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Dog Board and Train Colorado is a revolutionary program designed to help train problem behaviors out of your beloved pet. It’s been used for a variety of different reasons, from curbing separation anxiety to simply teaching basic commands. One great example of the success of Dog Board and Train Colorado was a family who contacted us with the intention of braking their two dogs from barking at visitors coming into the home. After spending time in our program, their resident dogs were then able to calmly greet visitors upon entrance to the home and provide companionship during visits. The family was able to resume having quality time with friends and family in their own home, free from disruptive barking.

Overview of Dog Board and Train Colorado

Dog Board and Train Colorado is an innovative program designed to help dog owners improve the relationship they have with their pets while teaching their pet basic behaviors and obedience. Dog Board and Train Colorado sets itself apart from other programs because its main focus is on building a strong bond between dog and owner through communication, trust, and respect. The program uses positive reinforcement techniques that promote humane behavior modification for dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, and breeds. During the training process, dogs receive individualized one-on-one attention as well as supervised playtime for optimal socialization. Owners are also provided instructional guidance throughout the entire training process so that both humans and canines can learn from each other in order to create long-term success. The result is a lifelong connection between owner and pet that will last for years to come.

Choosing the Right Program

When considering a Dog Board and Train program in Colorado, the most important factors to consider are location, cost, qualification of trainers, length of stay and the type of training that is provided. Location is important for convenience. Cost should also be kept in mind when selecting a program as it can vary depending on duration of stay and services provided. Pet owners should research the qualifications of the training staff to ensure they’re experienced professionals with similar philosophy and views on dog behavior as you.

The length if training can vary depending on what type of issue is being addressed. Additionally, ensuring that there is an effective transition back into the home environment at the end of the stay will help pet parents feel confident in their decision to board their pet.

Pet owners should also decide what kind of training they would like their pet to receive while staying at the board and train in Colorado- does your dog need basic obedience or more advanced competition level obedience? Learning about various types of canine behavior programs such as Nosework or Hunting/Retrieving skills may also be beneficial for some dogs.

There are many resources available online for pet owners looking for comprehensive reviews from past customers or information about different programs offered in Colorado- including sservice websites like Yelp or Google Reviews; professional organizations such as APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers), NADOI (National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors) or KPA (Karen Pryor Academy); as well as individual trainers websites/social media pages that provide detailed information about their services and areas served by location. It’s important for dog parents to make an informed decision based on facts about a particular program before making the commitment.

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Benefits of Board and Train Colorado

Dog Board and Train Colorado offers comprehensive obedience and behavioral training for dogs of all sizes. Their experienced instructors use positive reinforcement techniques during their one-on-one sessions, providing a low-stress environment to allow your pup to learn effectively. Each program is tailored to the individual needs of both the dog and the owner, while giving continual reinforcement throughout the entire training process.

When you sign up your pup with Dog Board and Train Colorado, you can expect an in-depth evaluation of your pup’s behavior along with a custom action plan tailored specifically to their needs. The team has experience in providing private instruction, group classes as well as at home services so they can keep up with your pups’ steady growth and development.

Since each pup is unique, stories of success at Dog Board and Train Colorado are varied but for many people who have used their services, seeing dramatic changes in their pooches behaviors have been incredibly rewarding. Some owners rave about how their pup’s reactivity to other animals has diminished; others comment about how significantly less destructive it is once it learns proper boundaries through the training provided by Dog Board and Train Colorado. All around, customer reviews have declared that this facility goes above and beyond all expectations!

Training Programs Offered

Dog Board and Train Colorado offers a wide variety of training programs designed to help pet owners improve the behavior of their dogs.

Our board and train programs are perfect for busy pet owners who don’t have the time to commit to daily lessons but still want their dog to receive one-on-one quality training. The team at Dog Board and Train Colorado can take care of your pup while they learn and develop good behaviors. During their week long program, we train them in basic obedience, manners, house breaking, crate training, walking on a leash, socialization and more. We will also address any specific issues such as separation anxiety and jumping up on people. At the end of their stay each dog will be able to demonstrate proper obedience commands as listed in our curriculum.

We also offer private lessons for pet owners who prefer working directly with a trainer or have more than one dog that needs addressed. We offer customized plans for each individual owner’s practices and goals so you can get the supportive guidance needed for success. Our private lessons cover all elements of dog behavior from dealing with aggression issues to learning basic mannerisms.

At Dog Board and Train Colorado we believe all dogs are capable of learning proper behaviors that set them up to be well behaved members of society both inside and outside the home environment. With these different training programs available through us your pet has access to our deep expertise in canine behavior so you can trust we’ll give you proven tips and techniques that’ll help your pup become an even better companion!


Dog Board and Train Colorado has been bringing peace and harmony to households across the state since 2017. From Labrador Retrievers to rescue pups of all shapes and sizes, no dog is too difficult for us to train. We pride ourselves on our record of success with clients, including many families who’ve returned for additional training sessions. Below are several testimonials from clients who have experienced the life-changing power of Dog Board and Train Colorado’s services:

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“We adopted a young Australian Shepherd who had difficulty controlling her energy level and was inclined to take off after smaller animals. After only one week with Dog Board and Train Colorado, we came home to a much calmer pup who was able to focus her energy on walking calmly next to us and enjoying new adventures out in nature!” — Sarah M., Denver

“When we adopted our Rescue Pitbull/Lab Mix, he exhibited strong aggression towards other dogs during our walks. Dog Board and Train Colorado worked with him over five weeks and now he walks confidently past other dogs without showing any signs of aggression — off the leash or on it.” —Aaron D., Boulder

“Our 3-year-old German Shepard mix needed some extra help controlling his excitement around children, especially small ones. With just one week at Dog Board and Train Colorado, our dog was able to relax around young kids in public places as well as around family members at home.” —Lucas P., Fort Collins

If you’re looking for a more harmonious relationship between you and your pet, contact Dog Board And Train Colorado today and join these satisfied clients in experiencing the positive transformation that comes when owners take advantage of our professional services!



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In conclusion, if you are looking for a comprehensive obedience and behavior modification program for your pet in Colorado, Dog Board and Train Colorado offers an effective solution. Dog Board and Train Colorado provides a safe and stimulating environment that allows dogs to learn behaviors that will serve them in their homes, in training sessions, and anywhere else life takes them. The board-and-train program is tailored to each dog with experienced instructors who provide humane corrective measures while they help shape good behaviors.

If you would like to learn more or book a consultation with the instructors at Dog Board and Train Colorado, please visit You can also reach the business directly by calling (XXX) XXX-XXXX or emailing [email protected]

Thank you for taking the time to read about Dog Board and Train Colorado! We hope this post was helpful in understanding what services they offer.

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