dog trainers if they give advice, opinions or services that cause loss, damage or injury to clients arising out of negligence, error and omissions in their professional capacity.

Products & Completed Operations Liability Insurance: This type of insurance covers claims made against the dog trainer arising from goods they have supplied or services they have carried out including any allegation of inadequate standards of workmanship and materials used by contractors working on behalf of the trainer.

Commercial Property Insurance: Property coverage is designed to protect premises buildings and contents owned by the business from events such as fire, burglary and other unexpected events.

Risks & Liabilities

Dog trainers face a variety of potential risks and liabilities depending on their working environment, such as public liability, professional indemnity and employer’s liability insurance to name just a few. In order to protect oneself against these risks, it is essential that dog trainers have the necessary insurance.

Public liability insurance covers any compensation you may be legally liable to pay for injury to any third parties or damage to their property in connection with your business activities. Professional Indemnity Insurance protects against the financial loss which may be caused by errors made when providing professional advice or services. Employer’s Liability Insurance covers any claims made by employees seeking damages arising from an illness or injury they sustained while at work however this only applies if you employ staff.

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Also important is animal insurance which covers legal liability arising out of owning, keeping, dealing in or using animals (other than horses used for recreational riding) that are owned/used/hired in connection with the business. Depending on the breed and location of training sessions, additional specific cover may also be needed for additional protection against risks such as property damage due to the actions of dogs being trained.

Having the correct type and level of dog trainer insurance UK policy helps ensure that dog trainers can provide their clients with peace of mind when engaging them and allows them to remain competitive in an increasingly saturated market without compromising safety standards.

Benefits of Dog Trainer Insurance

Dog Trainer Insurance UK offers financial protection for dog trainers and business owners who provide services to clients. Not only does insurance protect against potential liabilities, but it also provides peace of mind for trainers who work with people and their pets. Investing in the right coverage can ensure both the safety of clients and their properties, as well as provide legal protection if a dispute or incident with a client arises.

With Dog Trainer Insurance, trainers have access to a variety of coverages that address common risks associated with providing services. Professional Liability Insurance guards against damage or injury to property/people resulting from an error, omission, negligence or malpractice in training or giving instruction in regard to dogs. Property Damage coverage safeguards against expenses related to destruction of someone else’s property while on duty. Business Interruption cover protects lost income due to unforeseen events such as civil disturbances, fire, extreme weather conditions etc that prevent you from working and Business Equipment Insurance guards against replacing stolen or damaged equipment used in the business . Protecting yourself, your clients and your business should be top priority for any dog trainer!

Cost of Dog Trainer Insurance

The cost of dog trainer insurance varies depending on a variety of factors. The type of coverage needed and the rate classification of a specific individual or business are two key elements that will affect the overall cost.

Rate classification refers to how an insurance company categorizes a particular insured’s risk level in order to determine premiums and other costs associated with specific plans. Factors such as experience, type of activities undertaken, locations taught, services offered, number of staff/teachers, years in business and area served can all influence a rate class.

Several different types of coverage are typically offered for businesses that specialize in canine instruction including Professional Liability (errors and omissions), Property & Equipment Coverage, General Liability (if accidents occur) and Commercial Auto Insurance (in the event you use a car while traveling to various training sites). All coverages come at additional costs which should be factored into an overall budget when shopping for dog trainer insurance UK policies.

How to Choose Dog Trainer Insurance

When it comes to choosing the best dog trainer insurance UK, there are a few key factors to consider.

First, it’s important to make sure your chosen provider offers adequate coverage for any accidents that occur during and after class. This type of policy should include protection for any incidents or injuries related to the training process as well as third-party cover in case someone other than the trainee is harmed during the session.

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Another factor is whether a policy covers legal expenses arising from a claim. In some cases, a customer may decide to sue if they feel their pet has been mistreated, so it’s vital your insurance provides protection in these circumstances.

It’s also worth looking into how much of an excess each policy entails and whether it meets your needs. Usually, this amount is fixed but you should compare different providers to ensure you’re getting value for money and comprehensive protection against potential risks.

Finally, don’t forget to factor in the cost of premiums. Each insurer will have different rates based on factors such as location and type of service offered, so compare quotes from various companies before selecting the one who’ll meet all your criteria at an affordable price point.

Key Questions to Ask

1. What types of coverage are provided?
2. Does the policy cover lost wages due to lawsuit?
3. Is there liability coverage if a dog injures someone while in your care?
4. What is the claims process and how long does it take to receive an approval or denial?
5. Are there any specific exclusions that could leave me vulnerable if a claim is made?
6. Can I customize my policy for specific breeds or circumstances of training, such as obedience classes or breeding services?
7. Is there any extra cost for additional riders, such as vaccinations or canine first aid?
8. How long has the insurer been providing dog trainer insurance and what factors have brought them success?
9. Who can help answer my questions about the policy if any issues arise in the future?
10. What is the customer service like and how quickly do they respond to inquiries?


Dog trainers all over the UK are in an ever-growing industry. As an owner of a dog training operation, you are likely already aware of how important it is to provide your business with the best protection. Dog Trainer Insurance UK provides coverage for liability that may arise due to training activities, as well as coverage that helps protect the dogs in your care while they’re being trained.

When finding the right insurer, take into consideration providers who specialize in Dog Trainer Insurance UK specifically and know how to effectively word contracts so that there are no gaps or weaknesses in their insurance policy. You must also review coverage amounts and discuss available add-ons with a representative from any prospective insurer.. Additionally, understand what types of activities you’ll need cover for, such as competitions or shows, and make sure those are included in your policy. Finally, you’ll need to determine if coverage continues when you’re traveling as part of a specific event or booking.

By understanding all aspects of Dog Trainer Insurance UK before making a purchase decision, you can ensure that you have adequate coverage for yourself and your pets without having to pay too much for it. Investing in the right insurance policy can give you confidence knowing that whatever happens during your business operations, you and your pets will be protected.

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