Do it Yourself Prom Hairstyle

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Who says you have to spend hundreds just for a hairstyle that will last one night? If you are determined to save those bucks and do your own prom updo, you can.

First things first though, before plugging in those curling irons and setting up the armoire for some really serious hairstyling task, you have to first determine what hairstyle you want.


If you plan to do everything yourself, it will be a good idea to buy some magazines that feature a lot of different hairstyles that you can copy. There are even some issues that are dedicated to prom hairdos and articles where you will find step by step procedure on how to accomplish one hairstyle. There are also websites that will help you with this task.

To further help you below are some ways to create simple hairstyles using your personal equipment.

Texturizing hair

In texturizing hair, you aim is to create volume. You can achieve this by applying a little bit if mousse or some styling gel on a partially dried hair. Starting from underneath the hair, work your way up using your fingertips. Lift, tease and tousle the hair as you blow dry them. If you find this really difficult try to enlist the help of your mom or your friends.

Another technique that you can do is to select small sections of the hair and use your fingertips to scrunch them up. This will create a tousled look that you are aiming for. In styling your hair, avoid using comb and brushes. It is best that you use your fingertips as they are much gentler and in a way, you are able to control its movement.

With A Bit Of Training And Attention, Your Pup Can Be It's Best

Curling the hair with heated rollers

One technique in creating long lasting curls for the hair is the use of heated rollers. In trying this, make sure that you have the right size of heated rollers. Big rollers for instance are for big curls and small rollers are for small curls. Know the kind of curly hairstyle that you want to achieve before using one.

Spraying with hairspray

Although hairspray is not really being used so much as most people would rather settle for gel, there are some updos that do need hairspray to stay in place. If you have to do this, ask someone to do it for you as you will not be able to spray over your head properly by yourself. Start at the crown and then move up towards the area that you want to stay in place.


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